OT - Explosion at the Boston Marathon

Submitted by BiSB on April 15th, 2013 at 3:16 PM

Two explosions are being reported at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Various reports indicate that "dozens" are injured.

Photos available here and here (WARNING: some are graphic, all are sad) on the internet but don't go look at them. Not sure what I was thinking.



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I haven't been able to find much information, is this believed to be intentional? There's no way this is a gas main explosion or something?


Thoughts and prayers to everyone.


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what else could it be?  Best case scenario it was some kind of accident involving gas lines etc., but I mean, it certainly does not look promising.  I guess what you have to hope for know is that there are no casuaties and it was not coordinated with anything else still to come.


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is more divided than it has ever been.  And with regard to some issues that deal specifically with the right of people to protect themselves against things that law enforcement cannot protect them against.  Throw in to the hopper that our secretary of state is in Asia trying to fend off that whole nuclear war thing and needless to say that there are some that may be less than enchanted with our government right now.  I am just saying, I hope people keep their heads.


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People make mistakes when reporting what they saw in situations like these.  Hopefully this has nothing to do with suicide bombers.  As horrible as this crime is, our reaction could be make things worse.


Edit: definitely weren't suicide bombers.  It was BS.


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Which is why I just live my life as if none of this shit exists. Tomorrow I could be walking down town, minding my own business, when a hawk spontaneously dies in mid flight, comes hurtling down from the sky, crashing into my neck, killing me instantly.

Life is too short to worry about outside forces beyond your control.


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So F**ked....God I hope the ones responsible for this are found, rounded up, and yea...dealt with.  Thoughts out to those harmed and their families, FWIW.

rob f

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Had been on the Boston Marathon website just an hour ago to check on Greg Meyer's elapsed time and found that Greg ( friend/high school track teammate/ UM Grad/1983 Boston Marathon Champion) had finished in 4:02.43.  Was happy for him!

Now nothing but worried about him, as he is there this time around both to run and to be honored on the 30th Anniversary of his victory.  Please pray for Greg and everyone there at the scene, especially anyone injured (or worse) and their families!!


rob f

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the explosion occured about 4 hours 9 minutes after the start of the race.  They also showed videotape of the 1st explosion, it was just off to the left of the finish line, maybe 10 yards before the finish line itself.  I'm hoping Greg was well cleaar of the finish area by then.  I   checked the twitters to see if he has an account and so far finding nothing there...


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WTF Society?!!? People are so fucked up. NO way this is a coincidence of some sort. 


The increasing amount of insane people on this planet becomes more disturbing every day. 


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What the fuck, I mean seriously, what in the fuck!? This is just horrible beyond words. My prayers go out to everyone affected by this senseless act.


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that the Newtown, CT families were in the VIP box at the finish line. Apparently no injuries, but that's just...I don't even know. All kinds of messed up, in addition to the injured/killed from the explosions today.

Also apparently they're evacuating a nearby hotel right now.