OT: Clint Dempsey signs with Spurs

Submitted by turtleboy on August 31st, 2012 at 6:05 PM

At first I thought I would hate Tottenham for being crazy enough to fire Harry Rednkapp after he was responsible for so much of their team rebuilding and success and replaced him with AVB who was responsible for so much dissention and underperformance at Chelsea. Making things worse to my moral compass of enjoyment was the sale of established veterans and recent acquisitions and surely I tought I would be pleased if they fell flat on their faces this year in North London. Then they go and do something like this.

Fire sale since July:


Winger/Attacking Midfielder Steven Pienaar -back to Everton

Second Striker/Attacking Midfielder Rafael van der Vaart -back to Hamburger

Attacking Midfielder Nico Kranjcar - to Dynamo Kyiv

Defender Vedran Corluka -to Lokomotiv Moscow

Corlukas best friend Central Midfielder Luka Modric -to Real Madrid after much stalling

Defender Sebastien Bassong -to Norwich City

Giovanni Dos Santos -to Mallorca (I actually don't care much about him)

Then they go and buy the contracts for some of my favorite players:


Versatile Defender Jan Vertonghen -from Ajax

Versatile Midfielder Gylfi Sigurdsson -helped Swansea earn EPL promotion on loan

Second Striker/Center Forward Emmanuel Adebayor -from Manchester City

Attacking Midfielder Moussa Dembele -from Fulham

Versatile Forward Clint Dempsey -from Fulham

Goalkeeper Hugo Lloris -from Lyon

With young Lloris ready to replace veteran Friedel when the time comes, Gareth Bale and Jan Vertonghen charging up the left of the field, creative central midfielders Scott Parker, Sandro, Sigurdsson, and Dembele moving the ball, and versatile forwards Adebayor, Defoe, and Dempsey, this could be the most interesting, and maybe entertainging team in the EPL for the 2012-13 season outside of Chelsea with young Oscar and Hazard. Time will tell if this team gels and merits that coveted 4th spot in the Champions League now, or if there are more interesting signings coming at midseason...

Link: http://soccernet.espn.go.com/news/story/_/id/1147725/tottenham-seal-clint-dempsey-and-hugo-lloris-signings?cc=5901



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I know what you mean, and I usually feel the same way, but sometimes I think the problem is with the upper management too. For instance: Arsenal could be a much better team if they'd pay their players more, but upper management seems happy enough to use Wenger like a cash cow for finding affordable talent in spite of the long trophy drought.

Alexandre DeLarge

September 1st, 2012 at 12:25 AM ^

I'm a big Arsenal fan and if Wenger quit, I'd follow him wherever he went and be a big fan of that club next.

The abuse that man has taken by ignorant nationalists in the English media and public is maybe the most unfair you will find anywhere in the world of sport. All he does is get to the Champions League EVERY YEAR despite stingy ownership. And yet, somehow, he is blamed for the "lack of ambition" after Man City, Man United and Chelsea have all gone absolutely crazy with irresponsible spending.



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I'm just happy to see Dempsey sign with a major club after years of proving himself at a smaller club like Fulham. His success in the EPL can only bring more credit to American soccer.

Musket Rebellion

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Vertonghen will be a centerback, Essou-Akotto is the starting LB. But with the options available it might be time for the long-awaited move of Bale back to LB. 

Other than that, dead on. Spurs did some remarkable things in the last few days. Dempsey for 6 mil is an absolute steal and provides some major cover for what is a thin strike force. If he can just replicate VdV's goals then he was way underpriced.

It will be interesting to see where AVB plays Lennon, who has been extremely influential when healthy. Eventually he wants to play a 4-3-3 so playing Defoe, Adebayor and Dempsey up front makes sense with Bale, Parker (once fit) and Dembele in the middle. This ends up looking like a deep team (except for up top) and Lloris can come in and start right away. Friedel has looked shaky in the first two starts. 

And if today was any indicator, Chelsea is going nowhere. They just got destroyed by Atletico Madrid. Their defense looked like a joke and David Luiz suddenly looked like a 35 year old. This could be another interesting EPL season. Hopefully Spurs are in the top 4 when the dust clears. 

swan flu

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Definitely better than him going to Liverpool.  The Reds are still years away from returning to Champions League form.


I'm really hoping Tottenham managed to sign Moutinho before the deadline as a replacement for Van der Vaart


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On another topic, I wonder if signing Lloris means that Friedel's time as Spurs #1 is done. He's been France's first choice keeper for a while and Friedel is getting old.


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I think Clint will do very well for my beloved Spurs, he's versatile, forward minded, and a great nose for the goal. I'm looking forward to what he can do in Villa Boas' system.

As far as the other moves go, I like them a lot(the one for Lloris is a personal favorite)and will like them much more if they're able to bring in Moutinho and ship out Huddlestone and Kane in loan.


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I normally pass by these threads and let you soccer fans have your fun, but not today. It is the eve of the first game of the year. There are a handful of good games on. Basically, tonight at least, there's no place on this site for soccer.