OT: Drinking Beer in Ann Arbor - Guide Addendum

Submitted by eth2 on August 24th, 2011 at 8:48 PM

[Didn't want this to get lost among the 315+ comments in today's epic post on Ann Arbor Dining and Drinking.   If you have no interest in beer, nothing to see here.]

For those who read through today's guide, it included a number of different options for beer and people's opinions thereof.   Will be up for the Notre Dame game this year so here I'd like to query the MGoCommunity for a bit more specific information about where to find the best beers available in Ann Arbor.   Feel free to include specific varieties available on tap at different establishments. 

Of note I'm hoping to find some fairly robust beers, think double IPA / Imperial style.  One example, a local favorite of mine, is the Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA.  If you know of places to find beers like that or similar from other breweries like Stone Brewing Co. and Lagunitas let me know.  

I know Bell's makes something in this vein: Hopslam, but have never had the pleasure.   Any bars serving that in A2?  If not available in a bar, anyone know a beer/wine store that carries it?   (Hopefully anywhere but Beer Depot, that drive thru place.   Went there once as an undergrad and we had to leave unexpectedly as an employee threatened to get his gun.)

Thanks in advance for your help.



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If you think the point of beer is to cram as much hops as possible into a bottle, go with hopslam.  If you want a perfectly balanced IPA with a crisp frosty bite but a satisfying, full finish, Two Hearted is pretty much unbeatable. 

Abe Froman

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dominic's sells cold two-hearted beer in a half-gallon glass jar.  i drank one once.  it made me feel good.

i thought about the cool trees, the fireflies above, and the warm touch of the girl besides me. 

the beer was cold and felt right in the michigan summer heat.  i wanted more, and i drank another. 

it made me feel very bad.


Beer Math

2 x 1/2 gallon of two-hearted = 24 x 10 oz can of domestic


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I really like Bell's, but Founder's Centennial is my all-time favorite IPA, at least the most drinkable.  As for double's, if you can find a Hercules (Great Divide?) or a Pliny (elder or younger, doesn't matter) then you are in for a real treat.  Hopslam is really solid as well.


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The best beers in town are at Ashley's.  They have over 70 taps and 100+ bottles, and their selection is excellent.  They have Stone and dogfish head on tap, and have a bunch of IPAs on tap and in the cask.  If your goal is beer, Ashley's is your place.

They may have hopslam on tap, but will definately have it in a bottle.  

His Dudeness

August 24th, 2011 at 9:00 PM ^

Serioulsy, just go to Ashley's. You will love it. It's a little tight (they never have the basment open-thank god kind of), but it is simply the greatest collection of beers in the area. I like Hop Cat because I live in GR, but Ashley's is just as nice and I love it because it is in AA and I love AA.


August 24th, 2011 at 10:08 PM ^

Yep, I spent many an evening at Ashley's but that was a long, long time ago before most of the beers I favor these days even existed.  

Earlier today I did try to find information about their beer selection on their website, but alas visiting their website is like taking a trip back in time.  Not a nostagic trip, but to a horrible place wrought from the worst FrontPage 98 templates.  If the goods are on that site, I certainly couldn't find 'em.

Based on others' comments it seems that Ashley's might not necessarily represent Michigan's finest ales.   If true, that's a real shame.


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grange has shorts sustenance which my roommate says is better than belair brown.  also the woverine tap room out on stadium behind great lakes cycle and fitness is amazing.  they use their own beer that is brewed in webberville.  the roommate and gf both say woverine dark is better than belaire brown (which is what i use as a benchmark)  also the hieldelberg has warsteiner, which i believe is the only place in AA to have it on tap


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Ashley's not only has Dogfish 90, but they also keep Dogfish 120 in stock as well. 

I would imagine it has a beer selection that rivals any bar in the country.


August 24th, 2011 at 9:52 PM ^

I have a four pack of the 120 in my downstairs fridge that I've been saving for a rainy day.   BTW, I had to make many trips to the local beer store before I hit paydirt.   Apparently distribution is pretty limited.  Rumor has it that the Dogfish Head brewpub--there are a couple in the greater DC area--has had it on tap occasionally.

AAAMichfan: I'm guessing Ashley's selection of Dogfish Head brews are in bottles only, right?  Have never seen it on tap outside of their brewpub.

Feat of Clay

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Right now someone is intensely analyzing that photo, like the CIA used to scrutinize Osama bin Laden's viedotapes, trying to divulge clues about where your fridge is. 

You got good locks on your doors, friend?  A light sleeper, are you?  Planning to be away this weekend?  Just askin'

Michigan Shirt

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Ashley's is nice, but there are a lot more places with more selection. A few were mentioned above, but would also like to mention The Flying Saucer (Houston, Austin, Dallas, and I believe they have some in NC maybe other places as well) is known for having a lot of beer. The one that I frequent in Houston has close to 120 taps and over 200 beers total, with 203 being the general number that will get your name on a plate and hung on the wall if you try them all (this being their constant number, but they always have 10-20 rare beers on tap as well not counted).


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sorry..not commenting on A2, but based on your taste, you need to come to san diego county. greenflash, alpine beer company are great (if you find any back there). also russian river has very good IPAs. racer 5 is pretty easy to find, standard (not a double).
ashleys is the only place that really has any selection. ann arbor brewing is highly disappointing imho. i actually enjoyed jolly pumpkin, but not much of a selection.


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Bell's brews limited out of season batches for special tasting events, but I've never heard of anyone getting the necessary volume to have it as a normal option in August.


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Ashley's is a good bar and if you are in Ann Arbor it is the best bar for a good beer selection.  But to say that it's beer selection rivals any bar in the country is a stretch.  They have a large percentage of Michigan beers which detracts from a potentially rival beer selection but is nice because Michigan beer is great.  Let's just not get carried away here.  

His Dudeness

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I agree with this. I would put Bells Two Hearted and Founders Centennial Pale Ale against any IPAs in the country including Stone (and I love Ruination and regular Stone IPA). I am a huge IPA fan and Michigan does work in that area.


August 24th, 2011 at 9:39 PM ^

Michigan beer is really something to be proud of, I would boycott a bar that had 100 handles and didn't represent the local breweries. Founders does an excellent job at almost all their beers. I cannot wait for Candian Breakfast Stout, and agreed Centennial is just an awesome representation of what an American ipa should be.