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Submitted by m83econ on September 4th, 2010 at 1:05 AM

Seems like record time to settle a DUI case...


Awfully kind of the prosecuter to let him plead guilty to reckless driving than be tried for the actual offense he was charged with:


Must be a special kind of law that exists in EL.  Same law that allowed premeditated assualt to be pled to a misdemeanor. 



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Unless prosecutors have suddenly become nicer, this is a "break" that an average citizen would not get.  Not only does this allow him to do it again without "second offense" status, it also ignores the "zero-tolerance policy" for minors.  I'm all for de-criminalizing DUI, but not in as selective a manner as this case.

What sucks worse is that, even though Lucious is getting a very obvious extra benefit solely on his status as an athlete, it doesn't count as an NCAA violation.


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Saginaw, Michigan, the publisher at the local paper gets pulled over bombed falling down drunk. Tells the cop on tape to let him go, because it would just go away anyway and the cop would get in trouble.

Two weeks later the publisher pleads guilty to the traffic ticket offense of distracted driving, gets one point on his license, and the cop gets fired off the road and assigned to guard the jail on the midnight shift.

ludicrous speed

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That's right, first time offenders never get off with a lesser charge than what they're initally charged with. Athletes or not.

So...help me with my memory. Demar Dorsey was convicted of burglary and not sent through a alternative program for juveniles?

Korie was stupid and should be punished, just don't act like this was completely swept under the rug.