OT: Denard Robinson, Freshman All American

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Include this among the many, many bugs in NCAA 2012: I just finished the regular season and Denard was awarded the coveted Freshman All American status...as a Junior.

I've been buying this game regularly for 13 years now, and I'm finally done with it. There's so many goddamn bugs and so many things that have maddeningly not been fixed for years now (like defensive backs magically making interceptions while never looking at the ball).



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Not to mention players not even trying to catch the ball or make a tackle. I've had defenders literally turn around in a circle while a running back walks past them, and on multiple occasions I've had a pass bounce off a reciever's helmet or shoulder without them trying to make a catch.

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I finished my junior year as Michigan's running back with 4,400 rushing yards, 47 rushing touchdowns, 1,200 receiving yards, and 19 receiving touchdowns. I lost the Heisman in a LANDSLIDE to another running back having around one third of my stats.

I remember the same thing happening in NCAA Football 11 - was hoping they might fix this awfully silly bug.


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I played a guy online this morning, he was Georgia.  It was a close game the whole way, but every possession he had he threw a ball right to one of my dbs.  I didn't have one pic all game, but he threw at least 6 right to my hands.  Then it's a tie game, my ball on his 40.  I scramble with denard for the first time all game... boom fumble and he returns it for a td.  Even worse denard's out for the game from the tackle.  Now I gotta make a last minute drive to tie it with devin.  I take it to his 30 with about 40 seconds left, I scrambled with Devin and he's out of energy already, and apparently we don't have a third string qb, because it didn't let me switch.  He obviously can't throw an accurate pass, because he got hit once, and I lose.  

It's frustrating, I just can't wait until operationsports rosters come out so I can start my OD and coaching carrousel


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I'm with the OP. They didn't make the coverage better they just made the qbs throw to the cb's. I've had many instances where the wr was wide open on a post and they throw to the top side DB.
<br>As far as the run game goes it almost to impossible to edfectivly use the sliders. If you guess wrong it goes to the house. Ive found the best way to stop the run is to adjust the pre play big hits to conservative and widen out the dl and lbs. You'll give up 2 yds every play but it's better than the alternative.

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What difficulty are you playing it on? That makes a huge difference too. When I played it on Heisman, ND smoked me under the lights 35 to 3 with 10 minute quarters, but when I played it on All-American and adjusted the relevant sliders, everything seemed to go how it would in real life... Michigan's D got a couple 3 and outs and dayne crist seemed paralyzed with fear when I called a OLB blitz causing him to assume the fetal position as van bergen and roh slammed into his stationary body, causing him to have a broken collarbone and bring Tommy Rees in who completed a grand total of 1 of 12 passes. Michigan won 29 to 22.

However, playing against Northwestern, Michigan was up 23 to 10 in the 3rd and denard got the turnover bug and the nwu defense had a pick 6 and a 30 yard int return. We got the ball back with 26 seconds left down 23 to 25 and a 4 verticals play was called and yes, the slot receiver was open, but the opposing crowd and a slowly developing blitz were cause enough for denard to completely miss the open receiver, and michigan lost 23 to 25 under the lights. It all seems reasonable to me... I'm in love with the game so far.

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Sounds like if ya been playing video games for 13 years then maybe you're old enough to stop playing video games?
<br>haha I know video games are popular but I give all my friends a hard time who still play them.


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I hear this all the time. I don't know either way, but I want to see the actual studies that led to this claim and the research that went into it. I personally think it's A. Complete bullshit or B. Wildly misleading. Anyone with a decent education knows that statistics are so easily manipulated and sometimes even completely made up.


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They almost certainly count every game, and then count you as a "gamer" if you have played a game in the last year.  Then they don't weight the study for how much you actually play or how much money you spend.  If you actually weighted the number for hours played and money spent, I think that it would end up somewhere in the early 20s.


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Same. I had to turn injuries off. Four straight games, Denard was injured in the first half.

Also, I've never in my life seen a quarterback miss a receiver by 20 yards or more. In this game though? Run Denard once or twice and you'll be lucky if he can place the ball on the same side of the field as his receiver.


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In the first half vs. ND Denard went out with a concussion and Devin broke his collarbone.  This happened after I bumped Denard's injury rating up about 10 points because he kept getting hurt vs. WMU while I was experimenting with sliders.  

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I have it for PS3 and i've only played 4 games so far. (all online, I won't play the computer) But Denard hasn't gotten hurt in any game. He hasn't even had to leave the game at all. So i don't know if that injury thing is just an Xbox issue or what?  But it hasn't affected my game. Overall i think it's a good game, but key word is GAME.  They will never make the game perfect or fix all the bugs.

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When I first heard about the offensive/defensive coordinator feature I was really looking forward to it, but it was a major disapointment. It seems like a feature they really wanted to add but they rushed it, because it's almost the same as a regular dynasty.


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I feel like this is a massive cryfest for some. The freshman thing will be fixed in an update so calm your jets. The guy that is complaining about dropped balls. Try user catching for once. I know it takes a little more effort but not as much as getting on your comp and complaining about it. Overall great game and I love the new modes. There are things that need to be fixed and the update should do that.


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 I've had the game since thursday and I too have noticed some issues.

I played a friend of mine Uof M vs. Boise state we went 3-16 passing . The only routes i could connect on where swing routes to the RB, every time i threw more than 10 yards down field the passes where waaaay of their mark.

 We had a lot of drop int's during the game also. Usally when you drop into coverage as a player the game give you a break on INT's.


I played my son U of M vs. notre dame  and i can't tell you how many easy pitch and catch ,  wide open, nobody with in 15 yards dropped balls I had that game.

Sac Fly

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It's really annoying. The linebacker stands complely still but when you throw the ball he jumps 10 feet straight up into the air for the INT.


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I posted in this in another thread but the play on my PS3 has been choppy and slow.  I shit my pants thinking the game is going to freeze about 2-3 times everytime I play.  Pretty ticked off about this.