OT: Do you have a "second" college football or basketball team?

Submitted by Mr. Yost on August 22nd, 2015 at 2:27 PM

Outside of "whoever is playing OSU" or "whoever is playing MSU" or "whoever is playing ND"...do you have a second team in college football and men's basketball? If so, who?



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That was my initial reaction as well, Mr Danger Zone. "Hell No!"
But then I gave it a 2nd second of thought and realized I tend to pull for a team that's also a premier public University; wears some pretty cool colors (though for some reason they call yellow "Gold"; and for some reason never plays against Michigan, even though it would seem like a perfect out of conference rival.
They've also been my "local" school for 30 years now, so I get to go see them when they're doing something worth seeing. I speak of the Golden Bears of California, Berzerkly


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...are the SDSU Aztecs. They're the local team and they're quite a bit of fun to watch play. I like that Steve Fisher has gotten a chance to redeem himself and turn an afterthought of a basketball program into a consistent winner and threat to beat anyone.

As far as a second favorite college football would probably be any PAC-12 team other than USC, Utah, OSU (it's the initials...sorry), or WSU (as a Chargers fan, I can never forgive them for Ryan Leach).



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Dad's family is from Tennessee and pops has degrees from UM and Duke, so I grew up rooting for the Vols (fb) and Dukies (bb) when they weren't playing or indirectly competing with us for things.


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My other college football team would be Northern Illinois. Been a blast watching them over the last 5 or 6 years especially when we took the trip to the Orange Bowl in 2013.


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I was sort of in that spot for a while, especially in the late 90s and early 00s when I could catch the games on the radio and they were kind of the loveable underdog. I went to a game in '01 with my LSU jersey and Michigan hat and actively cheered in the student section. It was infectious.

I'm more neutral now, but I'll pull for them in otherwise irrelevant SEC contests.

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ThoseWhoStay W…

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I spent 5 years living in North Carolina while in the military and knew many NC basketball fans. So when watching games i would always go for Duke just to rile them up, so ill have to say duke. I dont pay attention to them much but if they are on ill watch or just poke at my friends that they are doing well and such.


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My dad's alma mater, Pittsburg State in Kansas, home of the Fighting Gorillas (which is not the same as the Fighting Guerillas as I have learned.)


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oldest brother played ball there and is still in the record books.  underdog program, great academics, love it when they win.  and he has to root for michigan since i played hockey (not nearly as much as i wanted), which got him past his animus about the wolverines years ago. 

almost forgot:  long-time and very close friend's son is a freshman QB at georgia, so i'm going to have to root for him/them too. 

Autocracy Now

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I also secretly root for them when not playing Michigan (or any of our rivals). Had a roommate at UM who transferred there after freshman year and I really liked the place after a visit. Really not much to hate about them. They could be snobby, based on academics and the "Midwestern Ivy" thing, but really don't seem to be.

I justify this by staying firm in my knowledge that they aren't a real long-term threat to our success.


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Not so much in college.

I'm a fan of good football in general, though.  So I enjoy watching Oregon do their offense thing, or basically any SEC heavyweight clash, or conference title games.


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* Arizona and wherever Brady Hoke winds up ... just _interest_, mind you.

* TCU: Several years ago I was in Texas (DFW) on a work assignment. The SWC was still a "thing." Aside from U Houston and TCU, there were alums from all the other schools in the office. TCU (as it was nearby) became my adopted team.

Autocracy Now

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This is a good answer.  I remember calling up my AU friend shortly after RichRod was fired, which needed to happen at that point, and telling him that they would be pretty good in three years. Barely even took that long. I've known him since 2004 and he always said Arizona was really just a basketball school.


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No one that I live and die with like Michigan, but I tend to root for the schools with good academic reps like Stanford, Cal and Northwestern. Not when they're playing us, obviously.