OT - Euro 2012 Final - Spain vs Italy - 2:45PM ESPN

Submitted by bacon1431 on July 1st, 2012 at 1:22 PM

The final is finally here. Hopefully it's a good match but it seems that if there were two teams that would end a match in penalties, it'd be these two. I pray that doesn't happen. Should be interesting which formation the Italians and the Spanish come out in.

My grandma is 100% Italian so that is who I'm pulling for. Eating some homemade lasagna and knocking back a couple glasses of Italian wine. Forza Italia!!!



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Another 4-6-0 formation for Spain? Italy's midfield against Germany I'd say was even stronger than Spain's, and both of their strikers were constantly challenging for possession. Hope they play out of their minds like that again, today because I effing hate 120 scoreless minute games...


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I would feel better if they have Villa healthy at striker but they're pretty much will go with all midfielders with Torres coming in as a sub later in the game


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in Canada today, please don't drive around honking your horn with Italian or Spanish flag if 'you' win or lose. It's Canada Day, fergodsakes! Show some respect or gtfo. 

Note: flying both flags, say Italy and Canada is Ok in my books. 


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What I really love about Spain brings me back to my soccer days in high school. We employed a triangle style of movement that Spain use as well. Quick triangular passes as opposed to long ball or counter 


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Agreed. Spain are such a technically skilled bunch. I would love to see a Brazil - Spain World Cup final if Brazil could finally play up to their potential in 2014. That would be a beautiful game. Imagine the international intrigue if Spain could continue their success that far.

His Dudeness

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I don't know much outside of trying to watch Sunderland from the EPL because I have a man crush on McClain, but is Spain just more talented roster wide than any other Euro team? They seem to be just dominant while other teams have a superstar Spain just has depth of talent that is unmathched. Is it that or just great team play and strategy?

snarling wolverine

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Spain has really good team chemistry, owing to the fact that practically its whole starting lineup plays on one of two clubs (Real Madrid and Barcelona).  Sometimes the rivalry between these two clubs can lead to in-fighting, but under the captaincy of Casillas (who is also an incredibly good goaltender) this hasn't been a problem.  

They seem to have a psychological edge at this point as well.  They've won some gut-wrenchers.


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Some skeptics have raised questions about possible doping going on in Spanish soccer, and by extension the national side.  

If this post (from a cycling forum) is correct, there is only token drug testing in the Spanish Liga, where virtually the entire national team competes.     


Hopefully the rumblings are not true, but it wouldn't shock me if it they were.  Spanish athletes have suddenly been extremely successful in a number of sports over the past decade, and doping scandals have occurred there before (chiefly in cycling, but a doctor associated with FC Barcelona was previously implicated).  


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USA played lights out defense in that game, and Spain also had big problems w/ the USA's height.  Spain even had to stop kicking its corners in the air and instead settle for short corner kicks on the ground because they could not keep the ball.  

It was the only way the USA (or just about any team) could try to successfully play Spain, and it worked that day.   



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I'd be interested to see something on how location on the field affects the likelihood of a penalty being called. Its fairly obvious that "ticky-tack" trips and pushes near mid-field that do get called will never get called in or near the box


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but using your last substitution to put on a player who's just coming back from a hamstring pull was pushing the odds a bit. Unfortunate for the viewers, for sure....