OT - Fanciest Dinner in A2

Submitted by Go Blue 1984 on July 1st, 2015 at 10:12 PM
This is my first thread and it is about something that is definitely OT so if it gets deleted I understand. I will give it a shot. My wife and I have our wedding anniversary coming up in a couple weeks and all she wants to do is head up to A2 and have a good time. She wants to start by going to a fancy restaurant with obviously very good food. So what would you suggest? We have been to Gandy Dancer so that is out, Shalamr sucks and wouldn't call it fancy. How about Chop House or The Earle? Thanks for any advice.



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Really, Common Grill in Chelsea kicks the shit out of GD except for brunch... Pour some out of your 40 oz for the Lord Fox, if that still existed there was nothing better for an occasion. 4 words: "table side baked Alaska".


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I'm Commie High '78, and I took my girl to Lord Fox for both graduation and her 18th!!! What a shout out to the past that was... and on my 19th she took me to see Fleetwood Mac at Crisler and I TOUCHED Stevie Nicks hand when she sang "Sarah"... that has nothing to do with Lord Fox or fancy dining in A2 circa 2015, but..... COOL STORY BRO ;-)

anyway, Chop House is it in Ann Arbor of today, although that other old school Steak House is pretty cool too... help an old man out, forgot the name - near Vet's Park

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Congrats, how many years?  The Earle has great food, but very tight spacing/seating inside and that for me detracts a little from the opulence of the place.  Gratzi is nice also if you are in the mood for Italian, and for sea food I prefer Real Seafood Company over the GD - definitely not fancy as people are casual, but just love the place.  Heard good things about the Chop House and for dessert go next door to La Dolce Vita.  Ruth's Chris Steak house just opened, and if it is like all the others, that should fit the bill just fine.

This will sound schmultzy and will probably get down voted, but IMHO, it is not the venue that makes the experience fancy, it is the occasison and the person you are with - so you are fancy no matter where you might be going!  Enjoy!


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The only one i would add is Taste Kitchen. It opened a few months ago is now tied for my favorite in A2 with Pacific Rim. The Chop House (along with all of the Main St Ventures restaurants) is highly overrated, and over priced. I don't mind paying top $ for a steak, but Chop House is pretty pedestrian.


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It's not so overbearing as Chop House, but the food is excellent.  When my firm goes to Ann Arbor for recruiting, we like to rent the place out.