OT: Curtis Granderson one of 4 MLB players who may be suspended for PED use

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Former Tiger's center fielder Curtis Granderson has been named by a source to be one of four players (three from the Yankees) to be facing a 50 game suspension for PED use.  Is PED use as rampant in other sports as it is in baseball, or do other leagues sweep it under the rug.  (This is not official but the guy coming out with this was right about Melky Cabrera being suspended last year before it was announced)

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I always liked Curtis. I worried what would become of him when we traded him. He was so big into his "Grand's Kids" program.

That said, he used to be a great contact hitter with a little power, then he seemed to really add to his power too, suddenly.


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Curtis always lived on an a fairly high BABIP while his K % fluctuated during the end of his Tigers career, this all came to a head in 2009 when he hit .249 and really became an all or nothing hitter with 30 HR's and 70+ RBI's.

The package the Tigers got for him and Edwin is nothing less than thievery on Dombrowski's part.



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Do not assume by any means that PED testing is foolproof and catches all the cheaters.  The North American sports leagues do not even use very up-to-date testing methods.  

Griffey, rightly or wrongly, is going to be under suspicion because he played during at the most blatant portion of the steroid era.  Steroids were banned in 1991 by MLB but they didn't even test for them - at all - for a decade.



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One of the largest hallmarks of the PED users was their longevity. Bonds was a freak past 40. Same with Clemens. Griffey's late years saw a decline in performance, and much less durability. He showed a very natural career arc. I don't think the years he played should be enough to call him guilty.


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Homeruns isn't the only thing that steroid ingestion affects (correct usage yes?). Melky Cabrera is the perfect example, his HR total wasn't off the charts but his BABIP came in at an insane .379 showing that just that little extra power enabled him to get the ball past the the infielders and safely on base. Quite simply a weak grounder to short could end up being a sharp single into left for steroid users.


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Say it ain't so, Curtis.  That'd be a major pisser - even several years after the Grandy trade he's one of my favorite guys to have suited up for the Tigers in the past decade or so.  But then, here we all thought that short right-field porch at Yankee Stadium was the reason for his sudden 40-homer binges.


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This would make me pretty sad. I loved Curtis and his time here in Detroit on and off the field, don't get me wrong Austin Jackson is the superior player, but Curtis still is one of my favorite Tigers.

There was a rumor sometime over the summer of Cano possibly being busted but nothing ever came of that, so maybe there is fire from that smoke? Are these soures all that credible?


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HA- I drafted him realy late 2 years ago in Fantasy Baseball, just as a bench player, and then he went out and hit 41 HRs after hitting 24 the year before.  Pretty much won the league for me.


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That website doesn't look to be to reliable to put it mildly.  As far as him being right about Cabrera, well a broken clock is right twice a day.  I highly doubt it takes 6 months to get test results back or that the Yankees would be offering Cano an extension if they knew he was going to be suspended (and there is no way this random guy would have better sources than the Yankees).  He could be right, but this guys loses nothing if he is wrong and looks great if he is right.  How many false realignment rumors have we seen the past 2 years from random twitter sources.


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I really didn't expect Curtis to ever cheat.  Looking back, his power did seem surprising for someone not that big, but he just seems like an honest guy.

If true, then nobody getting caught will surprise me...even my 8 year old niece that plays soccer might be juicing for all I know. 


Burning Beard

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After how much PED's have been in the news the past several years, it's still insane to me how little people understand about them. Lance Armstrong weighed 155 pounds and won 7 Tour De France's, so do you think he was clean or wasn't using them well? The effects of steroids are not limited to muscle hypertrophy. Things like insulin, GH, and hCG are not even steroids. 15 minutes on Wikipedia, people.


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Would explain how a guy like Grandy suddenly became a 40 home-run masher though.

Definitely makes the Tiger's dealing him for Jackson look like a great move if it is true.


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Amazing glove and reasonable contract make that deal look good. I loved grandersons character and work in the community but I always thought he was vastly over rated as a player. I still have nightmare of him and Inge waiving at breaking balls with 2 strikes.

snarling wolverine

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Is PED use as rampant in other sports as it is in baseball, or do other leagues sweep it under the rug.

Yes on both counts.  Eventually, the NBA is going to get exposed on this (there are a rumblings about a few well-known stars).



snarling wolverine

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I think most fans do care, NFL included.  They just like to compartmentalize/rationalize it away.  ("Well, their guy might be on 'roids, but our guy can't be, because he does charity work!")  You don't want your idol to be a doper.  But even if fans won't care, but the USADA would.  



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As a baseball player this is frustrating. People work hard to get where they are while other players use shortcuts and take the easy way out

gustave ferbert

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to hit a down and away curve ball that he always (and I mean always) chases.  . .  

it's sad, no matter how he was at the plate, no one can dispute his defense. . .

I still look at the home run robbing catch against Grady Sizemore to put me in a better mood.

Real Tackles Wear 77

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Please do not rush to judgement. This "source" looks less than legit. Last I checked, Les Miles is still coach at LSU, right? You can't go believing everything some hack with an illegitimate blog says to get clicks.


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Somehow, I can't get too sad when I hear someone on the Yankees is going to be suspended.  I live about 4 miles from "The Trop," and am tired of seeing the Rays and their $50-60 million payroll compete in the same division with the Yankees and Red Sox and their $200 million payrolls.  

Consequently, anything that makes the Yankees and Sox have to do something besides buying pieces to insert into the lineup is fine with me.

Besides, Granderson is slated to make $15 million this year.  He will still make over $10 million while taking a third of the season off.  Nice work if you can get it.