OT - Devin Funchess signs 1 yr deal with Colts

Submitted by Indy Pete - Go Blue on March 11th, 2019 at 8:29 PM

Funchess recently turned 25 years old, and he will be playing in his fifth season in the NFL. He led the Panthers with 63 catches for 840 yards and eight touchdowns last year.  He could be a monster in the Colts offense with Andrew Luck at the helm. 



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I was hoping we could trade for Antonio Brown. I feel like half of Brown's personality problems could be non issues if he is with a QB that isn't an ego maniac, and with a WR opposite of him who happens to be one of his best friends from his childhood. 

I get they didn't want to mess up locker room vibes, but I just think Brown's issues wouldnt be that significant in a place like Indy


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Brown's attitude problems have nothing to do with Rothlisberger.  He made that up.  His problem is really the fact that one year after he signed the richest WR contract, Odell Beckham signed a bigger deal.  So he decided to manufacture issues to get out and get more money from the Raiders.


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I'm also a Colts fan and I was talking to my buddy (a Lions fan) before the tampering period started and I told him Funchess intrigued me a lot. Ebron had a career year with the Colts last season and Funchess is Ebron, but faster. I am excited to see what Funchess is able to do and hopefully this turns into a long-term deal for him.


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He led the Panthers with 63 catches for 840 yards in 2017. In 2018 Devin was their third leading receiver with 44 catches for 549 yards, behind DJ Moore and Christian McCaffrey.


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Watching Funchess as a pro in Charlotte, he showed growth potential his first two seasons, but he never demonstrated the consistency in his catching ability as a projected No. 1 target, especially after the team traded its previous No. 1, Kelvin Benjamin, to the Bills. Part of his problem was having to catch balls from Cam Newton, hardly a dynamically accurate guy. But still Funchess was up and down especially when Cam threw to him deep. 

Last year, former Maryland star wide receiver and Panther No. 1 pick, DJ Moore,  was more dangerous and effective in terms of YAC and McCaffrey was just the best offensive player on the team both running and receiving.

Add Curtis Samuel and Jarius Wright as slot receivers who could play x and y if needed, and Funchess time in Charlotte as No. 1 seemed doomed. So, a couple of weeks ago, there was a local story indicating he wasn't getting his rookie contract renewed and he would be headed to free agency.

Hopefully, with a new team and more accurate passer in Luck, Funchess will enjoy greater success. Curiously, he was reunited with his old head coach last season, Brady Hoke, only to see him get the ax as DL coach half-way through as the Panthers season tanked and Ron Rivera was forced to cut staff to save his own job.


Naked Bootlegger

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Only a 1 year deal?   I was slightly surprised that he didn't pursue a multi-year deal.  Funchess is still young with a decent production history.   But $13 mil isn't a bad paycheck.


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Definitely a bit of a "betting on yourself" contract if it's only for a year, but Funchess is a solid receiver and could be used like Ebron was this year for them.  He's also able to stretch the field a bit more.


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Mr. Bi Chest’s “personality problem” was all about getting his contract guaranteed. The rest was made up. Everyone got distracted about his “beef with Ben,” meanwhile Big Chest got a new $30m guarantee. He fooled everyone. 


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Something happened w/ him and Cam on the trip to Detroit.  Could never figure out what but heard rumors.  You could tell, his targets dropped significantly after that game.  Gonna miss him since he was the lone Wolverine on the Panthers on a team that has a sh*t ton of ohio nuts... Anyways I wish him the best!  We play the Colts in their house this season so we shall see... I will be rocking my Funchess jersey regardless lol


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I had him on my fantasy team (partly because he went to UM!) and he was solid as a #2 receiver, but then he got hurt during the second half and was limited.  There are rumours that the Colts could get Bell, which would open things up for DF.