OT: Drake Harris highly interested in Ohio

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Urban Meyer dropped in on the Cass Tech boys and Malik McDowell today, but the biggest surprise was his visit to GR Chrisitan to see Drake Harris. Harris said he is very interested in Ohio and will be taking an unofficial there soon. This sounds like a decommitment could be coming, and that would be a crippling loss for Michigan State.




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What about us?


And BTW-I think if we come out strong and win some big games next year, he's gonna have a hard time saying no to a visit for the Ohio game next November...hopefully then he won't be committed to Urban, who will likely impose the same restrictions he did on Brionte Dunn


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While seeing MSU lose a top recruit would be great schadenfreude it's a bit alarming to see Urban come in and possibly take the top 2 recruits from the state. 


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Drake has never been that high on Michigan. Which is surprising for a few different reasons. 1. Our basketball program has clearly made huge improvements and 2. We are in need of a solid #1 WR for the years ahead. He would be able to come onto campus and have star potential and impact almost immediately. Webb is alarming for the fact that he goes to Cass. This is not the end of his recrutiment. It would not surprise me one bit if he is to decommit from O$U and commit to us or even an $EC school.


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He shouldn't have used the dollar sign on this site.  As for why he did, it's because a former Buckeye coach named Jim Tressell ran dirty programs at Youngstown State and OSU.  He eventually got busted by the NCAA.  Even more embarrassing is that many Buckeye fans still celebrate a dirty coach who was fired for cheating. 


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I'd say the problem we face is Urban coming in with his bullshit sale pitch that UM only seeks BiG championships whereas Ohio seeks national championships.  Sadly, this gets reinforced by knob snorkling idiots like Drew Sharp, and it is a giant pile of crap.  Michigan has had a top 10 class the last two years, with assuredly more to come.  That makes us a NATIONAL program Drew Sharp you imbecile.  Just because we were down thanks to the RichRod saga, does not mean Michigan has lost its place in the football blueblood pantheon.

Thankfully, there are enough young men out there that don't buy the bullshit Meyer and Drew Sharp are peddling, and know Michigan is the real class of the Big Ten academically, ethically, and athletically.


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Hoke has said repeatedly that the B1G championship is the goal.  Nothing wrong with that.  And Urban can bust out his national title rings and say that's what he's coaching for.  Again, nothing wrong with that.  

You can pile on Drew all you want, but his the point of his painful to read columns is that OSU is a win at all costs program, while we want to do things the ethical way.


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Thats why I couldnt understand why people didnt think losing Webb was a big deal. McDowell, Webb, and Harris are easily top three instate with Doles and Marshall on the outside looking in. I believe I read somewhere that Urban would be seeing Marshall today, so he must be doing a tour de Michigan.


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...including two former Florida football stars from the 1980's who coach at local high schools I interact with weekly -- and not because he takes recruits or left his job under false pretenses.  The two former Gators refused to support the program under Meyer even when they were winning championships due to his lack of character.  They verified this story from the Sporting News in 2009:  

"Left in the wake of Meyer’s resignation were problems that can destroy a coaching career: drug use among players, a philosophy of preferential treatment for certain players, a sense of entitlement among all players and roster management by scholarship manipulation.

The coach who holds himself above the seedy underbelly of the game, who as an ESPN television analyst in 2011 publicly berated the ills of college football, left a program mired in the very things he has criticized.

“The program,” former Florida safety Bryan Thomas said, “was out of control.”"

The environment he created at Florida was so bad, once he took the job at OSU he was telling recruits' parents not to send their kids to Florida because of the mess he created.  Parents do your homework!

Both former Gators are highly supportive of Will Muschamp by the way and are once again encouraging their players to look at Florida.  They are also developing good relationships with the Michigan coaches and have a ton of respect for the program.


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He actually said that? After he tweeted that Ohio offered, he immediately RT'd a bunch of Sparty fans about how great Izzo/Mork are. He could be on decommit watch but my gut is USC/ND could be bigger threats than Ohio.


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“They are one of the best football programs in the country,” Harris said. “You have arguably the best coach in the country. The campus is great, and the fan support is crazy and the tradition there is just tremendous.”

Am I the only one slightly irritated by use of the word "tremendous" by an MSU commit when talking about Ohio State?


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At this point, Drake Harris is committed to Sparty and Tom Izzo. He will probably get a lot of attention over the coming months so I have preemptively written the Board topics for you.

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Yeah but, who did Ohio beat this year?  How many of their wins came against teams that ended up in the top 20 in the final poll? 

Yeah that's right, no one.  Only reason Ohio went undefeated was Meyer's good fortune at by far the most creampuff schedule of any top 20 team this year.

Sadly, kids are drinking the kool aid.


January 15th, 2013 at 8:25 AM ^

Uh, they beat us though, so....I'm not sure why you are trying to argue about their cupcake schedule. We had a chance to put a GIANT dent in their record and probably curb their recruiting. Instead, they have one of the best coaches in college football coming off an undefeated season. They have a lot of momentum, despite their cupcake schedule. You don't need a Michigan 2012 schedule to bring in talent. You need to win.


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Winning is at the core of building and sustaining recruiting momentum. All of the other factors are important, but winning is the foremost. We had a lot of chances to win some big games this year, but didn't. We were in the national spotlight in those games, but we disappointed. Now, I'm sure we'd say it's an opportunity to change those results from happening, but we're fans. Kids see that and there's sort of a loser stigma that comes about. You win, you change that.

Did we even have a most impressive win this year? That's a legitimate question. Michigan State? We didn't score a touchdown. Sell that to a WR or RB. Northwestern? We needed a hail mary type throw to make that happen. This season is huge. I think it's set up for a 10 win season easily, but we're going to have to win those big games. We're going to have to beat Notre Dame, Michigan State, and Nebraska. We're going to have to beat Ohio State in at least one of those games. 

Hell, this would probably be hard to track, but I'd love to see how many kids camp at different schools. I would hypothesize that teams with winning teams will get a lot of guys. I feel like I hear every kid up in the North interested in camping at Alabama for instance. Winning can make these things a lot easier for us, guys and gals.


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they went 12-0, we went 8-5.  They have owned us for the entire millenium.  Their head coach has 2 NC's to his credit and their program will do anything to win.  People may not want to beleive that Ohio is a juggernaut, but they are and will continue to be until we do something about it. 


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Buckeye I see, Ok I'll spell it out a bit slower - The Meyer Kool Aid is that there is a vast disparity between the upcoming national trajectory of OSU and Michigan.  This was true during the end of the Carr era, and the entirety of RichRod era and the echos thereafter, but not true at all with regards to recruits right now who are evaluating the next 4 or 5 years.

This is inaccurate given Michigan is back to also having consistently top 8 recruiting classes and will continue to do so. 

This is inaccurate given the final echos of the RichRod debacle are almost entierly behind us.  3 OL recruits in 2 years and Hoke this year attempting to manage the worst offensive line Michigan has had in 50 years.

This is inaccurate because while Ohio was 12-0 and Michigan went 8-5, Ohio had a creampuff schedule, not playing a single team in the top 20, and had it's only two games against teams in the 21-25 rank at home.  Michigan played 5 top 25 teams either on neutral or away.  So yeah, don't mind if Michigan fans add a little asterisk to the power of Ohio's mighty drive toward creampuff perfection.

In sum, Ohio is a national program, but it is Kool Aid to imply Michigan will not also be, especially over the next 4 or 5 years.