OT: Detroit Lions First Round Draft Choice

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The Lions will select 10th overall in the upcoming 2014 NFL draft. What the Detroit Lions do with that pick will be very important because they have a few holes to fill. The right choice could help the Lions finally get back to the playoffs. When talking about the head coaching vacancies in the NFL, everyone says the Lions job is by far the best one. It will be important for the next coach to come in and start winning right away, because this Lions team is built to win now. This draft could be huge for the new coach, because of the talent and the players they could get to fill some of those holes.

The Detroit Lions need to address certain issues in the draft. I think the biggest needs are at wide receiver, defensive back, outside linebacker, and then offensive line. Most importantly, the Lions need to find someone productive to put opposite of Calvin Johnson. Johnson is a work horse, but he keeps taking a beating and eventually he will start missing more time than he already has. The next most important thing the Lions need to cover is a defensive back. The Lions went out and signed Glover Quin last off-season, which was probably their biggest free agency signing in a while. So the staff knows that they need help in the secondary. They can not just stop with the signing of Quin though, because they still need help in the backfield.

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What do you guys think? Who should the Lions draft? Who is the best option? It would be nice if Sammy Watkins would drop to the Lions. 


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January 11th, 2014 at 4:15 PM ^

Assuming Watkins is gone I would like the Lions to take Lee or Ebron.  I am nervous about Lee's injury history, and looking at the effect of TEs like Jimmy Graham, Gronk, or even a young guy like Jordan Reed, I am leaning there.  I know Fauria had a good year, but I doubt he becomes much more than a good red zone target.  Plus, there is more than enough room for two TEs in a good offense nowadays.  Pettigrew had a better year, but he is not the playmaker that Ebron could be.

If Dennard drops to 20 or more, trade up for him, otherwise wait for a CB.  Similar deal with WR, if Evans or Lee somehow drop to the 20s I would like the Lions to trade up.  If they don't, wait and take a WR a bit later as it is very deep this year.

My dream Scenario (other than Watkins dropping):

1. Take Ebron

2. Dennard/Evans/Lee drop a bit into the 20s and the Lions trade up OR Benjamin fro FSU drops to the 2nd rd

3. Draft the best available CB or WR depending on which position was drafted with the 2nd pick.

Later rounds: A center would be good i the value is there.  An OLB too if the value is right.  Otherwise best available.  A lot of people stress choosing the best available in the early rounds, but I tend to think the later rounds are where that strategy has more value.


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For the same reason I think Dennard falls, I think the Lions shouldn't trade up for him. I also believe the Steelers will take him at 15. If you're going to trade up for a guy that falls, go for Gilbert. Gilbert brings help to the return game and he is a top notch cornerback as well. I think you just see Dennard a lot with him being from the Big Ten, but don't overlook Gilbert. He's bigger, stronger, and faster. Plus he can return kicks. 



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Courtney Avery we need Cbs.    I guess it depends who they resign but as of right now I go with a cb.   We or playmaking the 2nd rd.   The wr position is deep in this draft so u could get a good one in the mid rounds also.     But the lions have 20 free agents I thought I read and they signed don't Carey already for depth and special teams.  Corners tight end and wideouts are the obvious maybe a center depending on Dom but I say resign him he played well and gave us a hell of a discount for the way he played.  



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I see a lot of comments for Watkins and Evans but few for Allen Robinson. Is he not projected as a 1st rounder? If not, I would rather take a shot at him in the 2nd than Evans or Lee in the 1st. I would love to see them take a shot on a DB, preferably someone that could play both corner and safety like Joyner, HHCD, or maybe Dennard.


January 11th, 2014 at 5:31 PM ^

Round 1: trade down a few spots for Mike Evans

Round 2: higher second round pick from the trade to get Jason Verrett

Round 3: safety

Round 4: center