OT: Elijah Hood to Notre Dame

Submitted by Balrog_of_Morgoth on April 28th, 2013 at 7:14 PM

The 4/5* running back out of North Carolina has (unfortunately) committed to The Irish. We were the favorite for roughly a day (right after he visited back in February) and he was considered by many (e.g. 7 out of 8 on 247's crystal ball) to be a North Carolina lean.


Officially committing to The University of Notre Dame! #GoIrish #ND #BlueAndGold

— Elijah Hood (@EHood34) April 28, 2013



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Ever since ND took us off their schedule, I've become quite apathetic towards them landing top recruits, whereas before I was like "nooooooo" and now I'm like "Chaulk that up to a future gameday loss for Sparty". And then I feel better.


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A customer of mine, and BIG Domer, has stated that ND's deep dislike for UM dates back to when we kept them out of the Big Ten and wouldn't play them
(post war?). Supposedly, State helped them out when they needed games, for which they remain appreciative.

Or maybe ND sees MSU as a way to build a legit schedule with less risk of a loss than playing UM going forward.  Time will tell.


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I don't think Hood himself ever had distance concerns about ND.

It was his parents who were concerned about the distance and wanted to know more about who would be looking out for their son..

His parents visited ND over the weekend and finally meet Kelly and everyone. Evidently they loved they loved the place and after meeting everyone they had no concerns about the people who looking out for Elijah for the next 4 years.

Once Elijah had their blessing he promptly committed to the school that he seemingly wanted to go to all along.


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"Evidently they loved they loved the place and after meeting everyone they had no concerns about the people who looking out for Elijah for the next 4 years."


I think saying no concerns is a little daft. They certainly didn't have enough concerns to prevent his verbal commitment.


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It seems like ND gets all the players with the last name of "Wood."  Cierre Wood, Lo Wood, etc.  I am concerned that now they are also moving in on the Hoods.  Somebody needs to draw a line in the sand.


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Would hurt more if Derrick Green didn't commit last year, and we weren't the fav of 2015 top RB Damien Harris.

Now a solid 'meh' for us, good pickup for the Domers.


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There're still many running backs out there and Michigan will get a good one. Notre Dame will always get their share of players as well, so as long as we're not losing every recruiting battle to them(like we were for awhile), it's best to just shrug and move along.

Mr. Yost

April 29th, 2013 at 10:14 AM ^

He's now a Domer and Domer recruiting is not on topic. Especially when Michigan didn't "lose" this prospect. Just because he had an offer and came on a visit doesn't make him relevant at this point in time. Jabill Peppers and Da'Shawn Hand are relevant in Michigan recruiting, Hood is just another top prospect at this point.


My concern is why do we always need a thread for these players Michigan didn't have a shot at? Whether they go to ND, Ohio, MSU, whatever...unless Michigan is truly in the race, I don't think its even noteworthy. Earlier this year it was like we had a thread for every Ohio commit, it was ridiculous.


But THIS is why OT is okay, because I believe if you put OT in front of it, you can post whatever you want. I'm not the thread police, and while I don't like these threads...I had no right to say "don't post" them.


If you put OT, it's then on me if I want to click because you've already told me it has nothing to do with Michigan. If you make a thread "OT - I had a great poop today"...I'm not going to downvote, I know it's not Michigan related and if I click...I can't complain that it's not Michigan related. I would also know that it would be an awesome thread.


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This kid is a beast. I don't know why he seemed so adamant about talking himself out of liking Michigan after his visit. Maybe he didn't want to come in after green?


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I don't think we were ever leading for him. Weren't we only number 2 (to ND), even after his visit to us? As time progressed, it became more obvious it was going to be ND or an east coast school, mainly North Carolina.

Perkis-Size Me

April 28th, 2013 at 9:11 PM ^

Meh, we'll probably never play him. To this day, I still really can't figure out why Notre Dame thought it was a great idea to cancel its series with Michigan, and yet somehow, continuing series with the likes of Purdue and Little Brother was paramount.