OT: Davonte Neal Debacle (Deciding between ND and Arizona)

Submitted by Humen on February 21st, 2012 at 12:11 PM

Davonte Neal (2012 ATH, ESPN 5*) scheduled his decision for this morning at his former elementary school. The elementary school pulled out all of the stops, including taking 600 kids out of classes to come witness the announcement. The kids were encouraged to chant things like "we're just like Davonte!" The news, of course, was being streamed by at least one state-wide news outlet. 


Neal didn't show up to his decision. The kids waited for over an hour before the principal finally disbanded the assembly. Word has come from twitter that Davonte and his Dad were arguing over his decision (it's late February.) this morning. His father wanted him to go to Notre Dame, but Neal wanted to go to Arizona. Neal did not call to cancel. No word has come out of the Neal camp yet, but I find this absolutely disgusting. 


Recruiting has become too big. 




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Does Devonte know he doesn't have to sign a LOI?  There is no requirement for a recruit to sign a LOI if a recruit and his college coach agreed agree on a scholarship.  A LOI is more of a legal document to bind/protect each party but it is not a requirement. 


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His pops definately see's what ND used to be and how he will be on tv all the time blah blah and returning to glory since 1992.   

1. Denard

2. Neal wants to be QB


4. Profit /LOI to Arizona

State Street

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Yeah, this totally has to do with Neal and not the fact that Rich Rodriguez has had a preexisting relationship with the coach in question for years, as he was at Chapparal frequently during the recruitment of both Taylor Lewan and Craig Roh.  He has maintained that relationship since and has been in on even more Chapparal kids than Neal.

RR knows he needs to surround himself with people who know Arizona and the area well.  This is most likely why he hired the Chapparal High School coach.  Not because of a recruit he may or may not have had a chance of landing. 


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What the hell is a high school doing pulling everyone out of class for a recruiting decision? What a joke. Not to mention the father not letting the kid choose his school. This is the dark underbelly of what we all pay way too much attention too (myself included)


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Neal planned on commiting to ND this morning but he had a family emergency possibly relating to his cousin who recently passed away. He did not change his mind nor was he forced to go to ND by his Dad. After he signed the LOI and faxed it in he went to the Elementary school and went class to class apoligizing for this morning.