OT: Do you recite or type your posts?

Submitted by Blue boy johnson on April 30th, 2013 at 4:19 PM

Do you recite or type your posts? Most likely if you recite your post, it is done in combination with typing?

Where is this headed and what does it portend? I like reciting my posts if I speak clearly, but until I can edit the mistakes easier, reciting is going to have limitations.

For the first time in my life I feel like some sort of low grade thespian, but I get a a cheap thrill out of people looking at me funny when I am talking to my phone and bellow out words like; "Semi Colon", "Comma", Question Mark", "Period", "EXCLAMATION POINT".

Trust me, if you say out loud in public, "I love you baby... exclamation point", you will get some snickers.

If anybody has insights on this technology, I would love to hear them EXCLAMATION POINT



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I also ask myself, does this post positively add something to a users viewing experience? You try my way, I'll try yours.

EDIT: did you write a segment called 'Deep Thoughts' on SNL?


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I would recommend the format that gives you the most cause to stop and consider the question, "is this worth posting?"




Section 1

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Good call.

This has been fascinating, and I was only about a half a dozen posts into this thing.

"Recite" = "Dictate"?  Did something happen to the word "dictate" druing my all-too-long adulthood?

We should dedicate the 30th of every month to a thread featuring Jack Handey quotes.  In honor of this thread.  We'd learn some respect for February that way.

Hardware Sushi

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Need more background.

So there is a population of people out there dictating their mgoposts into their phone?

Do people often dictate text into their phone?

Pretty much the only voice function I use is to tell Siri to remind me of something at X time.


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Most of the time one of the girls from the typing pool just writes them for me based on a standard template.  However for the ones on sensitive issues they come in and I dictate them.  

Blue boy johnson

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I guess I am just ahead of my time way way ahead of the curve on this one! I feel sorry for you guys not do you keep up with the latest technology. I feel like Kip dynamite right now just sitting here Exploring the latest technology


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The things you learn on the board these days.  I had no idea that I could save those 30-45 seconds wasted typing my words (like I am now) and instead RECITE these pearls of wisdom into my phone instead.

Now, given that anytime I use the voice feature on my phone the command "call Gordie" would be stated back "did you say order french fries?" then I'm sure my first attempt at reciting a post would resemble something posted by BRCE on a bad day.


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snarling wolverine

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I write a letter to a gentleman who, upon receiving said document, types the missive on his Personal Computing Machine and sends it along the Information superhighway to this web site.

-Herm's college roommate