OT - Euro Quarterfinals - Spain vs. France

Submitted by Yeoman on June 23rd, 2012 at 2:24 PM

Spain has never beaten France in a competitive match--they drew at WC96 and France won at Euro 84 (the final), Euro 00, WC06 and both qualifying matches for Euro 92.

Torres is on the bench and Spain is once again playing a 4-6; Nasri and Diarra are both on the bench for France after their post-match spat, replaced by M'Vila and Cabaye. Malouda also gets the start.



June 23rd, 2012 at 2:33 PM ^

Also for France, Anthony Reveillere starting for a suspended Mexes.

Malouda not starting, they moved their RB Debuchy up to Nasri's spot at RM.

I don't remember who replaces Debuchy at RB. I missed most of when they went over the line-ups on the news.


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getting tired of spain and their 500 passes per game, someone needs to step up and dictate the tempo against them, push them out of their comfort zone (i.e. take a lead on them and force them to catch up)


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The point I was making is that they have to be scored on early.

it does wonders for the confidence of the other team and takes control away from spain, which they aren't used to. otherwise they'll be hanging out in France's half of the field for most of the game passing incessantly.


it always seems like they have so many more players on the field than they really do.

swan flu

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I get what you're saying... it's just stupid.  That's like saying the best way to win is to score goals.  No fucking shit, Sherlock.


My point is that it's easier said than done.  Saying "you gotta score to win" doesn't make you a soccer guru. It makes you look like an idiot.

swan flu

June 23rd, 2012 at 3:37 PM ^

dude. you said that in order to beat Spain you have to score early and get them out of their comfort zone.  Which is essentially saying "the team that scores more points wins."


In all games last year, less than 10% of teams that give up the first goal went on to win.


Keep downvoting me all you want, it won't make you any more insightful.


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you got abusive on the poster and you should recognize the fact. No, scoring first doesn't mean winning, especially against a team like Spain, but we all know it changes the complexion of the game. To fail to recognize that is obtuse. 

Personally, I find Spain's style both maddening AND marvelous. Eighty percent of passes accurate a graphic posted near the end of the first half said. . . 

Quote from French coach after game:  My main regret is that we conceded so early in the game.

swan flu

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mmmmmmm Jordi Alba cuts down the flank like a white-hot knife through a slab of bacon and plays a perfect cross for a Xabi Alonso goal! He will make a great addition to Barca's backline.




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The few times France possesses the ball, they have no creativity. I mean that also comes from not having any space, but still.

swan flu

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That's due in large part to Spain's offense. (as i mentioned above)


When you spend 5-8 minutes non-stop defending, you are much more prone to mistakes when you finally get a touch of the ball.


It's one of the hallmarks of Spain/Barcelona/Athletic Bilcao possession style footie.


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I still don't understand all this flopping and writhing in pain.  Seems like some of these boys are trying to get to make the Olympics by trying out for the diving team now!  There's more flip-flopping on the ground than a Presidential election.  

In all seriousness, why doesn't the soccer government institute a rule that a player HAS to go to the side of the field for a set amount of time for every ten or twenty seconds he is on the ground?  That way, if a guy is wallowing on the ground for 30 seconds clutching his ACL like he just got shot, he is forced to the sidelines for say, 3-4 minutes to be attended to?  That discourages faking, protects players' safety (by making them be examined on the sidelines), and doesn't put too much of a penalty on those who might actually have a minor injury.  But, hell, what do I know, I'm just an old American.