Flying Dutchman

August 2nd, 2012 at 9:45 PM ^

This is fabulous.  He does seem to have the right people writing his stuff, but this is sweet irony considering Craig James Killed 5 Hookers While At SMU.  I hate that motherfucker.  Fucking hate him.



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He deserves to have his ballsack melted onto the side of a highway or any other road with a lot of traffic, then have it solidified, forming one with the pavement, so that it occasionally gets run over by truckers late at night. Maybe we could even have hookers purposely drive over it, just so that they finally get what's theirs.


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I have a whole stack of go fuck yourself I would like to give Craig James. He kills 5 hookers and then runs for Senate in Texas. Hookers make up half of the voting population in Texas, used to be be 51% before he killed those hookers.


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Craig James should either start pushing sales of this again...


...or he'll have to write the tell-all book about a certain incident at SMU that allegedly found a pimp short five hookers one morning and left a community in mourning. Book sales for this work would retire the campaign debt in seconds. 

Zone Left

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Sorry to burst everyone's bubble, but James is asking to retire his campaign debt, which is pretty standard for failed political campaigns. Most primary campaigns run into the red when donations dry up and the primary winners often help contribute to help the loser out by assuming the debt or making direct contributions.

This is also your reminder to focus not on politics, but on hating Craig James.


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not going into politics, but given his comments in the Deadspin aticle, he won't be an announcer for long, and why would anybody give any money to a guy with single digit votes in a house election? What's to gain by random rich guy to give money to the 5th place loser?

Section 1

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U.S. Senate, not House.  And actually, the thought among some was that James' original backup plan was that this may be just a matter of getting his name recognition elevated for a future run for a House seat.  But I'd certainly agree that this campaign was a bad joke and cannot possibly help him in the future.

rob f

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is there still hope for Kwame Kilpatrick making a political comeback?  After all, he allegedly only killed 1 hooker, while CJAK5H, meaning there should be a lot less baggage to deal with for Hizzoner.  Yet for some reason, Kwame gets nothing but bad press, while Craig James is on his way to becoming some sort of a folk hero to many.  I just don't get it! 




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August 2nd, 2012 at 10:51 PM ^

I'd even be up for five hooker jokes.  Allegedly.

But Deadspin really blew a gasket on this one.

Federal election law is the real issue here.  There is no reason -- none -- for Deadspin to have presumed that Craig James is broke.  The Hillary Clinton campaign was one of hundreds of recent federal campaigns that wound up in the red, and she had to do this sort of fundraising, even as the Clintons were millionaires.  There is a whole series of special FEC regulations that make it particularly easy and attractive for former candidates to retire campaign debt with these kinds of fundraising appeals rather than use their own personal after-tax dollars to retire that debt.

I am usually one of the legal voices attmepting to calm people down when they suggest libel suits in public disputes where allegations are questioned as being false and defamatory.  But I actually think that Deadspin was out of line here and skirting the limits of some inexcusably false reporting.

I carry no brief for Craig James; my membership in the Mike Leach fan club prohibits it.  But I also haven't forgotten that MGoBlog was once on the wrong end of some of Deadspin's bogus bloviating: 

Absolutely no predictions, but I would laugh my ass off at the notion of a successful lawsuit by Craig James v. Deadspin.

Section 1

August 2nd, 2012 at 11:17 PM ^

The Deadspin story, as re-broadcast here, left "Blue Dragon" concluding that Craig James is personally bankrupt.  While the letter from the James for Senate campaign to contributors like Ramzy carries no such implication.  Craig James could be worth $25 million; and I suspect he is.  And yet this is a perfectly legit way to retire federal campaign debt, irrespective of his personal wealth.

The Deadspin guys were too stupid, or too lazy, or too malevolent to figure it out.  Now, Blue Dragon, you know better.