OT--Detroit Lions Hire Darrell Bevell as OC

Submitted by Gavia immer_MI on January 16th, 2019 at 7:24 PM

Per Detroit News


Not sure how to feel about this. On one hand he's had a lot of success, but on the other he's had Favre, Lynch, and Wilson at his disposal for that success. He also called a pass on the goal line for the last play of the Super Bowl against the Patriots. Let's hope this turns out well.




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Wow. Took a job with the Lions. Must be desperate. Probably been eating nervous food covered with canned gravy. Not a bright career move, Darrell. He sure is going to be pissed when he sobers up tomorrow morning and realizes what he's done.


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It's an upgrade, however, it's still Stafford. Stafford has hit his ceiling and a new coordinator is going to have to obviously out scheme the D. Trying to get excited about the Lions is like climbing an escalator that's rolling down....meh


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He also had Adrian Peterson on the roster.  I think that was the year AP had his best year.  Sorry don't really want to give OC credit for AP performance that year.  


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I think he is a good OC.  His squads have put up some decent DVOAs.  I just think it is a weird marriage.  He wants to run the ball and control the clock and the Lions just gave a lot of their cap space to a QB who is best suited throwing the ball downfield (imo).

If the Lions wanted to be Seattle they should have let Stafford walk, tanked, built up the D and then drafted a QB when it was ready. This puts a lot of pressure on them building a D.


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There is literally nothing less exciting than Lions news.  But I understand why other people  would still follow them and the NFL in general.  Based on the comments above this seems like it isn’t a great hire... not surprised considering that’s par for the course for the 25 or so years I consumed professional football.  

Herd of Funk

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Not a home run hire, but still an upgrade. It's easy to knock him on the goal line call in the Super Bowl, but the reason they didn't score was a superb defensive play, not the call itself. Wilson executed the play, threw a dime, and Butler's reaction and jump on the ball were insane.

For all of Stafford's knocks, having Bevell should help bring some balance to the offense, but the defense has to improve, Kerryon needs to stay healthy, and they need another playmaker outside of Jones and Golliday. Once Jones and Johnson were out, and Tate dealt, they were listless.  


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Stafford may have hit the cieling , but I have watched the Lions for 55 years , and he is the best passer the lions have ever had , they just need to put good players around him, keep drafting linemen , get backs through free agency