OT: (Edit) Chip Kelly to the Browns? Cleveland media now reporting "expect an announcement tonight"

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Yesterday evening local Cleveland radio reported that Kelly to the Browns was a virtual certainty and while he's going to talk to both the Eagles and the Bills today, by tonight there will be an announcement of his hire.  Tony Grossi of ESPN Cleveland said he would be very surprised if this doesnt happen today and that the team is "backing up the brinks truck" to make this happen.


But even if Chip doesn't end up here it seems a virtual certainty he'd coming to the NFL next year and he's going to run "his" offense in the pro's.  Lots and lots of discussion around here concerning his system and if it can work given the roster size he'll have to work with and the potential for QB injury.   And in Cleveland the roster will need to revamped (Brandon Weedon is NOT a spread QB) to function properly but it sure looks like the Brownies are about to take the plunge.

Personally I think it will work - at least at first - simply because it will be so radically different than anything the other teams practice for each week.  The Patriots have incorporated elements of his tempo and the Redskins and Panthers run variations of the spread but no team yet has gone "all in" on the uptempo spread offense.  Until now.  Spread QBs can be had pretty cheap (I'm thinking Alex Smith running the show) and other spread-type players (linemen/slot receivers) are also not terribly valued in the NFL so putting together the roster on offense shouldn't require a lot of cap space.  Leaving lots of room for spending on the defense where it will be surely needed.

Will it work?  I think so and for the first time in the last 10 years or so I'm actually excited about Cleveland Browns football.  My only question is if he comes will we have to start wearing alternate jersey's and helmets every week?

EDIT: Cleveland Plain Dealer Browns beat report Mary Kay Cabot is now reporting that the Browns and Kelly are meeting again tonight and has been told by sources inside the Browns organization to expect an announcement tonight.  For those of you unfamiliar with Grossi or Cabot they are NOTHING like the Detroit sports media and if they report something like this you can generally count on it actually happening.





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They had some Oregon beat reporter on WKNR the other day and someone (Rizzo?) asked if Kelly runs his practices like NFL practices.  The guy said he has covered NFL teams in the past and that Kellys practices are better than the NFL practices he has seen.

Excited if the Brownies get him.

Space Coyote

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Remember when they were so sure they were going to get Izzo? And remember somehow that was going to convince LeBron to stay in Cleveland? Yeah, I'll believe anything out of Cleveland sports media when I see it.


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You must be listening to other Cleveland media than I do. What I hear is the unrelenting pessimism that years of unrelenting losing has created. I don't remember anybody here saying we were going to get Izzo (I think that was more from the Detroit media) and that he would somehow save Lebron (we were hoping beyond hope he'd stay)

Browns last championship: 1964

Indians last championship: 1948

Cavs last championship: never

Trust me.... You've got to look long and hard to find an optimist around these parts.


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I grew up on Cleveland sports across the Lake and listening to WKNR (excepting the Ohio honks) for my Tribe and Browns coverage. Supporting Cleveland teams is not the work of optimists and any idiot that would provide that sort of coverage would get destroyed in Cleveland. This is the town of 'the drive', 'the shot', Red Right '88, 'the decision', Jose freaking Mesa etc. etc. Instead, of optimism I find the Cleveland media's coverage more akin to waiting for the other shoe to drop (since it inevitably always does).


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I wouldn't him coaching my NFL team.  He beats run of the mil Pac 10 teams now with raw speed.  He may catch some NFL teams off guard for a while but the NFL is good at figuring out new stuff.


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I don't think Kelly's system will work in the NFL.  Everyone is quick.  However, I am assuming he is going to put wrinkles in his offense to adapt.  Furthermore, the Browns are a much worse fit for him than the Eagles would be if he is going to run a similar offense like he did at Oregon.  The Eagles have a much more explosive team that the Browns do.  Take the Eagles job, Chip.


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The eagles position makes a little more sense, I think Kelly is not going to be able to bring his exact system from Oregon to the nfl, some sort of spread will work in the nfl, it is already there, in a variety of forms. Ultimately, he'll probably do what a lot of college coaches have done, struggle, especially in Cleveland.


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Why would anyone want to coach the Eagles.  I get it, there are only 32 spots, so they're all fairly highly coveted.  

Philadelphia is a top 5 market in the US, but the owner is notoriously cheap.  I know he makes a splash once in a while with a high profile free agent, but for the most part he doesn't spend.  Before the 2012 season began, the Eagles had more cap space than 26 other NFL franchises.  

According to Forbes' 2012 valuations, they're also the 7th most valuable NFL franchise.  


He has the incoming revenue to spend, but it seems like he's pocketing that cash.  Move on, take another one of those spots.  He's gained the leverage.  He should use it.  


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Please God no.  I am tired of an offensive minded coach and like much of Philly want a good defense and non gimmick offensive system.  We have seen what Vick can do and being 33 next season, there is no future there.  Lots of questions remain with Foles, but at least there is upside...pretty much no upside with Vick as he will only get slower and has proved his decision making skills are lacking, to say the least.


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Brandon Weeden not a spread QB? There are different types of spread offenses, and while he may not fit Kelly's offense, he came from a program that ran spread and rewrote record books.


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The problem is, if the accusations turn out to be true then oregon would have to fire him. Because it means he knowingly deceived both the university and the NCAA. I'm sure he could still get another job after that. But his stock would plummet. He leaves now, and no one will bat an eye when the violations come down. As long as he is winning with his new team. See Pete Carrol.


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i know some media have reported that but being in Philly, i think that's off base with what Lurie is looking for.  He wants a guy who will bring in great coordinators and with no NFL experience I dont think Kelly is going to get those established coordinators.

Laser Wolf

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Correction: Brandon Weeden IS a spread QB. That's how he made his money at Oklahoma State. He's not a read option QB.

As a Browns fan, I like the move because I think he will create a system that utilizes his talent to the utmost, unlike previous coaches that have forced a system on the current personnel, results be damned. I don't think our current personnel fits the Oregon system very well, but getting a guard like Warmack in the draft and a speed back would go a long way in easing the transition.


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Very doubtful that Vick is back and why take a risk with a 33 year old guy who you have seen the best from?  Eagles owe him $3M in bonus money and no one thinks he'll survive a cut.  Plus, his future was tied to Reid and although he had a great 2010 season, DCs have figured him out and he has pretty much been mediocre.  


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I love Shady McCoy, but Jackson has been exposed. I actually think the Browns have a good young Receiving Corp. The issue is at QB and the fact the Read Option offense isn't going to work in the NFL. If Kelley can adjust to a more pass spread offense he would be a perfect coach for Browns as Weeden strength is playing out of the Gun.


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From a longtime Birds fan, I would say that Kelly would be a good fit. The Eagles have skill position players (incl Vick) as well as a good offensive line when healthy. I think QB passing is not as critical in his scheme, which would make Vick-ish QB's more likely than NIck Foles (who seems to be a Joe Flacco with less accuracy, ie not good)

Per a couple of comments above

1) Lurie is not "cheap" per se. They were mostly smart in terms of cap management and usually came close to spending their max each year (while taking minimum hits). That is just good business imo. The GM (Howie Roseman) did eff up when he docked Mike Patterson some pay due to his AVM in his brain making him unable to play even when he went AMA to get on the field. For $150k that is pretty douchy, and maybe had Lurie's approval

2) The back story with Banner (Cleveland GM) is pretty interesting, as Lurie essentially threw him under the bus for some recent bad draft decisions, exonerating Roseman and Reid to some extent. I have a strong suspicion that Banner would really like to take it to the Eagles for that comment and a number of other reasons.

With all this being said, I think that the Browns are going to pay Kelly a premium for PR as much as anything. While I would prefer to take a chance on Kelly, I think it will be Mike McCoy vs other (someone unknown) to the Eagles and Kelly to Cleveland.


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I love people who say the Browns suck, and have nobody. They actually have a solid but very young roster. Richardson played most the year with broken ribs. The receivers while young are talented. The lines on both sides are solid. We need a DB and a linebacker or two.

Now as for Kelly unless he has a modified offense with less read option he won't work in the NFL. Philly is a horrible fit because their O Line is horrible.