OT: Colts-Cardinals and Alan Branch

Submitted by Wallaby Court on September 27th, 2009 at 9:09 PM

Thought I might as well toss an up an open thread for the NFL Sunday Night game, especially since there's alot of Michigan talent playing tonight. Stevie B and Alan Branch for the Cardinals plus Marlin Jackson for the Colts (that I know of).

Alan Branch came in for the Cardinals starting DT and has looked damn good. Got great penetration to hold a 3rd and short, and then just slithered by his blocker a couple of plays ago to get a hand on Manning's arm as he threw. That ball Sheridamnit'd up the field to get picked off.



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I'm watching this one too and is nice to see him take advantage of this big stage. He's always had such potential, that picture of him walking away from Morelli is probably my favorite Michigan picture of all time.


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Also playing tonight

EDIT: Oops... had a hiccup on the computer and then noticed Gabe was just mentioned. Sorry for wasting everyone's time/space.

The Squid

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What was up with Collinsworth's comment about Branch, though? "Boy, he's sure come a long way since I saw him play in college." You mean since he was first team All-Big Ten and generally terrorizing anyone in an opposition jersey?


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I remember a lot of doubting about Branch around the time he was drafted, too. It was really weird because Branch was easily the most dominant DT (and probably d-lineman) I've ever seen at Michigan and it seemed like his game would translate well to the NFL.

Nick (Bensalem, PA)
If Okoye were gone, would Alan Branch be able to play in Buffalo's Cover 2?

Mel Kiper
(1:53 PM)
First of all, as far as the DT, Alan Branch is a very versatile athlete. You think he's just a space eater, but he's a very athletic kid. He did 33 reps at the combine, ran just over 5.0 at the combine. The only reason he's not a top 10 pick is because of his production. He did not make enough plays to guarantee him a spot in the top 15. He needed to dominate against the run more than he did. The production just wasn't there. You kept waiting for it, but the production never matched the physical ability. His performance put him between 15 and 25.

really? his production wasn't there in college?!