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Submitted by Sopwith on June 16th, 2018 at 12:18 PM

Imagine if getting into the University of Michigan or Harvard, Stanford (or wherever was your lifelong dream school) and just when you were on the cusp of fulfilling that dream, someone deliberately sabotaged your admission. That's what happened to this poor bastard: LINK

Eric Abramovitz was a 20-year old student at McGill University in Montreal but had a dream of studying his lifelong passion, the clarinet, with the world's premier instructor of that instrument at the Colburn Conservatory of Music in LA. A full scholarship in the program is worth $50k, and there are only two places each year. 

Obviously, when he received a rejection via email, he was crushed. To his credit, he kept practicing, and two years later, he gave it another shot, auditioning for the same instructor in LA. That guy asked why he was back, given that he had passed on admission previously. Evidently, Eric thought it was just a case of mistaken identity, and that the instructor had him confused with someone else. But friends asked him about it too, and eventually he began looking into it, starting with that rejection email, which came from the instructor's purported gmail address. It turned out the recovery email and number associated with that gmail both belonged to his ex-girlfriend, who he'd been broken up with for over a year at this point. Ay, caramba!

It turns out she had hacked his email, intercepted his genuine admission email, replied from his account that he was declining the scholarship, and deleted the admission from his inbox. Why? They were still together at that point, but evidently she thought he would leave her if he went to LA and didn't want him to accept. So maybe the most accurate description of this is "pre-scorn," since they were still together but a breakup was imminent. 

At the end, he won a $350k Canadian ($260k US) judgment against her for maliciously impersonating him, based on the lost value of the scholarship, lost potential wages, and a little extra just for the viciousness of the whole thing. Abramovitz is now clarinetist for the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, by the way.

OK, it's not the Betty Broderick story for those old enough to remember that bloodbath, but still... as email fury goes, it's pretty awful. 

Moral: stay on the underside of that hot-crazy graph line, gents. 




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From the title I hoped this was going to be about the seminal Clipse album. 

Eric shares the blame on this one. Never share your email password with your significant other! 


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I'm glad Abramovitz was able to get the scholarship position in the end even though he can never be fully compensated for the loss of time and mental anguish he endured.  And (figuratively), fuck his ex.

But can we keep in mind that:

1) Men are equally crazy too, and while crazy ex-girlfriend stories often read like the above post, crazy ex-boyfriend stories often involve restraining orders and black eyes.

2) Seriously, can we not use the 'tranny' term?  It's widely considered to be a demeaning slur like f*gg*t or n*gg** and if you wanna call me a limp-wristed PC ninny for pointing that out, I'll happily own that.  Because transgender people are still human beings, so not referring to them by pejorative terms like 'tranny' is, to me, bare minimum common courtesy.