OT - Dunk City (Every dunk by FGCU)

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Honestly one could argue FGCU is the best thing that's happened to the tournament in a long time. Watching young, underrated players have genuine fun on the court and just be so united as a team and so happy (not to mention monster slamming the ball down 30+ times) just makes basketball awesome to watch.

Here's every dunk they've had in the post-season. The scary part is that the best ones come against "better" opponents.


Bonus - Ft. Meyers renaming their city Dunk City on their official website



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When I started watching their game a few days ago I hadn't even heard of FGCU, and I thought to myself that a team with that name, that's only been D1 for 2 years, better just go out and act like globetrotters every game. And they do. And it's beautiful.


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They're not particularly large, so it's hard to draw a charge on them when they thunder in for the dunk or alley-oop. I guess the best way to do it would be to put your best leaper under the basket and tell him that your job is to get the putbacks and oops before they do. That's it.


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My nephew is a soph at FCGU and I couldn't be happier for them.  I mentioned it in another thread several days ago, but my niece was a student at George Mason the year they made their run to the Final Four.  Somehow my family seems to be quite blessed.  I think I'll have to convince another nephew from another sibling to accept his early admission to Michigan soon...

Victor Hale II

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I first saw them against SDSU this past weekend, and WOW.  What an athletic team.  Their coach seems to know what they do well and lets them do it.  They play with a loose and aggressive style that is an absolute blast to watch.  


Someone hold my beer while I climb aboard the bandwagon!


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There is a lot of (deserved) love for VCU's coach right now, but I'd be gunning for FlaGC's head man. I would imagine recruits would want to play in a system like this, and woo boy, think of how much fun it would be to watch your team run this offense each game.


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...but they need at least another win or two in the tournament before they're not automatically "...you mean that school Reed Baker transferred to?" in my head.


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Much like the game vs VCU, I think if Michigan got matched up with FGCU in the Elite 8 it would be another exciting up and down game. Much preferable to the typical fare we were treated to at the end of Big Ten play.

I will be rooting for them against Florida, then hoping their run comes to an end against Michigan. And I still can't believe their PG threw that over his head alley-oop vs. Georgetown.


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Fighting Reed Bakers!

Also a fun fact. Rees Baker is FGCUs 4th all-time in points as well as three pointers AND 1st in made free throws. Your irrelevant transfer fact of the day!


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This is whats great about college athletics.  Too bad more teams are all about business than having fun.  Its a game, relax.  The locker room videos are great to.


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Seems to me (from that dunking video) that they certainly saved their best dunks for the NCAA Tournament. Fun to watch a team playing with nothing to lose (unless of course it's against my team).


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FGCU has been my adopted #2 for five years now. So much so, that my family and I travelled on the team charter to and from Philadelphia last weekend.

Their coach told me before the pairings were announced that he hoped to play Georgetwon in Philly, because it could become a home game for FGCU if they stayed close.

In seven days, this group of kids and their confident coach have captured the nation's attention. Now, I have to try to figure out how to raise a million dollars to keep him here. All suggestions welcome.



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If he considers taking the UCLA job, remind him of how brutal California state income tax rates are compared to having no state income tax in Florida.  I live in California, and as much as I enjoy the beautiful weather and beautiful ladies, the taxes here make me want to punch somebody.

Having said that, the UCLA job MIGHT just be a better job than FGCU.  No offense.


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Contrast this with Wisconsin and Bo Ryan's crimes against basketball.

Basketball is just a whole lot more fun to play when it's creative and free and not micromanaged to the nth degree by the vanguard of the bug people.

The youth team (12-16 year olds) I coach runs the LMU numbered fast break and we press for 40 minutes a game.  Our players genuinely seem to love playing the game of basketball when they are free to do so.