OT: ESPN Cuts the Feed on Manning's Presser When He's Asked About The Assault

Submitted by FauxMo on March 8th, 2016 at 11:10 AM

I didn't see this live, because I'd rather put my testicles on a hot rusty stove than watch Manning drone on about his career, but apparently ESPN cut away from the live feed when Manning was asked by a female reporter about "the allegations from 20 years ago."


Story link and video here: http://collegespun.com/sec/tennessee-sec/video-espn-feed-of-peyton-mann…


Two thoughts: 1. I have very little doubt they did this on purpose, which should dispel everyone's lingering thoughts that ESPN might be a real news organization. 2. Assuming they did do this on purpose, I think they did Manning a great disservice. He seemed prepared to provide a reasonable answer, but this really makes him look like he's avoiding the subject at all costs.



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instead of looking at it from his point of view--your choice--let's try it from the alleged victim's. If you're trying to make a career as a trainer, have advanced degrees in sports med, etc., how great do you think it might feel, at the time or later, to be the brunt of Peyton Manning's testicles? Or have the act denied, assuming the alleged was true?

Now pretend it's your daughter who suffered the alleged attack. I can tell you how I feel if it is is mine--my response definitely isn't, "Who hasn't slapped their testicles on a trainer's face in a room full of football players?"

Now let's take this yet another step and say (allegation, yes) that an atmosphere condoning such sh*t prevailed for a long, long time at UT. . .


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Is what he and good ole Archie did to her reputation, for whatever axe they had to grind with her.

'Boys will be boys, especially in the locker room" mentalityis one thing...but it seems fairly clear that a pee-on (no pun intended) trainer should never piss off the Mannings...

Oh, and right on for the comment about the long time culture at UT


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Pinning someone down and shoving your genitals in front of someone 's face is not "mooning" them. That laughable and perverse excuse was just part of the coverup, one that continues to this day in certain circles as this feed cut shows.

The only reason people say "alleged assault" is to avoid libel liability. There's no obligation to say as such.


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I think the rust adds some abrasiveness and myabe a few small cut. They would be quickly cauterized however.  At least mine have a thick layer of dense hair for protection.  Doesn't matter if its a gas stove though.  Glass is the way to go.  Easter to clean up the residue afterwards as well.

oriental andrew

March 8th, 2016 at 11:21 AM ^

Indeed, ESPN lives up to their name - Entertainment and Sports Programming Network. They are about interesting stories and "news" but not about real journalism, despite what Bob Ley and OTL would have you believe. 


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Was listening to it on the radio at lunch. It cut out as if I was driving through a tunnel when he began to answer the question. All I heard of it was his Forrest Gump quotation, "and that's all I have to say about that." 


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How could there not have been a prop bet for this?  We all know ESPN is the sports-themed division of a company that makes all its money crafting, rebranding, and reselling fairytales.  Asking Peyton about the assault on the day of his gloried retirement would be like asking Mickey Mouse about his college tryst with dasiy duck on his and Minnie's wedding day. 

If it could in any way break with the happy-ever-after narrative, you know it gets censored. 


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ESPN is the best offensive line Peyton has ever had. The media get a full blitz on other athletes. But Peyton is allowed to stand tall in the pocket.

Everyone Murders

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Please, please tell me that they cut away to a story on Brady's appeal on the allegedly deflated footballs.  You know, the hard-hitting news that the WWL is so good at reporting.

Snake Eyes

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I'm not saying that the stove was asking for it, and I'm not blaming the appliance; but some occurrences like this wouldn't happen if stoves were not put into situations with so many males in a testosterone-driven locker room.



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SECPN sucks. Somehow it is appropriate to run for hours on a stupid stuff on deflategate, but a tough question asked to a guy is ok to be taken off the air. I like Manning, but he should have just made a press release about the retirement and not have a press conference then.


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"News is what somebody does not want you to print.  All the rest is advertising."

L. E. Edwardson, day city editor of the Chicago Herald and Examiner. Circa 1918