OT: Ex-Michigan State president charged with lying to police

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Debated whether to post of not... but first I've heard of it and not insignificant. Simon was charged today in Eaton County District Court with two felony counts and two misdemeanor counts. Simon faces up to four years in prison if convicted. An arraignment is set for Monday. MSU interim President John Engler said in a statement that the university is "aware of the charges brought today against former President Simon" and that Simon is taking "an immediate leave of absence, without pay, to focus on her legal situation." MSU will pay for Simon's legal fees, an MSU spokeswoman said. The university is paying for former gymnastics coach Kathie Klages' attorneys and for part of the criminal defense of former dean William Strampel. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/college/2018/11/20/michigan-state-former-president-lou-anna-simon-larry-nassar-criminal-charges/2070314002/



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Would you give up Zach Harrison to reprogram Al Washington?

"(My dad) was on the team where, you know, (Hayes) punched a guy from Clemson, which I thought was kinda cool.” Washington said. “There’s countless stories. I won't delve too deep, but a lot of respect there for sure."

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No.  He played for Woody at the time, right?  I can see where he thought that was a cool thing to do.  It wasn't...  But then, his statement took a wrong turn and it sounds like he said something he meant in a way he didn't mean to say it.

As a kid, it's okay for him to think the punch was cool - his coach was upset about losing.  As an adult, he's allowed to have respect for Woody Hayes.  Harbaugh respects the hell out of him.


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She was charged the other day and clearly D’antoni sent his limo and got her out and now she’s charged again. Even LJ Scott thinks she can’t learn a lesson.  


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Super old news. Mork and Izzo better be quaking in their boots. Eaton county don't mess around like Ingham county with the prosecutor who was banging all the hookers in town.