OT; The end of Peyton Manning??

Submitted by no joke its hoke on September 4th, 2011 at 9:23 PM

Word is he needs anothe neck surgery. ESPN radio in Indy is reporting it tho the Colts havent released a statement yet. If this is true then I would say that this is the begging of the end for Manning. the neck is something you just don't want to screw with.



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Yikes. It would be a shame, too, he's definitely one of the top 2 QBs in the league. Still, if it is a neck issue it really is best to sit out. But hey - the guy got a ring, a couple of MVPs, some records, and is a HOF lock. Thats an amazing career.

no joke its hoke

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which is that the nerves are not responding that can be a big issue! I had neck surgery in March( a much more serious surgery than Mannings) but I know that if the nerves do not respond over a certain amount of time then they MAY never come back. I'm not saaying thats what is going on with him but I wish him well and hope it is nothing that will effect his life after football.


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There goes one of my quaterbacks for fantasy football. Crap.  He has had a great carrer.  If this is true,  its really unfortunate but nothing to be ashamed about for Peyton Manning.


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and this means the season is basically over. might as well go for broke and get andrew luck or landry jones. even if this isnt true theyve needed to draft a good qb for years to develop him and they just keep putting it off, and now we're stuck with kerry collins who couldnt beat out vince young last year, there are so many things wrong with this team and without manning or a running game this team is a 6 win team at best


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Andrew Luck is a bondafide 1st round pick.  Not completely sure on Landry Jones because of OU system that calls for a lot of short passes.  Matt Barkley is a solid QB but doesn't possess elite arm.  The only other QB who could make name for himself as a 1st rounder is Robert Griffin III but it's too early to tell and he doesn't fit the Colts system.


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I can't find anyone else reporting this except SBnation (which says it's been reported on the fan).  No further info is coming out of 1070, indy news channels, or the colts.  I'm sure everyone's trying to check their sources, but the Colts are a very tight lipped bunch. I'll wait to hear it from the Colts. If so, I'm a big Colts fan and this would equal doom.


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He probably had a laminectomy and partial discectomy the first time around and will likely need a c-spine fusion and discectomy this time to get rid of pain, numbness, weakness or other symptoms he is experiencing.

I suppose he could try to come back afterwards, but the docs will likely say to him: "It's your neck, Peyton, and there are 300+ pound guys coming at you to break it every week.  Do you want to risk it?"

I wish him well whatever he chooses.


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That would be a bummer, as much as I've trashed him about his post season performance hes an all time great. And his commercials are hilarious. He also seems like a good guy. Theres not much to look forward to as of now with the next generation of QBs. Sure theres Rodgers, Ryan and Luck but they won't measure up to Manning, Brady and the Favre, Marino, Montana generations.


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Stafford has as much talent as any QB out there. His one knock--and it is a serious one0--is health issues.  Luck, meanwhile, is still throwing passes against San Jose State.


How do you know that they will not measure up to previous generations of quarterbacks.? They are at the beginning of their careers.


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when he hasnt been injured hasnt been impressive (outside of this preseason). as with luck he seems like a more matured aaron rodgers in college. i think there is a good next generation but not the brady manning generation, thats a once a decade type thing. landry jones, luck, aaron murray, kellen moore, and denard robinson will be making up the next generation. i say denard not because im a michigan fan but he is the next mick vike


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you're forgetting Stafford's 422 passing yards against the Browns as a rookie. He set the rookie record for most passing yards in a game and tied the record for most TD passes in a game.


Last year, he had 6 TDs to 1 INTs. It was cut short by injuries obviously.


It's obvious that Stafford is making the next step to the elite level.  He has a tool to be a top 5 QB.  As for Brady/Manning rivalry, we'll see one with Stafford/Freeman pretty soon(it starts next week! whoo!).  Both are young, up and coming QBs who will have a team that will be great for years to come.


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Denard is not Vick. Vick is taller and has a much stronger arm. Denard is a slot receiver in the pros. He lacks the height, arm strength, and accuracy to be a pro quarterback.
<br>I honestly cannot believe that you cited Robinson over Stafford at the next level. You are probably the only person who will do that.


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The 80s you had Montana, Marino

The 90s you had Favre, Aikman, Elway

The 00s you had Manning, Brady and well say VIck (alot of fun to watch)


I seriously doubt the 10s will produce anything close. I may be wrong but the QB classes in the draft the last 5 years has been subpar. Maybe part of the problem is the best QBs are on teams that are down (Bradford, Stafford) but Matt Ryan and Sanchez are on really good teams and need to step it up.

Look Up_See Blue

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this is no good for the colts.  Old Man River Kerry Collins might have to lead them to the promise land.  Reggie Wayne is going to have to eat some crow with the comments he made about Collins not being a lock at the starting if Manning isn't healthy.  The Colts' first 4 games are against solid opponents too, Texans, Browns, Steelers, Bucs.  


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Sucks for him. He's been relatively healthy throughout his NFL career, never had any major surgerys that kept him out. Football's a rough game on the body

Good luck to him


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Maybe he will be lucky and not display a lot of CTE symptoms to go with his neck problems down the road.  He has enough money and he has a Super Bowl ring.  Really, he has everything except what Tennesseans still call "Peyton Manning's Heisman."  And it's a little late for that.


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I was living in Nashville when Charles deservedly won his Heisman... the bile spitted from the Tenn fans towards Charles and Michigan was disgusting... actually for the 3 years that I was there, 95-97 it was all anti-Michigan...  so in my misguided youth I hated Manning as a part of a reaction to that insanity.

and in retrospect, I was wrong. 

Peyton turned out to be a great guy... incredible QB and its sad to see him go out like this...if it is his final stand... the guy is 35 though and the spinal cord is not something to mess around with... so best of Luck to him either way going forward....