OT - Per ESPN, Terrell Suggs, Ravens LB tears achilles playing basketball

Submitted by Rather be on BA on May 3rd, 2012 at 10:15 AM

Bad news for one of the Superbowl contenders this year.



At 30 years old one has to wonder what this means for his future in the NFL...


Maybe we can do a sign and trade with them involving Cliff Avril... /s.  Looks like Sergio Kindle and/or Courtney Upshaw will have to step up for them to have any chance in the AFC North this year.



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Not sure why his future would be in doubt- as defensive player of the year a large fall still would be NFL caliber...

Will he lose the money from salary because of playing basketball though?  Wonder what his contract says..


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I can almost guarantee you that his contract carried a warranty/representation that he would not play any basketball.  I think this is pretty standard in these big money contracts.  What him doing so would mean is that there would be a breach of the warranty/rep and would allow the team to seek monetary damages, likely in the form of not making his weekly payments for all the weeks he misses.  The question is will they actually do it?



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About 5 years back I played a few pick-up games with him out here in Phoenix during the summer.  As you would expect from someone so terrifying, he was an absolute monster.  There were a few other NFL guys playing as well, can't remember their names (I think Breaston was there).  My main concern as we were playing (besides getting dunked on or elbowed in the head) was making sure to stay away from their ankles/feet...you don't want to the guy who caused something like this to happen.  Achilles is probably a freak accident though.


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As a Ravens fan I am upset but this defense has a knack for players coming in and out and performing well.  When Adalius Thomas, Ed Hartwell, Bart Scott, Will Demps, Jim Leonhard, etc. all left at various times it looked like the defense would take a step back and it never really did.  Players tend to be better with the Ravens than they are anywhere else.

I am cautiously optimistic about this season, but it will require the offense to take another step forward.  Unfortunately the easiest way to do that is to kidnap Cam Cameron and lock him in a dark room for the duration of the season, but that is frowned upon in Maryland law.


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Ball so hard the Raven's wanna fine him
But first Harbaugh's gotta find him
What's 10 million to a player like him,
Someone please remind him.

Ball so hardy the Ravens wanna fine him,
He can't play,
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Ball so hard the Ravens wanna fine him
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Apparently it wasn't a result from playing basketball but during a conditioning workout. Achilles is one of those freak things anyways.