OT: Clemson finds yet another independently wealthy teenager to play fb for them

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How do they do it?

Clemson recruit Mike Bellamy:




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I did a quick count/estimate of this pic, and it looks to be around $2400 dollars.  I have been out of college for 5 years, and have only held that amount of money in my hands once, when I hit a small jackpot in Vegas in March.  I am assuming Mr Bellamy is very good with computers and designing websites in his free time.


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Stupid but nothing really. 


"Bellamy's high school coach, Binky Waldrop, spoke with Bellamy on Wednesday afternoon.

Waldrop said the photo was taken in the Charlotte (Fla.) High School weight room two months ago and was recently posted to Bellamy's Facebook page. Bellamy told Waldrop he was being picked up after school by his aunt, who had just cashed a check when Bellamy grasped the money -- more than a thousand dollars -- and had his picture taken.

"He was just acting like a stupid teenager," Waldrop said.

"I talked to the Clemson coaches. They just wanted to know what happened. They weren't very happy with Mike -- and rightly so -- and neither was I … Once they got a hold of him, I think he realized 'this is not the smartest thing I have ever done."




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Can't an 18 year old kid hold a few thousand dollars in his hands, make it rain, and swim up in it without someone questioning where, why, and how, he got it?



Sac Fly

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He had some money saved in his piggy bank. At one point he was interested in michigan and he had an offer, but I don't know if he ever visited.


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Had this info and pic yesterday but dnt knw how to post. I am pretty new to this sight. Any info anyone has to help me out wld b greatly appreciated. Thats all.