OT: Columbus has the BIGGEST fans!

Submitted by PeterKlima on July 19th, 2010 at 2:53 PM

It seems that the people of Columbus are so fat that they routinely require the fire department to use special over 650 pound (!!!!) stretchers.  Wow.  Is this why Boren prefers living in Columbus as opposed to Ann Arbor?


I assume these people need stretchers because they rush to a fridge and break a leg (and gravy pours out).



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As a FB I have to be careful what I say about other large people.  But have you noticed on the TV show hoarders that they all seem to be from around Columbus?


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This is about the collegetown of Columbus.  Not Cleveland vs. Detroit.  Not Traverse City vs. Shaker Heights.

If you want to make this bigger than it is, why not just look at the whole country?


Plus, since when did the fact that America is chunky become a reason not to make fun of fat people.  I agree no one should make fun of people with real glandular issues, etc. that make them big, but that is not the case in America now.  People's genetics didn't change overnight.  We are a Fat country because we eat crap.


Anyway, I would venture to guess that many OSU fans on the internet and ALL of the OSU players live in the fat city of C-Bus.  That isn't true with respect to Detroit.  So, since there are no "glass houses" here (unless you want to call the whole country fat), then I say throw stones.


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I'm not talking about America; I'm talking about Michigan, one of the fattest state's in the country, which is fatter than Ohio.  Why not just make it the galaxy using your logic?  I think Mars is fatter than earth.  I agree with you, however, that fat people should be mocked.  Fuck them and their oxygen-gluttony.






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Seriously, if you can't tell the difference between Ohio vs. Michigan and Columbus v. Ann Arbor, I can't help you out.  (You are the person trying to make this bigger than it is by withdrawing to the state level.  America was the next in your line of logic, then on to planet earth.)


Its not oxygen-gluttony I am worried about.  The concerns are the actual people's own health.  They are killing themselves.  Concerns also include the cost to the (private and public) health care system and for little things like this.  If ridicule works to help everyone, so be it.


Finally, as a Bawris devotee, I think it makes us "soft" and easily conquerable as a nation.  What happens if the Russians drop troops into Iowa?  How will we defend ourselves?


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Dude, I'm not defending fatness.  I'm working on a personal training certification right now so I can attempt to Barwis wherever I teach next year for crying out loud.  I realize the C-bus vs. AA thing, and yes 600lbs is ridiculous, but coming from one of the statistically fattest states, the argument seems juvenile.  It's like a psych major ridiculing a communications major for taking the easy route.


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I have read that John Candy's typical weight was 325 lbs.  That means these people are TWICE as large as John Candy.  Wow. 


Charlie Weis, at his top weight and prior to his gastric bypass surgery, was 350 pounds.


How many people can there reallly be that are so large in one city?  C-Bus has a good size population, but its not that big.  I would assume there are a handful of people that enormous in a city the size of C-Bus, but to need a stretcher TWICE a month means there must be hundreds, if not thousands of such people.


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But the fancy equipment also requires ambulances to be retrofitted...

Ambulances have a beefy, truck-based suspension and chassis, and a body-on-frame architecture. And its still not enough. Wow.


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Also I found this little gem:

Meet Donna Simpson — the Fattest Woman to Have Given Birth. It will become official in September, when the folks from Guinness World Records roll her out during a big ceremony in New York City. Three years ago, when Simpson gave birth to daughter Jacqueline at Akron's City Hospital, she was lighting up the scales at 532 pounds. But that was only the start. Call her the Self-Chosen One. She has elected to stuff her face so full that she now weighs 600 pounds and would love to reach 1,000.

Then it gets worse, much worse:

Apparently, a significant portion of the population agrees, because thousands of people are paying $15 per month to gawk at the photos and videos on her Web site (http://www.donnamsimpson.com), where she poses suggestively, often in bra and panties, eating pizza or performing household chores.

Link I realize this takes some of the fun out of it, but Michigan was one of the first states to pass the mark for 15% obesity and we have significant childhood obesity problem. Texas and Michigan were the reason the CDC had to add new colors to their "fat map". They didn't have any color codes over 20%+ of the population being obese.