OT: Dinner Recommendations in Ann Arbor

Submitted by blichtybcl on January 29th, 2018 at 10:41 AM

Staying in Ann Arbor for the first time that didn't revolve around a sporting event. Looking for dinner recommendations for less than $30 per person(ish). Any type of food is open.

This is my first ever topic, but who better to help than fellow mgobloggers! Take it easy on me if I did this wrong :(



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VPN is the way to watch games, make sure you have the Fox Sports app and Watch ESPN. That covers most games but you will need a VPN to access them. 

For authentic Macanese food outside of the casinos try a place called Cafe Litoral.  Ask in your hotel, concierge should know it. 



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Redhawk is my favorite burger downtown, it's also a bar so you can grab drinks there too. Frita Batido's is second favorite burger. 

I'm not a big Italian guy but I think Palio's is the best in downtown AA, and you can usually get out of there under $30/person. I might get jumped for this but Grazi is overrated, IMO.


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I've never felt like I got a better meal for what I spent at Gratzi than at Palio's. Just haven't. To each their own I suppose. 


I also stated that I don't really get excited for Italian food, so if you're pure-blood Sicilian you probably shouldn't pay attention to my opinion.


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This might be an unpopular opinion on here because of how deeply tied in they are with the Athletic Department, but I've always felt that Pizza House takes the cake for Worst Quality for a given price. It's incredibly expensive (basically Main St. prices on South U) for what's basically standard bar food and slightly above average pizza.

Even their beer is expensive - my brother used to work there, and his joke when asking if I wanted to come in and sit at his table was "come have a beer - it's $7 Two Hearted day!"


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I think Pizza House is delcious, and well worth the price. Also, its pretty common place for restaurants to have expensive alcohol. That's how they make the majority of their money in the restaurant business. I would also imagine you would be in the minority of people who think their pizza is "slightly above average". Their turkey reuben and steak fries, chili cheese steak fries, and seafood pizza got me through Junior and Senior year. Plus they deliver until 4am! 

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Best Italian restaurant in town (though not downtown), and at the price point you want, is definitely Bigalora Wood-Fired Cucina down on Washtenaw near Whole Foods. They do Neopolitan pizza and pasta but we often fill up on the small plates and salads (try the risotto balls). Huge variety of craft beers on tap and a great wine list.

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Agreed. As far as food is concerned, Gratzi sucks compared to what you'd expect to get at a fine Italian restaurant. The decoration and ambiance are great, but as far as food goes, I've never gotten anything there that I didn't think I could make myself and make it taste just as good. 

Just a very bland, overpriced restaurant. 


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get bombed on this because a lot of MGoBloggers don't like the "best place to eat in AA" threads at anytime. That being said, I always enjoyed Real Seafood Company or Pallio for dinner. If those are both still around, been a long time since I have been back!

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And it tastes exactly the same as it did 20 years go.

I'm not a particularly nostalgic person, but I love going to the fleetwood. Even the waitress looked like a teenager from 1995.

As to the OP's question, I like Knights. Especially for lunch on a game day. Good food and reasonable prices.


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There are a million posts throughout the years about good food in AA, but here's my take for downtown:


Nice sit down dinner: Logan. Great upscale American food. Pacific Rim if you're in more of a seafood mood. Grange for more adventurous fare.


Less formal, more fun: Frita Batidos has excellent cuban street fare made by Eve Aranoff, former Top Chef contestant. Get the chorizo frita and share a Best Snack Ever. The batidos, a type of milkshake, are also great and you can add a shot of dark rum for extra flavor.


Post-Dinner: If you're a whiskey person, The Last Word has the best selection and cocktail menu in town. For other liquor, the Ann Arbor Distilling Co. has an incredible tasting room and makes all of their ingredients in-house. Raven's Club has a nice ambience. If you're looking for a micro-brewery, Wolverine Taproom is a quick Uber ride away and has the best beer made in the city. Avoid Arbor Brewing Company, Grizzly Peak, Blue Tractor, or Jolly Pumpkin (unless you love sour beer.) Nothing wrong with them, but they're all just okay.




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My favorite place is Jolly Pumpkin -- good beer and a fantastic burger. Their menu overall is somewhat limited compared to other places. I'd also suggest Prickly Pear for some higher end Mexican (but still cheaper than most main street places). In fact, that's probably where I would point someone to first if you're not looking to spend too much. 


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pacific rim is great but might be at the very top of your price range. knights has really good steaks and burgers. casey’s (on depot by the train station) is a really good townie bar with good burgers and sandwiches. frita batidos is great as well. the main street ventures (real seafood, palio, gratzi) are good if a little boring. you have tons of options