OT - Explosion at the Boston Marathon

Submitted by BiSB on April 15th, 2013 at 3:16 PM

Two explosions are being reported at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Various reports indicate that "dozens" are injured.

Photos available here and here (WARNING: some are graphic, all are sad) on the internet but don't go look at them. Not sure what I was thinking.



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I totally agree.  And the thing is, I don't really blame anyone attached to the stations for this stuff.  They are probably all decent people, not intending to profit on the pain and suffering of others.  But the beat must be fed, and while that beast is created by man, at this point I don't know what you can do to stop it.  I actually told me wife that I'd rather the network stations just show their normal Monday programming over this breathless commentary.  If you learn something useful, then by all means break into the show.  But right now freaking everyone out doesn't help anything. 


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I'm starting to think this is the work of a local group or individual. Had it been an attack by any large terrorist group they probably would have taken credit already, and if they had gone through the trouble of planning this out and getting people into the country I think they probably would have hit a bigger target using more explosives. I honestly think this ends up being the work of just 1 crazy person.

Michigan Eaglet

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is just so sickening and sad. I haven't seen any of the videos and only the first images in the original post before BiSB properly got rid of them. My prayers go out to all those affected. I know this will probably be a unifying movement over the next weeks and months, but it is just sad that events like this happen and makes you realize you shouldn't take life for granted. We spend most of the time on this board talking about sports that mean a lot to us, but I'm glad that when a tragedy like this occurs, we can unite as one in both thought and actions and focus our efforts to help those that need it most. As a regular blood donor, I wish I could give right now, but I just gave double on my last visit. To all those who are able, please go donate blood to the Red Cross. It might take all of an hour out of your day, but you can save the life of someone that needs it.


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Just over an hour before. The area by the flags was quite crowded, at times 8-10 people deep. It took us about 20 minutes to walk a couple blocks.

Images stick out: About 5000 runners were still left in the field on the roads leading into Boston. People came out of their houses and brought runners into homes to collect themselves until busses could pick them up. Amazing to watch the first responders immediately race to the point of the explosion. Racers immediately rushed to the hospitals to donate blood. Through the surreal horror of it all, I'm struck that the human spirit cannot be quenched.


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Was there at the finish line with his girlfriend.  And we both are glad he ran such a fast race.  We're pretty certain we later saw a picture of woman we'd been talking with for a while on a stretcher on the news.   

My office is about two blocks away.  Traffic is not allowed, so normally congested streets are deserted.  A medical tent is down below my window, which they haven't taken down.  There is a crowd of runners at the other end of the building, trying to get their bags with their belongings.  Police, military everywhere, particularly at my train station.  Also LOTS of media cameras everywhere.  Lots of people with luggage from the surrounding hotels trying to drag their bags somewhere to find a cab.  Many local people have the day off because it is school vacation week.  Those that are working are largely hunkered down in their offices.  Completely surreal. 


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Reports that a dark skinned man with a foreign accent tried to get into restricted area minutes before explosion.

Other reports of security cameras showing a man pulling items from a backpack and placing them in garbage cans.

Supposedly Saudi National under guard at hospital "suspicious" in flight from explosion, a civilian tackled and detained him.

Supposedly they're questioning a female doctor, also a Saudi National, who denies any involvement.

Reports that they are pulling nails and ball bearings out of victims.  Likely packed in the IED's.