OT-Dark Knight Rises - WITH Spoilers

Submitted by M-Wolverine on July 20th, 2012 at 3:37 AM
Not that I'm going to spoil it right off the bat (no pun intended), but those that have now seen it....what do you think? The 3:15 am showing as I was leaving the Henry Ford IMAX was sold out, and they were waiting...all of them, 400 strong. Personally, I thought it was wonderful. Didn't disappoint.



July 20th, 2012 at 3:49 AM ^

Great, but I just think it would've been cool if at the end they just would've showed Alfred's smirk, and left just a little doubt that he survived.

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I think there was a few reasons. I think one of the reasons was to start of fresh with Catwoman, who he was with at the end, as well as to go back as the silent protector of Gotham. The bat signal was fixed for Lt Gordon, Lucus Fox knows from Autopilot, and Alfred learned from the sighting.

I don't know but I can't wait for the Night wing, Batman, and Catwoman one in the future,


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Sorry misunderstood the question. What do you guys think about Robin being introduced? I think it's more to give some closure to the whole plot (showing Gotham will still have a protector) than anything else, I think (and hope) there wont be a Robin movie in the future. And if there is, it wouldn't be able to be done in the same Nolan theme, and certainly not with Batman. I cant see Nolan's batman fighting crime with a sidekick, and Robin seemed ready to be a solitary hero himself. But at the same time, a Robin movie in the same theme would just end up being another Batman movie.

The only thing I could see them doing at this point would be a Robin movie with a few other heroes, some new villains (like the Riddler perhaps), and a slightly less serious tone. Probably not done by Nolan. I dont think even that will happen though.


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A lot of Nolan's stories are open ended to interpretation. Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle can live happily ever after making little masked babies. Blake can become Batman. Batman could be needed again and Wayne could come back, with a Robin. Wayne could come back and mentor a new Batman in a Batman Beyond sort of way. And discovering the cave with lights, Bruce thought dead, and everyone rag tag and going their own way, but with a full team in place, it all had a very Dark Knight Returns feel to it too, so he could come back and fight for justice, but not alone.

Since it's te last movie, that's the great part- they're all valid.

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July 20th, 2012 at 10:47 AM ^

I have thought I read that Christopher Nolan says this is the last Batman movie in this trilogy, but he never said anything about a Batman and Robin movie. And with Christopher Nolan's Man of Steel coming out next year, you gotta anticipate a Justice League film as well.

Either way, with the ending of the Dark Knight Rises, I highly doubt this is the last time we see Batman under Nolan's direction.

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July 20th, 2012 at 11:22 AM ^

I am really excited to see what he does with Superman. That franchise has been so bad when it comes to movies ever since Christopher Reeve was no longer Superman.

[edit: Man of Steel: Zach Snyder is the director,  Christopher Nolan is a writer. I am still excited to see what can be done with it. It should be well done based on previous work]


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Nolan didn't even want to do this movie. They convinced him to do this one, but he said he was done after that. He's a creative director and I don't think he wants to be stuck trying to outdo himself in every installment of Batman.

If Joseph Gordon-Levitt was supposed to be a second batman, they wouldn't have even mentioned his name was Robin. I thought that making him Robin was a perfect ending. As someone else mentioned, it gives closure knowing that someone is still watching over the city. However, noone will go see a Robin movie, so there's no temptation to make another.


July 20th, 2012 at 11:35 AM ^

goes back to his original intent from the first movie. He wanted to be a symbol for the citizens of Gotham to inspire them to do good. While working as the Batman he knew this was temporary , he couldn't do this indefinitely. By creating an ideal for others, this would be a much long lasting solution than his physical body could ever accomplish. The statue erected shows that he had succeeded.

Personally I loved the movie. The pacing compared to the DK was much slower but the scope is much gander and I loved the ending, 


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Word is that the studio is fully intent on continuing batman, however just with Nolan as a producer and most likely without Bale. Whether that means rebooting it altogether ( ala Spiderman) or perpetuating Nolan's version is of course yet to be decided.
Honestly, I think the ending of this movie sets up perfectly for the series to continue with Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Batman/Robin/Nightwing. We'll just have to see...

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A+. Absolutely positively the best ending movie to a trilogy since the Return of the Jedi. It was just as good, if not slightly better than The Dark Knight. Bane was honestly terrifying (Nolan did a fantastic job casting him).


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It was remarkable. Seeing Big Ben and Hines Ward was cool, although it didn't make much sense because it was New York. Regardless it was amazing, top 5 best movies I've ever seen.


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Better than The Dark Knight. Great ending, although I think it'd be fun to argue about how the ending represents the selfishness of Batman and the hero character.


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Was a great movie. Loved the opening scene, was very similar to how the Dark Knight opened with the villian unmasking himeself and immediatley showing how cold they are.

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I thought it was fantastic. Great story, characters, and fight scenes. Hardy was awesome as Bane. Even Anne Hathaway was good which I wasn't really expecting.


July 20th, 2012 at 6:28 AM ^

A. Great movie. I did think that some parts of the plot and storyline were clunky and forcefed to you, but thats being picky. The Dark Knight was better as the nuances were a little more polished and the bad guy a little more believeable. 

The scene in the pit where Batman had the broken bat was weird. How in the hell did he recover so fast.

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They invested all of the funds in useless futures contracts. A future contract, for those of you who don't know, is a contract to purchase or sell a foreign currency in a short period of time, usually less than 90 days. This can be extremely risky depending on what you want it to do. When the currency collapsed, it took all of Wayne Enterprises money as well.


July 21st, 2012 at 7:01 PM ^

First off a futures contract is not to purchase or sell a foreign currency.  There are many different products that a future can represent.  Hogs, cattle, foreign exchange, crude oil, interest rates, indices, etc.  Secondly they did not invest in futures or currencies to my recollection they "invested" it in Put OPTIONS on Wayne Enterprises basically betting that the wayne stock would go down by the end of the day.  Because it didn't he went bankrupt and because he bought the put options it shocked the financial community because if Bruce Wayne would buy crazy puts on the stock it should be worthless.

In sum clearly you don't know what the hell you're talking about.  If you don't know what you're talking about it's probably better to just not say anything.  

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July 20th, 2012 at 3:46 PM ^

My curiosity is who will the character "Robin" end up being, Batman or Nightwing? Also, here's a curveball for you, the little boy that robin was talking to at the beginning of the movie whose brother died was named Tim Drake. That is also the name of one of the robins from the comic book. So, they could replace batman and use the young boy as robin.

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I liked the movie for the most part, Bane was great, the action was good, the cameos by the Steelers were cool, but I am so dissapointed by the ending. For what Christopher Nolan brought to the Batman franchise, a darker and more gritty look at Gotham City and the character of Batman, I thought the ending didn't fit at all. I was semi-mad when I thought that he died from the explosion over the ocean; even though its a pretty weak death, I was glad Nolan had the balls to kill him. I then went to just mad when they revealed he was still alive because of the autopilot. It felt like a cop-out to me, that for some reason Nolan decided to make a more sugar coated happy ending, and I really didn't like that. I went into the movie fully expecting Bane to ultimately kill Batman, with Gordon, Robin, or Catwoman saving the day after he died. I wanted it to be a gut-wrenching emotional moment to see Batman die at the hands of a great villan.. I feel like that would have made the movie much more powerful, and align with what I thought Nolan was going for when he took over the franchise. Overall I might give TDKR another watch when it comes out on DVD, but as of now I must say that I am wholly underwhelmed by this instalment. 


July 22nd, 2012 at 1:54 PM ^

Well, no one else should do Batman.  Nolan's shoes are unfillable.

There's also the argument that Batman did die.  Remember that Alfred states that sometimes in Florence he thinks he sees Bruce. Maybe Bruce wasn't actually there.  I don't recall Catwoman turning around towards the camera (I remember thinking it was odd at the time).

But then you need to ignore that auto-pilot was fixed...  It would have been much more Nolan-esque if he just showed Alfred smile at the end without showing Bruce.  I have the feeling that that was an option and he probably decided to give closure, this being a mega block buster with not the most nuanced people in the audience that would appreciate it.


July 21st, 2012 at 9:53 PM ^

Despite a couple (ok, a lot) of suspension of disbelief moments, I thought it was awesome and lives up to the first two and expectations. I mean really, the US just lets the biggest city in the country stay under siege for 5 months? I love the Robin twist and the daughter of Raz Algul (sp?) was a good one that caught me off guard as well. Michael Cain turned in another stellar performance as Alfred. It's a pretty amazing body of work when you take all three movies together, it has a uniform, coherent feel through all three that's missing in a lot of trilogies. I thought the ending was a bit "Hollywoodized" but I suspect Nolan was pressured into that for more mass apeal. My wife, for example, didn't really like it because it was too dark and I think if they didn't show the happy ending with Catwoman, she would have liked it even less. Anyway, I enjoyed it very much and can't wait for Nolan's version of Superman


July 22nd, 2012 at 5:33 PM ^

Agreed, the ending seemed a little Hollywood-ized, which is to be expected. 

I'm very interested to see a Director's Cut, if they ever release one.  I would suspect that Nolan may have wanted to go with a slightly different ending but also, despite being nearly 3 hours long, it seemed like there were a few things missing that might have got cut, especially during Wayne's time in the prison.