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The Colts are now 0-3, and most indications point to Peyton Manning not coming back until December, if he plays at all this season. The dorky guy in me who loves playing Madden Franchise mode when his wife will let him, loves this situation. Without Peyton, the Colts are an easy 3-4 win team if not less. Which creates an interesting situation come draft time with Andrew Luck being the odds on favorite to be the first over all pick. My feeling, is that as long as Peyton is still able to play, and can be effective, he's earned the benefit of the doubt. With that being said, this could be a great year for the Colts to trade down. With the new rookie cap in place, teams won't be nearly as cautious about trading up to the first pick. Plus, Andrew Luck is probably as can't miss as a QB will come. You could get a kings ransom for that pick, and if Peyton is healthy, that's definitely the way I'd go.

You really can't go wrong in this situation for the Colts in the draft, and that's rare in the NFL.




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it is amazing how many band wagon colts fans there are. I moved here 9 years ago and they jumped on then. I actually have heard people say "I thought I was a colts fan,but I guess I'm just a Manning fan."


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I'm not saying you're wrong, but I'm pretty sure the Colts aren't 3-0. But to provide a little substance to this conversation, as a Colts fan, I can't stand seeing Kerry Collins in there. He isn't a significant upgrade over Curtis Painter, or an upgrade whatsoever. Might as well throw Curtis Painter into the fire, and let him develop in game. What I've heard is that Painter rarely gets practice reps these last few years because Peyton takes all of them. Painter impressed me yesterday with a couple of throws, he just needs to get more work. I think with Painter and the surprisingly stout defense they showed, I think they could get 4 wins. They could play their way out of the number 1 pick, which could go to the Chiefs instead.


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in my opinion i think peyton could be done and if he isn't he will only be 100% for about a year or two. so as a colt fan i would say draft Mr. Luck first overall and if anything let him learn from peyton for a little bit. if peyton can go and they can get 2 first round drafts picks in the top 15 they could get kalil and matt barkley but they should go the luck route. even though there are some holes on the defense they have been quietly building up young backups and could grab a couple vets so they are fine there.


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I agree with this.  Even if he didn't need this surgery, Payton was only going to play for 2-3 years after this year anyway, and with this latest surgery, if he comes back at all he has 1-2 years tops.  Draft Andrew Luck and have him play the Aaron Rodgers role for a couple years if Payton comes back, or the starter if he doesn't.  One way or another, the Colts need a starting QB within a couple years, now's the time to get him. 

That said, the race to the bottom will be fast this year, and although St. Louis won't be drafting Luck, KC or Seattle or Jacksonville or Minnesota or Denver or Miami or Cincinnati probably would want him.


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trying to be jerk saying this, and I sincerely do hope Peyton Manning can come back, but a cervical fusion is a big deal.  When the laminectomy failed, this was what was going to happen.  When this normally happens, it takes a lot of rehab and then you get back to somewhat normal living and your doctor tells you not to screw it up.

The doctor would almost assuredly tell you not to get hit or blindsided by angry 300+ pound defensive linemen intent on crippling you - even before a neck surgery like this.

So, again, I wish only the best for Peyton Manning and consider him one of the NFL's all-time great quarterbacks. But there comes a time when everyone has to retire and as a fan of the game, the last thing I would ever want to see is a devastating and preventable injury to one of football's great players.

So, Andrew Luck it is...


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Luck still has junior eligibility. Are we sure he doesn't want to come back for another year in Palo Alto and organize more Magic the Gathering role playing parties and with his friends?



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He obviously meant 0-3.  Peyton Manning has a potential issue that may not resolve favorably.  To the extent I understand the problem, he had certain nerves that were compromised from an injury and/or an earlier surgery this year and went through another procedure earlier this month.  He also travelled to Europe for stem cell therapy.  Maybe one of the neurology or neurosurgery guys around here might weigh in on the subject.  Regardless, Manning will be 36 next March and over the last few years has started having off season problems with his health.  

Even if he gets better, he is getting older.  If Indy ends up with the No. 1 pick and assuming Luck continues this season as he did last year, I would think picking Luck would be a no brainer.


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I mean Kalil is the best LT to come out for some time. If Peyton gets healthy (which is a big if at this point) I would definitely give trading down serious consideration. Kalil would make this Colts offense that much more dangerous. Also, a QB like Manning, could probably play into his 40's with his style of play, assuming the issues with his neck are resolved. Use the extra picks you get from trading down, and add depth to the D, and more play makers for Manning.


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is too dangerous and i wouldnt be surprised if he didnt come back after this year. he is at borderline paralysis. kalil wouldnt solve it and costanzo is a special player as well. the oline needs to get younger but they have good backups just need another center which they could fill with mike brewster in the second or molk in the third round. if they dont want the first overall another combo could be landry jones and blackmon/broyles/floyd


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The problem is that there are holes on their roster because they have not been a good drafting team.  Their last three 1st round draft picks have not really produced to 1st round levels. 


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jerry hughes wont see the field because he is behind mathis and freeney but he has been really good by all reports. anthony Costanzo has been good this year and will continue to improve. and donald brown sucks but was run into the ground by uconn. they actually draft really really well. pat angerer was a late round steal, blair white, austin collie, jeff saturday, ryan diem, mathis, drake nevis, antonio johnson, bethea, lacey, and gary brackett. all great draft picks that they found. there are some picks that i scratch my head at but they know what they are doing and the polian's are great GMs


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every franchise rides on his star qb's coattail, packers, patriots, cowboys, saints, chargers, the list goes on and on. this is a passing league and he got it right picking peyton over ryan leaf. the colts defense is silently good but when a team is decimated by injuries you cant do much. addai wasnt that much of a miss he is a great pass blocker and he can run when the oline keeps them out of the backfield.


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I have to say, I was never a "fan" of Manning. However, he is exactly what an elite professional athlete should be.

He has elite talent, yes, but he is incredibly dedicated to his craft, his teammates, and his fans. If he fails, it certainly is not because of a lack of effort or care. This guy has been a pleasure to watch his entire career and any fan of football should appreciate the opportunity to have watched him play. I really hope he can come back and give us a few more good seasons.

Guys like Brady and Manning come along once in a generation. Announcers and media types like to hype up other QB's but these two deserve their own class. They have stayed at the top of their sport for over a decade. That is one of the hardest things to do. Glory is fleeting in sports, and that is why they are great.


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1) Shut Manning down for the year

2) Suck it up and finish with the worst record in the NFL

3) Draft Andrew Luck #1 overall

4) Go Aaron Rodgers mode for a few years (train behind a legend)

5) Manning retires/moves on in a few years

6) ???????



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It's the same kind of stupid as the Colts playing Collins instead of Painter. Collins, like Manning, is old. Neither of them has a long time left. Collins is probably playing for his last year, and Peyton may never return. Now is the time to let Painter develop. We are losing games anyway, so why aren't we developing a real long-term option instead of losing behind an ancient guy? It's just dumb, especially because Painter was finally getting it before Collins took over in the preseason. The 80 yard drive was a sign of what he can do, but the fumble just before it was a sign of how little experience he has (not to mention the LT). I have no idea why they aren't playing him all the time to address the inexperience in case he has to be the guy in the medium-long term. Even if Peyton returns this year, we're going to need a viable post-Manning plan eventually.


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as an avid colts fan, watching my boys go down this season has been hard. and in all honesty its difficult to think i would be okay with just having a horrible record and drafting Luck. But we seriously need to consider taking collins out, its clear its not working. We may not be as amazing as we would with manning but we sure can do better than this. 





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I read somewhere that if the colts release Payton after this year they wont owe him anymore money on that huge contact he jus signed. With the cap in place for rookies drafting luck would be a lot more cost effective. And I'm telling you guys I have a funny feeling Payton Manning is done you don't play with your neck folks you have to think about life after football this man has made a ton of money/won a super bowl this guys gonna retire they wont announce it till after the season but I think the colts know this to if were talking about it trust me they are


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Let's be honest, the Chiefs aren't going to win a game this year, not with Charles and Berry done for the season. The Colts can still win a game or two.

If the Colts do end up with the #1 pick, they'd be stupid to pass on Luck. Manning is 36, his neck is now a problem area, and next year he'll be a 37 year old with a neck problem. Even if he comes back next year 100%, he's only got a few years left. Draft Luck, groom him to replace Manning much in the way Rodgers was groomed to succeed Favre, and have a fairly easy transition to a post-Peyton world. In this day and age, with the way the passing game is, a superstar QB is an invaluable asset, and Luck is probably the best QB prospect since Peyton himself.

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I know, I know... first Mike Hart, now Peyton Manning... what's happening to my Colts?!? I agree that Luck is a MUST grab, but as a fan of the game, I'd sure like to see at least one more epic battle between Manning and Brady before he goes. [fingers crossed]