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April 5th, 2013 at 2:21 PM ^

Ohio has a long history of excellent college players that have extraordinarily average pro careers. Greg Oden, Evan Turner, Kosta Koufus (spelling?), Michael Redd, and now, Deshaun Thomas.


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Absolutely! No delay. Now looks and works beautifully! If Shaun is the ONE GUY who I heard made the app in his spare time: THANK YOU! Know time was tight based on your schedule so TY!

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Speaking of early departures, I see that the NCAA has bumped up the withdrawl deadline for early departures to April 16.  These guys are going to have to make a decision before they can really get any input from the NBA.  They used to have until the middle of May.  This is strictly an NCAA rule (it was not imposed by the NBA).  It seems pretty lousy of the NCAA to move up the deadline this much.




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Has had a pretty solid pro career: only one All-Star appearance but a gold medal on the 08 Beijing Olympics team plus 7 straight seasons of 21+ ppg.  


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The Big10 should be very interesting with each of the top teams facing potential or expected departures to the NBA/graduation.

Indiana: Zeller, Oladipo, Hulls, Watford (all starters)
OSU: Thomas, Ravenel (rotation player)
MSU: Nix, - Maybe Payne, Harris 
Wisco: Evans, Brusewitz, Berggren, but get old starting pg gasser back


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Best of luck to him.  Hopefully he does well and makes enough money to take care of himself and his young child.  You could argue that he was the B1G mvp, if not it's Most Outstanding, this year because for much of the season he was OSU's offense by himself.  Seems like a good kid, and I would say the same of Sullinger and Craft - as far as I know, the OSU hoop team doesn't have any douchebags on the order of Reid Fragel or the brothers Boren.


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That team is going to have a hard time scoring next year unless they have someone coming in. Ross is really talented but super inconsistent. And other than him, they don't have anyone who can make a shot from the perimeter. It'll be really tough to score on them, but it may not matter unless some lights go on over the summer.


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Good thing, because he is a great college player. He'll probably get taken at the end of the 1st or beginning of the 2nd.