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Submitted by MikeCohodes on January 15th, 2013 at 12:19 PM

So while we're stuck waiting for the NHL to come back, the KHL is still playing.  This silly goal took place in their recent all-star game on a penalty shot and I thought this shot was brilliant.  I kind of feel bad for the goalie, who gets massively embarrased in this clip.  Can anyone think of a sillier goal on a penalty shot than this one?

LINK to the video

Apologies for the lack of an embed, but video streaming sites are banned here at my office, and I do not know how to embed from a Droid phone (which is how I watched the video).  If someone could embed this clip I'd appreciate it!  Also, I sent the link to Ace in the hopes that he would turn  this into a GIF, maybe if we collectively guilt trip him he will.

EDIT:  Thanks to user Trauber19 for linking to this GIF of the shot. I still think its worth it to watch the video though, because it has it from a couple angles.



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It's an all star game skills competition, the goalies don't really try very hard or care if they make saves or not because it's all about the shooters doing ridiculous things (see Datysuk's chip shot goal from the same competition). 

The "shot" was pretty funny, but you can tell that the keeper could have stopped it by simply reaching out and grabbing it. It slid by him so slowly, there is no way he accidently let it though.

Charlestown Chiefs

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The goalie didn't necessarilly lose track of the puck.  It is actually quite a clever move to pull.  Almost 100% of the time when a player drags the puck between their legs in that manner, they are going to put it to one of their skates and kick it back the other way.  If you look closely you can see the shooter almost fake a kick with his right skate.  I know this may seem to be really a slight fake but that's what the goalie was expecting.  That subtle little fake made him hesitate enough for it to slowly slide in.


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Yeah, I'm going with MikeCohodes here, I don't think the goalie purposely let it go. Sure, if it was a real game, maybe he would have made more of an attempt to get to the puck, but it wouldn't have made a difference. His momentum was taking him away from the puck and he wasn't prepared to make a lunge.


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As a goalie, I would be angry about letting that in during a game.  But, like the guy above said, it was just an all-star skills competition.  The whole point is to show off skilled and unique moves by shooters, so it's not a big deal.  


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Thanks for posting that.  What I mind nothing short of amazing is that these guys do these moves in GAMES and not just some silly "skill" competition.  You watch what some of the players can do with a puck on their stick and it really is breathtaking.

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Only problem with this video: not enough Pavel Bure. That guy could make everyone on the ice look downright silly  at any given time with his speed and puckhandling. Datsyuk reminds me a lot of him, except Datsyuk probably has slightly better puck handling and slightly less speed. I'm not a Canucks fan at all, but Bure was one of my favorite players to watch.


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I have to disagree with the OP. I credit the shooter (can I still call him that?) for his successful use of misdirection on that goal. I think that had a lot more to do with it than the goalie just being a bad goalie. Part of why it was successful was that it was so unexpected. It's probably the type of shot that won't work again for a while until its no longer fresh in everyone's memory.


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I'm not much of a hockeywatcher (and who can be, this year)... so I don't know what the goalie is supposed to do.  Is a goalie taught to watch (a) the puck, (b) the shooter's stick, (c) the shooter's midriff, or (d) something else.  Or none of the above.  Or all of the above.  I mean, it seemed the goalie wasn't watching the puck, obviously...

Way way way way back when I was taught soccer by Americans (meaning, it really wasn't soccer), we were taught as defenders to watch the opposing player's stomach -- because you can juke the ball and your foot and your head, but not so much your gut.  And it still kills me to this day how many guys watch the ball on Messi's foot, and of course, it's never ever where you expect it to be... but Messi's stomach hasn't really moved. (And, as a bonus -- has anyone else noticed, Messi looks like an accountant?)


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watch the puck. Defensemen are taught to watch the opponents hips or logo, but as a goalie you find the puck.  The reason this

worked is the goalie was looking down for the puck, because the puck is (was!) always on the ice.

EDIT: and what happened in the goal above is the goalie watched the puck, his vision was block by the shooters legs, and then the puck didn't come out where the goalie was expecting. If this was a game and not a skills comp, I'd expect the goalie to poke/slide out and just knock the player over, knowing that he'll get the puck.


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In this specific case, the goalie should've poke-checked the puck away. This play worked because players almost always kick the puck back to their stick when they put it towards their feet. The goalie expected this and committed to his right when the player faked the kick. His momentum was too great to overcome so all he could do was watch the puck slide by once he realized the player never kicked back up. Usually, a goalie should watch the player's hips because its hard to change direction more than once or twice. All a player can do is stick, leg, or head fakes, but they can't get their hips moving much. Goalies check a player's hips to get an idea of where they will end up with their move, them just watch the puck until the hard fake comes then commit to where they (right or wrong) assumed the player was going based on his general direction, which you can detect by watching their hips. Players (myself included, just saying) can take advantage of that and usually when you see a goalie or defenseman (they watch for the same thing) embarrassed it's because the player changed direction and didn't just stick handle towards the net the whole time.

TL;DR a player's hips are usually a great indicator of where their going.

Source: years of playing hockey


January 15th, 2013 at 5:17 PM ^

Maybe from a defenceman's perspective watch the hips, yes, but I would disagree from a goalie perspective.  With proper positioning and reflexes, a goalie is able to get in front of the puck almost all the time, regardless of how quick a player's hands are.  Watching a player's body on a breakaway is much less useful, and is a recipe to get burned, in my opinion.

I tend to poke-check frequently, which is a specific example of the value of watching the puck.  The goal is simply to disrupt the movement of the puck and hopefully take it off the skater's stick.  It doesn't matter if the goalie gets in front of the player's body or not.  In the video the goalie does follow the player's body rather than the puck and he pays the price.


January 15th, 2013 at 8:05 PM ^

I actually play wing by the way, but that's beside the point. I should probably rephrase that. I only meant as a goalie to watch them at first just to get an idea of where they're going. After that, yeah, don't watch them at all. That's why I said they should watch the puck after that because there's usually a chance to poke check. Actually, in any case like this move where a player is coming in wide, they almost always will try to score shot side in some way (spin move, Forsberg, etc.) so they shouldn't even follow the player at all. It'd be much easier to quickly get to the far side than slide over three then try to dive back to get the short side shot. Hip watching is just a way to see where they're headed. After that, you're totally right, look for a poke check.


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People need to stop reposting every top sports story from Reddit.com to mgoblog.  Just about every OT post I have seen here over the past few weeks has appeared within 5 hours of the exact same post appearing on Reddit.

I understand that some things are great, and should be shared with the mgoblog community... but not every sports link.  Create your own content people!  A plea from a long time mgoblog and reddit user.  Thanks.


Edit: link to top (ORIGINAL) reddit post: http://www.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/16lsyk/no_shot_required_goal/


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There are a couple things wrong with this post. 
1. People who use Reddit think that the entire world uses Reddit and that anyone who posts anything anywhere else must have obviously stolen it from Reddit. I saw this posted on Kuklas Korner and Puck Daddy before it was posted on Reddit. Reddit isn't the landing page for everything that has ever been posted on the internet.

2. Who cares if this was already posted somewhere else? Some of us aren't on the internet all day everyday, checking out all of the top websites. For a lot of us, Mgoblog might be the only sports blog that we check out during the day.

People on Mgoblog like hockey. It's offseason. Let people post cool links without getting harassed.


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Reddit is blocked at my office as well, so I am unable to go on it here.  I got this from Buzzfeed first on my mobile phone.

My thought process was:  Hey this was a cool video.  No one has posted this to the mgoforum yet, and I think that maybe some other people on the forum who like hockey will like this shot.  It is a slow day, there isn't a M game until Thursday, and the NHL isn't back until next week.

And short of torrenting every single sporting event the world over, and watching all of them, how am I supposed to find stories like these otherwise, in order to "create my own content" as you put it?  I have a day job, grad school, and a toddler, so I don't have time for that.  That's the whole point of the internet in the first place, is to give me access to things I wouldn't normally see.  And then to share those things with others, which is what I did here on the board today, because I thought that maybe some people would also want to see this.


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Also didn't see it posted and don't have enough points to do so but Zetterberg has officially been named Captain of the Red Wings.  We all knew it was coming but it has officially been announced.