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Submitted by white_pony_rocks on May 18th, 2009 at 3:14 PM

Let me start off by saying I know what I am getting myself into here, but it has to be said, even if it is to only get my frustrations off my chest. I am sick of the douche bags on this site. And I think it is safe to assume they are michigan students.

I love this university, My aunt and uncle have season tickets and I have been going since I was 12. I always wanted to go to school here, but it's expensive and my grades weren't good enough in high school. But after living here and going to eastern, I have come to realize that the students that go here are over-privileged, whiny rich kids who don't know jack shit about the real world. It has been showing up more and more on this site, and for the longest time I tolerated people whining about posts not having the right title so they had to take 5 seconds to click on it and realize they didn't want to read it. Were so sorry we inconvenienced you, since you go to U of M you must be right and have everything your way. In fact, I'm sure that some people are going to bitch about me having to long of a post in the forum and I should have put this under diaries. Well guess what, piss off. I just witnessed a forum where people were complaining about the spelling. This blew my mind. Get a life people. Don't you realize people think you're douche bags? Well, it's because you are. Wow, so you go to Michigan, so you can spell, good for you. You think your shit don't stink. But if you were "all that" you would be going to Harvard, Wharton, or MIT., there are plenty of people smarter out there than you. So shut the hell up and post about sports or responses to OT topics, not how well you can spell, that's what first grade spelling bee's are for, or to complain about a topics title, nobody has dial-up anymore, I can click on every link on this site in under 5 min, deal with it

p.s. Also, for all you michigan students who think getting hit by a car won't hurt, the world does not revolve around you. I will stop for you if you are using a designated cross walk. but if you are crossing state street and are coming out from behind a car at a random spot, either be prepared to be hit or yelled at, and if you yell back, be prepared to have something thrown at you.

p.s.s. Do you think that talking about how jake long got drafted first overall will help RR get S. Henderson when he talks to him? I have always wondered if that was considered tacky to do?



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If you "can only comment on the people I have had the privilege of meeting" at U of M, then how about you do just that rather than make hyperbolic, sweeping comments about the whole student body/alumni base?

I'll give you an example of this in practice.

"At least one EMU student, based on his MGoBlog post, is a complete imbecile." That's far more accurate than saying, "OMG! EMU SUCKZ YOU GUYZ!"


May 18th, 2009 at 4:27 PM ^

i can only comment on the people I have had the privilege of meeting here, and those people are exactly what I said they are.

Didn't you comment on the whole UM student population in your original post? People probably wouldn't be upset if you said, "The 30 UM students I met were whiny rich kids."

Edit: guy above me beat me to it.


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But seriously, if the OP thinks that evan a small fraction of the UM students can "afford" to go there, he is deeply dillusional. I came from a middle class family in an industrial/manufacturing community, decimated by the decline of the auto industry. My parents made a decent living (teacher and salesman) and i never did without, but there was no way in hell they could afford to pay for tuition, room & board, etc. at Michigan. I did what 90% of my friends did (both from HS and that I met at UM) and took students loans, which I am still paying for, 8 years after graduating. The next time I hear about someone not being able to afford UM, I'm going to punch myself in the ear (probably not, but the thought will cross my mind). The reason you didn't go to UM is beacuse the university wouldn't let you, not by any choice of your own. Um students and alums may be arrogant, but we deserve to be.

His Dudeness

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not p.s.s.

post. post. script. not post. script. script. as that wouldn't make sense.

And if you are going to call MGoBlog posters "douche bags" please just keep it focused on Magnus and leave the rest of us out of it.


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Don't you mean p.p.s? Or do they not teach the meaning of p.s. at other schools?

And I know I could have gotten into Ivy League schools if I had actually given a damn in high school. Its not all about smarts, effort and such counts for as much if not more. I know plenty of people who aren't that bright who got into Ivy League schools.


May 18th, 2009 at 5:26 PM ^

Totally true. Take a look at WolverSwede, most likely the smartest guy on this board. Correct me if I'm wrong, but he got a 38 or something ridiculous on his MCAT's. He could have gotten into an Ivy League school for undergrad, but he's a lazy fuck (no offense man, I'm just as lazy, only I'm not as smart).

That said, he's probably going to Harvard or the like for grad school, but my point remains.


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I went to MSU. It was a blast.

I really don't care who went where. Some of the same posters who are assbags one post will have me laughing my ass off the next. Maybe lighten up a bit.


May 18th, 2009 at 4:19 PM ^

Michigan's business school is pretty comparable to Wharton. Perhaps you meant Penn, and not just Wharton, but Michigan's undergraduate program is pretty comparable to Penn's as well.

Also, welcome to the real world, where there are people more privileged than yourself. Enjoy.

P.S. MGoBlog, not MgoBlog

P.P.S. Properly used, postscripts are capitalized.


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Saying that Penn is known for Wharton is like saying Michigan is known for its engineering school. Penn is known because it is Penn. Michigan is known because it is Michigan. True story.

Out of the four schools that you mention Harvard and MIT group together as do Penn and Michigan. Also a true story.


May 18th, 2009 at 5:49 PM ^

I assume you're using US News & World Report rankings. Harvard has the #1 ranked business school this year, followed by Stanford. Wharton is #4.

It was convenient that your justification was the ranking of Penn's business school. Now we can agree that Penn is not known for Wharton.

Several years ago, Ross was ranked #1. I guess that year Michigan was known for its business school. Now Michigan is just known for being Michigan.

ATX Wolverine

May 18th, 2009 at 8:02 PM ^

I'd just like to add: even if US News had Wharton ranked #1 (which it seems they don't), if you actually believed that Wharton was a better business school than Harvard, then you have no experience in the "real world".

Regardless of those annual rankings (which US News has to change every year or else they couldn't sell any magazines), an MBA from HBS is unparalleled in the US except for a possible argument from Stanford GSB.


May 18th, 2009 at 4:41 PM ^

....why I attended Indiana. I prefer my whiny out-of-touch douchebags to also be rednecks who dont care about spelling and presenting cogent thoughts.

That way, I look like the smartest guy in the room.

What? I am the smartest in the room?


Ha ha Michigan lozers!!!!!


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i like that 99% of the responses to this blog just reiterate the point that the poster was trying to make. i work at the university; i deal with hundreds of students on a daily basis. every single day i wonder to myself how a vast majority of these people managed to get into college, much less a top tier school. i don't understand the "michigan arrogance". i can understand those affiliated with the university who have done great things having said arrogance, at least they are the ones making enough money to feel entitled. but outside of that, give me a fucking break. when my department isn't full of u-m alumni who clutch their useless degrees and glory days to their chests while making a measly peanut of a salary or when daddy and mommy stop calling my office to settle a problem their kid should be old enough to settle themselves, i'll start believing in the validity of "michigan arrogance".


May 18th, 2009 at 4:55 PM ^

You seem to be making the same idiotic mistake as the poster:

Newsflash, there are unjustifiably arrogant people EVERYWHERE YOU TURN. Like, say, somebody who spends all day looking at the kids he works with and the alumni he deals with and thinking that they don't hold a candle to him (sound familiar?).

The point is: are there plenty of unjustifiably arrogant people at Michigan? Sure. Is that, in any way, different than any other good school out there? Not really. Are there thousands upon thousand well adjusted kids who went to or currently go to school at Michigan? Yes. So penning a hateful screed about "Michigan Students" or "Michigan Alumni" is reductive and useless. We're all different people, and painting with as broad a brush as that is for stupid people that can't look past generalities.

If you hate the people you work for and with, I pity you, but don't lay your bitterness on us.


May 18th, 2009 at 5:30 PM ^

the funny thing is, unless you have lived in different college towns or gone to multiple colleges, shut the fuck up. I have lived and worked in Mt. Pleasant and Gainesville, FL and the students are not as arrogant as the ones found here, just because you go here does not mean you are worth a fuck, and you haven't done anything important yet. the problem is the students here act like they have cured cancer and expect to be treated accordingly. Here is an example: how many places do you know that need a sign that says "we will be willing to serve you as soon as you get off your cell phone" like Kilwins does. I have traveled all over and I have never been to a town that needs a sign like that. I work downtown on state street, and i deal with students everyday who give me dirty looks when I ask them what kind of sandwich they have when they come up to pay when they're on the phone. Deal with it you fucking pieces of shit, there are way too many arrogant assholes in this town and at this university.


May 18th, 2009 at 5:55 PM ^

you know why? because no matter where you move, you'll meet people who are arrogant for no reason. I go to Central...there are people there who are arrogant idiots (and I mean, seriously? It's Central...I'm only there because the journalism program is good). I'm saying, just tune them out. It's like Mlive. When I was in high school, I couldn't stop going there and responding to the idiots to try to "change" them. It won't work. Arrogance and idiocy are every place you go. Deal with it, or ignore it. Complaining about it isn't going to change it.


May 19th, 2009 at 6:43 AM ^

I went to UM for undergrad and Purdue for grad school, and what you refer to as Michigan arrogance and "doucheness" (like ignoring traffic and self-absorbed students in local businesses) was just as prevelant in West Lafayette as it is in Ann Arbor. That is what 18-25 year olds do when they can get away with it. If you don't like driving in a college town, don't. Park on the outskirts, take a free bus in, and walk wherever ou're going.