OT: Day between the holiday and weekend boring workday funny gif posbang open thread

Submitted by M-Wolverine on July 5th, 2013 at 10:18 AM

OK, so the next person I see at the office today will be the first, and it's July, so the Michigan news isn't exactly pouring in (even the coaches get some vacation time now) and it's only just after 10 am. So I think we're left to entertain ourselves. So don't just posbang to posbang.....EARN that posbang. Post something funny. Pics tell a thousand words. Animated ones are even better. See if you can find that one that hasn't been posted a thousand times yet, but should be. Or even just tell us how you're going to get through the day.

I think you've just found out how I'm trying to....



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You want some random thoughts? There should be an actual silverware version of a spork. Smoking in public will soon be an executable offense. Greg Robinson sucked at life and is a pussy.


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You laugh, but have you ever been shanked by a pissed off relative over improperly cut banana?  This thing will slowly start to replace currency, and the gold standard will become the Hultzler Standard.  The only issue is, nobody will spend any banana slicers, as who could bear to part with one?


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And thus began the great depression of 2076. A time of economic stangnace and an unending need of Hutzler fruit-cutting products. The Hutzler Republic in the East battling the United Hutzler Alliance in the West for name dominance in the new world order, complete with a lack of pissed off relatives because no one is improperly cutting their bananas. Not a soul was shanked that day.


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So already breaking my set up, but can someone tell me if this looks (or if they heard) fake or not?

Story goes Cadet at West Point finds mouse in his dorm, feeds it, gets close, finally decides to release it to the wild rather than it keep him up at night.  And this is how it goes-


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Going to Indy then racing go karts at fast times (I think it's on 82nd) and eating at granite city for dinner. But as of right now hoping out of bed and into the shower and getting breakfast at Denny's, then maybe some COD


July 5th, 2013 at 10:54 AM ^

And the whole auto industry is dead quiet. However i did get a chance to meet my first nephew this morning (everyone's doing great) so that was pretty cool. In the car spirit, here's a picture from last year's woodward dream cruise:


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My company gave our other USA location the day off. We got Oaks day off instead. This is because the President and HR directer are both horse racing fans....the only ones at this location...