OT- Dark Knight Rises Shooting

Submitted by Adrian on July 20th, 2012 at 7:42 AM
Im on my phone so I cant link but last night in Denver CO a former military went into a midnight screening and opened fire killing 14 and injuring over 50 others. People thought the shooting sounds were part of the movie. Tear gas went off and everyone panicked. If you look at any youtube videos its crazy what went down. My thoughts and prayer go out to all the victims families.



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bother with link, just go to any search engine and click on the first story you see (typically in bright red with BREAKING NEWS flashing).

This event is on part with Columbine and is very, very scary.  There are social/economics/technological factors at play in our culture right now that are truly blurring lines between reality and make believe, possibly between right and wrong.  I cannot believe that took place.


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I was sadly greeted with this story when I turned on Channel 7 after waking up at 6 AM, and GMA is providing some more detail right now. The FBI and ATF are scouring the suspect's apartment complex now - they said that he claimed to have explosives as well. Absolutely horrific. Thoughts go out to the victims and their families. 


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The video I saw was of people milling around outside the theatre as people came out.  There was a lot of panic and chaos in the video, and at least one guy game out with blood on his shirt.  However, there was no actual shooting in that video and the shooter was not in the video.


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This is sad and unbelievably weird. When you read the comments section after the news stories they always turn into debates about gun control. One person says " if only someone in the theater had a gun!" Another says "great idea! Two gun toting idiots in a dark theater!" The more relevant point, I think, is what would drive someone to do this? What's wrong with our culture?

panthera leo fututio

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When you hear of something as terrible as this, I think there's a temptation to draw facile conclusions about why it happened, but I'd hold off on putting the finger on some aspect of modern American culture. Whatever makes someone lapse into brutal violence of this magnitude, it's certainly not unique to modern America -- you can find examples across the world and throughout history.


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of tragic and deadly events across the world and throughout history, no doubt, but you have to admit, there is something uniquely American about this particular kind of event.  I have no idea why (and please don't ask Michael Moore because he certainly does not have the answer), but this one has USA written all over it.  Sad but true.


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You cannot be serious. Youre saying that some deranged fool shooting up a bunch of innocent people is something increasingly more american now as opposed to other countries? Iran, iraq, syria, pakistan, israel, saudi arabia, turkey, egypt, libya, kuwait, sudan, somalia, rwanda, darfur, south africa, venezuela, cuba, colombia, panama, mexico, india, thailand, north korea, south korea, and many, MANY others would beg to differ.


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those countries have much more serious, debilitating problems than random acts of interpersonal violence not accompanied by the attempted or perceived advancement of some kind of political or social agenda.  I did not say America was "worse" or "as bad" as those other countries you discuss, only that this particular kind of event (Columbine, Virginia Tech, D.C. Sniper) to me seems like a uniquely American event.

Doc Brown

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Or we can go into Detroit south of 8 mile. Iraq has a lower mortality rate than Detroit and Flint. My cousin once was going through flint and drove through a shoot out between rival gangs. There are lawless areas in almost every country, except for Canada...


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Everyone, take a breath. There may be a time to debate the inherent nature of a violence, and its root in American culture vs. other cultures. But for now, they're still sewing people up and informing others that their loved ones won't be coming home. Decent interval, please.


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Not entirely sure about that...gangs blowing each other up in Quebec for much of the 90s/early part of the new century...sadly violence is somewhat everywhere with perhaps greater intensities where firearms/explosives are most easily or immediately available.

Sympathy to the families...just wanting to go to a movie. So sad.

snarling wolverine

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Or we can go into Detroit south of 8 mile

I like that you added the "south of 8 Mile" clarifier. You know, as opposed to the vast stretches of the city of Detroit that are north of 8 Mile.

Personally, my favorite part of Chicago is the part that's west of Lake Michigan.  Don't go to those other parts.


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Don't want to troll, but don't include South Korea in that list.  There is no gun violence in South Korea whatsover.  Also, health care is a lot more inexpensive in South Korea.  The US is still my home (despite moving to Seoul last year), but there is no need to denigrate other countries especially when you know nothing about them.


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this is a side point....but where did you get half of those countries? besides some of those countries being at war with other countries i've never heard of a shooting (at least not a major shooting once every couple years) in Israel, Turkey, Cuba, India, Thailand and North/South Korea.



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in general i agree with you but i think the point is in other countries when stuff like that happens you can point to a root cause. In the US it just seems to happen for no obvious reason. There is in my mind a big differnce between drug wars, revenge killings and such that happen in those countries..and what has been happening here.

Also i will point out even though im not a fan of these countiries..Soudi Arabia and Iran have very miniscule homicide rates compared to the US..or anyone else really.


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This is painful to read. May the fallen find rest, may the wounded find healing, may their families find peace, and may the perpetrators find swift and unflinching justice.


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Are they thinking that there were more people involved? I read that it was just the one guy, I was just curious if you knew any other details as far how many were involved or anything like that.


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We may never know if the killer was looking for attention, but it hardly matters. Time after time, the media splashes a murderer's name across any flat surface they can find. Stop doing it, on the off-chance it won't provide encouragement for one of these lunatics.

Focus on the innocent? But, but, that isn't lurid, it won't help sell advertising. They are far more likely to come up with a snappy sobriquet for the murderer.


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Very scary quote from shooter's mother:

Suspect's mother tells @ABC News "You have the right person... I need to call the police... I need to fly out to Colorado.”


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I just can't even imagine the thought process that lead to this, it just breaks my heart. I read that a 3 month old baby was one of th fallen, then I had to stop reading. God be with the families of the victims, and may flights of angels carry them to thy rest. Why does this keep happening in Colorado?

Johnny Blood

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My thoughts and prayers go out to all the victims.  I saw that one was only 6 years old, which is really tragic.

But on a side note, who would bring a 6 year old to a midnight movie?  Especially one like DKR?


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assume a pretty sane and responible parent of a 6 year old Batman fan who knows that their child has seen and heard worse during the 8 O'clock time slot on the Cartoon network and who did not expect a psycopath to turn the movie theatre into a death chamber.  I don't think now is the right time for that side note.


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You can't knock him for a thought a lot of people had, while at the same time you're going off on a tangent of how "uniquely American" this is. He wasn't saying the kid not being home was to blame for him or her getting shot. He was just saying that at any other showing in America people would be pissed at those parents.

Maximinus Thrax

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I have not seen DKR, but given how disturbing (and great, I might add) the last Batman film was, and as a father of a 6 year old, I would never in a million years allow him to see that movie.  Just sayin.

Johnny Blood

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I also have a 6 year old boy.  A movie like this one is way too much for him to begin with.  Plus a midnight start to 3am finish... the recovery time it would take him afterwards just isn't worth it. 

It just really isn't fair to the kids themselves and other theater-goers to take little kids to movies that start after 8 -- and a lot of movie theaters around my town actually prohibit it.

But it is nonetheless very very sad and tragic.  Just completely senseless.


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I I give my thoughts and prayers to the victims in this case. If someone is fed up with life fine, do everyone else a favor and take it out on yourself, not dozens of innocent people.


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There better be a decent afterlife, because sometimes this place can be really shitty.  I will never understand what motivates someone to do something like this.


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Just the other day I was thinking, that in 'x' years I will be staring up at the ceiling above my death bed. Wondering to myself, shit where did all the time go. Life goes by fast, and sometimes it seems unfair. And then a moment like this happens, and you just realize "Tomorrow is not guarenteed".

It is a terrifying thought, and sickening to think of how people can do things like this. The memories and years taken away from the people and children (a six year old?!) in this unthinkable incident. My prayers go out to the families involved, and also to all of yours. May nothing like this happen to any of us, life is already too short.