OT: Detroit Lions: Conference Participants

Submitted by MGoRyan on January 21st, 2014 at 1:28 PM

Full disclosure, I'm a Bears fan, but this was sent to me by my cousins in Detroit (Lions fans).  Figured after the season you all had, this would provide a good laugh.  I'm assuming you're a good natured bunch who can laugh at themselves....right?


Sorry, on my phone.  Can someone embed the image?

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As Lions (Cubs?) fans, we're quite used to it. I got funny looks from my co-workers when a buddy of mine sent the link to me this morning.

Edit: removed embed, didn't see in post above when I posted.


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According to Alternative Hero's site, the shirt is limited edition and only available for this week. However, their "About Us" page reveals that they are the folks behind the "Rebuilding Since '57" shirt, which I still have in my closet. They were also behind the "2008 Preseason Champions" shirt apparently. I may very well get this one as well. 


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I always thought the Lions missed a golden marketing opportunity in the stadium.  Here in Cleveland we have the "Dog Pound" which turned crappy end zone seats into a "thing"  people wanted to get into.  The fans throw bark, throw dog bones and wear dog masks.

Detroit should do the same thing (sort of). The end zone seats could be called the "Litter Box" and fans in the Litter Box could meow (or purr if the Lions scored), throw cat toys and wear cute kitten masks.  When an opposing team was in the red zone the fans could "show their claws" and make scary growling noises.

I'm telling you this could go places.


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Detroit Lions: Division Champs (when the other 3 starting QBs in the division were injured for significant portions of the season)...


Oh wait.  Couldn't even do that.


Detroit Lions: Non-Injured Starting QB Champs of NFC North 2013!!!!