OT: Craziest offers to recruits --ESPN video

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Plucked up the courage enough to take a stab at my first post.

ESPN shot a quick video of the craziest offers coaches and fans have made to potential recruits.  From Ty Isaac being offered a car, to a child asking a Florida recruit to commit, and not surprisingly a recruit being accompanied by identical twins all night.  

Here is the link:   http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=8867174


Interesting to note the schools & conferences many of these kids are into as they heard these offers. 


I will try to embed in the comments, but I am assuming I will need help.


Thanks for reading.  Hope my first post wasn't a bore!  Open to suggestions.  

EDIT:  Well, mods, feel free to take this down.  Looks like ESPN has since removed the video.  So much for a first impression on my part. 

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Gonna also add this up here for those of you who clicked the link and didn't see it.  Had to do a little work but it is still working, if its deleted, I already saved a copy of the MP4.  To watch in your browser your going to need Quicktime or Right Click on the link and select Save Link as then view it in Windows Media Player.



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Well since this one was removed and giving a 404 redirect, I had to go to Google cache and search for a cached version of the URL, after that I Viewed Source, on ESPN theres a Twitter Meta Tag

meta name="twitter:player" content= 
for some reason they had the actual MP4 linked for twitters video player

There are litteraly 100's of ways to do it and depending on the site and the skill level of the programmer, its never really that easy to get them though.  Id look around for Chrome or Mozilla plugins that will automatically find them.  DownThemAll!!! is a pretty good one for Firefox.


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I've often wondered about this in the past. If a school offers a recruit illegal benefits, and the recruit ultimately goes elsewhere, why doesn't he blow the whistle on the other school? I guess they don't want to be a snitch?


January 22nd, 2013 at 12:38 PM ^

I've wondered the same. That's a good possibility, but you'd have to think a few attention grabbers would love what comes out of blowing the top open. Maybe they don't have proof or feel powerless and are avoiding embarrassment? Look what OSU did with Clarett (not that he didn't do plenty to himself). I've always thought these were the types of kids who probably also received something wherever they ended up going anyway and didn't want to involve themselves in any investigation. But agreed, you'd think there would be at least a couple who don't fit those.


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So Christian Hackenberg chuckled when schools negatively recruited using the Sandusky/Paterno issue.  Not sure that sexual abuse of minors on a massive scale is all that funny, Christian. 

I look forward to not seeing him in a bowl game until his Senior year (or redshirt junior year). 


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I'm sure you're right, but how can anyone separate the two? 

The negative recruiting we often hear about is conjecture along the lines of, "So and so is old and probably will retire in a year, who knows what the new coach will think of you." 

In this case, the negative recruiting is just reading from the AP wire - the program has associated itself with a known pedophile and swept it under the rug for a decade, allowed its facilities to be used for illegal acts of child molestation, etc.  As a result, if you attend PSU, you won't be seeing a bowl game until 2016 at the earliest and you'll have to live with the knowledge you are going to a program not far removed from some of the ugliest behavior in the history of the sport."  I don't care how many times different recruiters recited this to me, it wouldn't get funny at any point. 


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You must be a real bore at parties.

People laugh at off-color things all the time - jokes about Jews, jokes about gays, jokes about rape, etc.  Just because the kid "laughed" at comments about child abuse doesn't mean you can automatically jump to the conclusion that he thinks it's hilarious.

Some of you people look for any reason you can to criticize players who go to other schools (Manti Te'o, Christian Hackenberg, etc.).  But if the same things were said or done by Michigan players, you'd probably jump in line to defend them and explain the context of their words/actions.


January 22nd, 2013 at 1:18 PM ^

Yet another thing you took too seriously...

You can't honestly claim that you never laugh at anything that's off-color AND that you never laughed at anything off-color when you were 18 years old.  You do, and you have.  Everyone has.  It's just that right now you're choosing to be uptight, because it serves the purpose of degrading a kid who's headed to play for Penn State.


January 22nd, 2013 at 3:20 PM ^

I might have a problem if he laughed at those recruiting against PSU and he weren't going there, almost like he were sniggering at their mess. Since he's committed, it appears he's laughing like they're so petty to negatively recruit that way. Which I'm cool with.


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Not sure how long this is going to last, but as long as they don't delete it from thier server you should be able to see it.

If it's pulled I saved the MP4 already.