OT: ESPN Article on Duke Handling of Eligibility Concerns

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It sickens me to see how many coaches are this dishonest and straight up liars and how devious our higher education governing bodies are.  I can't believe that as fans our allegiance to a particular school even matters when it comes demanding honorable behavior.

On a more sarcastic note, I'm amazed at how thorough these investigations are and how seriously each and every coach is taking these allegations.

ESPN Article


"Krzyzewski laid out in considerable detail how Duke University handled Carter's clearance to play on Saturday, even while other schools chose to hold out other players named in the FBI documents. He said he was out walking his dog, Blue, when he received an anxious phone call from the player's mother, Kylia Carter. She recalled a dinner with an agent, as listed in the report, whom she described as "a friend of a friend" but told Krzyzewski that her husband immediately didn't like the dinner company and left, while she stayed behind to be polite. But she also left before any food was ordered.

With that information in hand, Krzyzewski and Carter's parents met with Duke's NCAA compliance officials and then held a conference call to share the same details with NCAA compliance officers. Both the university and the governing body agreed that there was no reason for Wendell Jr. to miss Saturday's game."


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If what the mother is saying is true then he shouldn’t sit out, but if she is found to be lying Duke has to Vacate every game he played in, so they’re taking a huge risk


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to me. I was so hoping that Coach K would get some food on his shirt. 

On a serious note, I would assume that most esteemed coaches, even if cheating, have pretty strong plausible deniability built into any deal. There are--further--so many legal perks that the more prestigious schools can offer a player. . . never was an even playing field. 


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Have you considered the potential that they're taking the "denial path" because a wrongdoing didn't occur at some of these schools? I realize this is just the tip of the iceberg, and the game of college basketball is about to get very ugly, but I'm not ready to call every person that says nothing happened a liar.


February 25th, 2018 at 9:15 AM ^

Maybe, but there’s also the possibility that everyone is denying any involvement because everyone is “in on” the scam. Have you ever seen one of those detective shows where each piece of evidence points to someone else having murdered Dear Old Dad; then he realizes that the entire family was part of a conspiracy? This is feeling a lot like that.


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Right. That is pretty standard procedure. Deny until you can't anymore, then you just apologize. When has anyone ever admitted wrong doing when first accused.

That leads to this point; it is hilarious to see the fan bases puff their chest out after someone denies the accusations. That MSU assistant is in documented emails. He released a statement saying he did nothing wrong and every sparty out there is like "Boom! Told you. In your face."


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I have considered that, however it's not like actual evidence keeps coming out that clears them.  It's just the denial path.  Arizona would still be coached by Miller because he runs a "super clean" program if his own voice wasn't recorded.  Giving the benefit of the doubt only goes so far when there's this much smoke.


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are involved? Do you think Miller only chatted once or only about one player for a major sum of cash? The Feds don’t give a shit about eligibility or individuals or schools or the B.B. blue bloods - they want to nail some folks.

This whole situation points to conspiracy, racketeering, tax evasion and wire fraud. When a group of people repeatedly collude to execute unlawful acts, the Feds take things seriously. Wire taps, office raids at shoe companies and turning implicated people into collaborators are signs of charges on the horizon.


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I disagree. The FBI does this for one reason above all else: the FBI.

They're self-interested.They want the publicity, the glory, the increased profile and budgets and career opportunities. Their primary motive is not nailing people or maintaining the integrity of the game or watching out for the little guy.

Just look at the history of the FBI. What in there could possibly suggest that this is a benevolent, noble organization?


February 25th, 2018 at 4:43 PM ^

You should or comment if you do not know the details: the player IS the star player on Arizona right now and in the pro scout mock drafts as a top 1-3 pick. Miller is not being accused of the Brian Bowen sweepstakes.


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Think of all the time and money we’d get back: tickets and team gear. Hours sitting on our arses watching games or posting on MGoBlog! How many more of us would actually lose weight and brush our teeth more routinely from all the get backs. Hell, our families may even be able to recognize how we are all cool people

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tbh, I haven't watched a full, non-Michigan NCAA since last year's tournament. My primary motivation is that the basketball played in the NBA is just vastly better. But the bottomless corruption of big-money college sports definitely doesn't motivate me to come back.


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I don’t know what’s more believable, a husband leaving a dinner due to his dislike of the attendees and the wife staying behind, or Coach K just casually walking his dog.

This is journalism now eh? Wow.

Indy Pete - Go Blue

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But you have to wonder if Yahoo sports and the FBI agent are giving these athletes and these schools a chance to do the right thing. It will be interesting to see if in the next week or two, the schools that have claimed innocence will be humiliated for their choices.


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Are they merely being accused of hearing someone offering them money?  I would think that's not a crime.  But, I'm assuming (correct me if wrong b/c I don't have a ton of time to read up) that the accusation is that he was PAID.  At which point, it really doens't matter if anyone ordered the surf n' turf.  

So, wading thruogh the words, it would seem that Duke's investigation amounted to hearing the parents deny the charge and saying that's a wrap.  Haven't you people ever watched Law and Order?  Denials don't equal proof of innocence.  But, it's not like Duke's the first entity to be satisfied with a denial because that's what they want to believe.