OT-EDIT- Read (Article before commenting)Pelini not looking the best in Nebraska right now.

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I am in the military and live in Omaha, and this has been some of the biggest news here over the last few days. The radio stations are eating this story alive. The media and Pelini are continuing a hate/hate relationship that has being going on for some time now. Apparently Wilson announced at Indiana that Raymond was leaving for Nebraska just a few hours before Pelini's signing day presser. A reporter asked Pelini several times at the presser, and he kept declining to comment. This looks really bad on Pelini's part IMO. Several people that have called in on the radio have split opinions. Some believe a recruit commits to a school, while others say this is wrong to deceive a recruit like this. Either way, Husker Nation is quite split out here, and with NU's brutal schedule next year, I could see this thing getting bad with Pelini and the media if they start to lose some games. In my opinion it was wrong to do this, I was wondering what others' thoughts were, as we are outsiders looking in on another program?


 EDIT- I'm not sure what everyone's issue is with the post. If you read the article, you will know that Wilson is the coach at Indiana and Raymond is the DB's coach from IU that is headed to Nebraska. Charles Jackson was recruited all the way up until signing day by the previous DB's coach, who then split yesterday(the day after signing day). What is hard to understand about this?

Second EDIT- Please read the article before you decide to comment folks. Thanks.



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Forgive me but from this line :"Apparently Wilson announced at Indiana that Raymond was leaving for Nebraska just a few hours before Pelini's signing day presser."


I have no idea who wilson or Raymond is and why declining to comment on that situation is so bad.


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talking about?


I mean I would understand if you were talking about Mike leaving for Sally's party and not wanting to talk to Joe about it....but seriously what the bleep are you talking about?

James Burrill Angell

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Put slightly more eloquently that the person before me.....the story you told was difficult to understand. I'm sure there was a point, very likely tied to the defection of one of the Indiana assistant coaches to go pursue other opportunities with Bo Pelini at the State University of Nebraska. For some reason this fact has created or furthered brewing acrimony between Coach Pelini and the local media. 

If there is something further, feel free to explain. 


Other than that, I'd say that you're correct, if the media doesn't like Mr. Pelini and he starts to lose games, they will in fact write some nasty articles about him. However, if he wins, as he has been doing, I predict that will likely not happen. 


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The problem is that they were grabbing a coach from Indiana, but waited until after signing day to announce it. Allegedly, they did this to keep a recruit on whom was close to the coach that was being replaced.

Essentially, they lied to a recruit about whom his position coach would be.


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top recruit's (taylor) position coach (sanders) leaves school after recruit signs LOI, replaced by former indiana position coach (raymond). recruit is not very happy, but is staying at Neb. media says that these wheels were in motion before NSD and pellini kept the coach to get the recruit.



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Wow.  I just read the article.  That looks really bad, especially with the IU HC saying that Raymond had been gone for a week before signing day.  Sounds like the CB recruit is already over it, but yikes, that's terrible.


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Meh. Everyone would hate him more I'd he let those top recruits get away. Kind of sucks for the kids, but position coaches are constantly in flux. That being said, Pelini really has a good way of pissing people off.


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Fellow Offutt AFB gobloger. I see Nebraska having a very disappointing season next year. Their secondary was what made them a good team and their secondary graduated. I see them struggling for a bowl next season.


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I'm not sure what everyone's issue with the OP on this one are, I get it. That being said, I think it's a pretty sleazy thing to do. However, at the same time, aren't we kind of doing the same thing by waiting til after signing day to take away position coaches from other schools? I do, however, think the kid should have been made aware before signing. We all have to remember, this is our entertainment but their lives.

Hugh Jass

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Pellini = putz.  I could easily see a situation where Pellini (it just seems wrong that he is known as Bo) wears out his welcome at NU and has to be let go.  He may know how to coach but his behavior will be his downfall.


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It sounds like he wants to stay, but he should be released if he wants. Unless the link wasn't originally there, I don't see why some are struggling to comprehend this post.


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I'm from Omaha as well, Pelini has issues that go well beyond this story. There's not much else to talk about in Nebraska other than Husker football, so if you don't treat the media well the public will eat you alive. There's a way to politely give the media the could shoulder, and he doesn't seem to understand that. If he isn't careful, he'll get fired for reasons that have nothing to do with team performance (like punching a player on the opposing team).


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