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sports entertainment blog in the country, Deadspin is one place to find it.

(and just to be clear, that's just pointing out it's been bouncing around a lot of major outlets today, and not an endorsement of Deadspin, which is mildly funny TMZ sports trash 80% of the time; really interesting, valuable investigative journalism 10% of the time, and the most disingenuous, hypocritical, muckraking, misogynistic, unsourced rumormongering, yellow journalism 10% of the time.)


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"He's parting the helmety sea....". Nice.

I laughed at this, I admit. This gave me yet another reason to chuckle at ND's performance in the game. Also, I will now wonder if indeed Eddie Lacy was "greased" on some of those runs, as clearly Notre Dame just couldn't grab on.


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Actually I spent a good portion of this NFL season watching streams of a UK feeds of NFL games. Can't remember the name of the thing. They had a couple of US guys leading the studio effort in a panel of 4. The US guys were bad and the top Brit analyst was fan-freakin-tastic. I'd bring him over here in a heartbeat.

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Wouldn't be surprised to hear that one of them is former Atlanta Falcons kicker Mick Luckhurst, who was born in Ing-er-lund but graduated from Cal Berkeley before starting his League career in Atlanta.  We still remember him well here.




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THIS was indeed hilarious.  Does this bloke do other commedy commentaries?  Say, Man U's season so far?  Oh, wait, they don't need help to make you laugh.

About the funniest thing I've seen done with football replays, evah.  The fact its a British guy who pretends not to understand the game/sport only makes it more funny, I mean, you couldn't have someone from the US do these jokes.

It's funnier than NBC's 5-minute promo for the Premier League this year, when a US football coach is hired to coach Tottenham.  Although that is awesome too.