OT: Confess your unpopular opinions

Submitted by JeepinBen on December 11th, 2013 at 1:19 PM

A couple days ago a hashtag made the rounds on twitter that implored users to share opinions they have that aren't the most popular. We've had some quality confession threads in these parts before:


(That one about songs you like but are embarrased about that I can't find)

so let's hear it. What do you believe despite knowing that it's not a popular opinion? Team related or otherwise (yes, many people will want to retain Borges. Be creative).

I'll go first: I really enjoy a good black bean burger and frequently order them rather than beef burgers.



December 11th, 2013 at 2:40 PM ^

Move out of their way. It's your responsibility as a motorist to move over and let faster drivers pass. Don't get me wrong, I know what you're saying, tailgaters suck but you have to remember one thing. If the person leaves a safe distance, people like you assume all is good. The person behind you appears to be content with the speed you are driving therefore, why speed up or move over? Getting up close to you is simply to get your attention. Hey bud, I want to drive faster than 78. Please move over and let me pass. As soon as I pass, you can move right back over to the left lane and make someone else's drive miserable.

I call them road cops. People who police the left lane and force everyone behind them to drive their speed. I've always thought of it this way, you can drive as slow as you want up there but when I get an opportunity to pass you, don't get pissed and speed up. You make yourself look bad. Not to mention, think of the other drivers other than the one person. There's likely a whole gang of people behind the tailgater wondering why the guy up in the left lane won't get his head out of his ass.


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I cannot possibly upvote this enough.  I am guilty of tailgating at times - BUT - when, and only when, there are two people going the same speed in two different lanes and I can't get by, and nor can the people behind.

I recently saw an online poll: what driving behavior irritates you the most?  I'll wager that half the people that picked tailgating are that sort of person.  Lanes are for driving at the same speed as the guy in front or behind.  There are extra lanes so that people can go faster or slower.  Do NOT fly in formation.  It is extremely rude and is the cause of a lot of traffic slowdowns.  I completely agree: tailgating is the only way there is, aside from flashing the lights which people also find rude, to convey "please stop holding up traffic."


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Michigan is a pretty good school with a strong football tradition, but the cult that surrounds us with things like "this is Michigan!"  and "Harvard of the West" is way over the top. 

The state of Michigan kind of sucks. Lots of outdoor activities to be had, but my ability to utilize those are limited because Ann Arbor's lack of parking means I can't have a car. 

Michiganders DO have an accent that differs from Standard American and it fucking grates at my sanity. 

I have a billion of these. 


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Below is the wikipedia page on "Upper Midwest American English."  ...What I'm thinking of that I've heard from some Michiganders is a relatively subtle version of the vowel sounds you get in Wisconsin and Minnesota - for example, slight but noticeably pronounciation of something like "We were gonna go to the store, but it wasn't open" as "We were gonna goo to the stoo-re, but it wasn't oopen." 


Chunks the Hobo

December 11th, 2013 at 3:33 PM ^

I've lived here my whole life so was curious about the "Northern vowel shift" or whatever it's called. But it was difficult to understand what was meant by reading about it and the only supposed sound example of it I could find online sounded nothing like anyone speaks here, at least not to my ears. If I recall, it insisted that people with this accent pronounce "block" as "black," but I'm totally befuddled by that assertion.