OT: Craig James Sucks

Submitted by Michiganguy19 on May 25th, 2012 at 10:18 AM

Seems like the board could use some fun today... Here is a round up of Craig James articles from across the web (deadspin really has it out for him). I avoided all the anti-guy rhetoric he has been spouting to keep us out of politics, but deadspin has a funny article from Feb...

James is currently in 4th in the polls:


Apparently he made 350K/year while at ESPN to be lame and terrible.



And then this Gem:



Q: How much do you hate Craig James, I mean seriously?

Leach: I think my opinion is consistent with most of the rest of America's. This is illustrated by a poll done in the Dallas Morning News where people were asked who they would vote for senator: Mike Leach or Craig James. I got 96.5 percent of the vote.


Oh and he also allegedly killed 5 Hooker while at SMU.




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I don't remember where exactly I saw the article, but I remember a few months back reading up on the Senate race James' is in. They barely touched on James, other than to say something like "in last place, Craig James holds 4% of the vote. Voters are apparently unfamiliar with James, and those that know him tend not to like him."

This article covers the same ground, but I had originally seen it in something like Texas Monthly.


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What's annoying about all of this is that since his campaign began, only 1 out of the top 4 google autofill results for "Craig James" mentions hookers.  It used to be 2 or 3.

It's becoming more difficult to try figure out if Craig James killed 5 hookers.  It'll be a shame if we forget about the 5 hookers Craig James allegedly killed.

Remember the Five.

turd ferguson

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here's what i'm seeing:

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now i don't know anything about this guy, but putting together the evidence across those auto-fills, i have to think that it's possible that he murdered five hookers at SMU.


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Mike Leach got a raw deal.

As I understand it (which may be different from the truth), a backup player's father used the bully pulpit of ESPN to get a coach fired because he wasn't playing his son enough.


Shame on Craig James, Pirates till we die.  Plus this gem has guided my dating life since I first saw it.


Dallas Wolverine

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Actually in the most recent poll last night he only had 3% He is not very well liked here in Texas and I cant put my finger on it maybe that killing of 5 students thing over there on SMU campus.


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I can't believe a guy who famously tortures and kills 5 sex workers can run for a senate seat while a couple secret service agents stiff a couple of same in Columbia and get fired.  Where's the justice?


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I've been searching major news sites (CNN, fox, etc) and can't find anything about the killings. What year did this supposedly happen in? I'm very wary of the story because it seems as though only unreliable websites have reported it. Or is this yet another example of collusion between mainstream politicians and the national media to coverup his past indiscretions?



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Since everyone deserves to know the truth... it's only an internet meme. There's another popular sports blog (Every Day Should Be Saturday) that I'm pretty sure is the source of it all. It was started as a joke, and just caught fire across the internet, since Craig James is pretty universally disliked (both for his mistreatment of Mike Leach that led to Leach being fired, and his general crappiness as a color commentator for ESPN).

You'll notice that most people will say that "allegedly" killed 5 hookers while at SMU, or that Craig James has never refuted these claims; both statements are true, but that's just because Craig James would be stupid to address an internet joke, and anyone can allege anything on the internet.


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CJ's campaign press officer, Meredith Turney, did deny that "the Google bomb excuse is the perfect cover" for cjk5h, although the confusing wording could also be construed as a denial that cjk5h.

This is somewhat compelling, because she refused to deny that CJ had ever taken the tag off a mattress; it's all here.

In case no-one else extracted the following line here, the Deadspin article linked above contains this diamond:

His campaign will come to a close on May 29, when the Texas primary takes place and James's political career gets locked in a shed.

What about his announcing/abuse-of-bully-pulpit career?


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The great thing about this blog is the way justice is ferreted out with equality for all, regardless of social status.  Standing behind The 5 shows the caliber of the serious Michigan fan.

This is bigger than just football.


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It is totally irresponsible to keep repeating the spurrious and unfounded rumor that Craig james killed five hookers while at SMU. Surely we're better than that.


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"Dead Hooker Storage" found, believed to be Craig James.  Originally posted on Reddit claiming to be his, but then posted on Lost Letterman and they said the CJK5H is not true.  Why would Lost Letterman cover for Craig James?




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Didn't I read somewhere that Craig James killed 5 hookers?  I think it has been alleged but not actually proven in a court of law . . . yet.  I wonder if he can be elected while the jury is still out on him having killed 5 hookers.  And why would Craig James allegedly want to kill 5 hookers?  I mean, I could understand allegedly killing 1 hooker.  Maybe even 2.  But allegedly killing 5 hookers?  What the hell did they do to him other than allegedly give him pleasure?  People shouldn't go around allegedly killing hookers.



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I've never really considered the "why" in why did CRAIG JAMES KILL FIVE HOOKERS?

Indeed, there are so many questions:
1. Why did Craig James kill five hookers?
2. Why did Craig James kill those five hookers?
3. Has Craig James killed before? Will he kill again?
4. Why hookers?
5. Why does he have two first names? What is his middle name?
6. Has Craig James ever seriously wounded or maimed hookers?

In the end these questions may never be answered and allegedly we will never know why CRAIG JAMES KILLED FIVE HOOKERS?