OT: Classic tosu fan on st. tress (LMFAO)

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noahheath.6607 (3/8/2011 at 10:45 PM) Report Violation Coach Tressel is exactly what a leader is supposed to be. He was put in a difficult situation by the DA who asked for confidentiality (which he did to protect his investigation and the people involved and rightfully so). Coach Tressel did what any good coach, good leader, or good man should have done. He protected his players and made the difficult decision to break NCAA rule to keep his young men safe. As a young coach, that is the type of character that I am striving to embody. Having taken Tressel's coaching class here at OSU I know he cares for his players and their future. This is just another example of that commitment to players and team. This type of unselfish behavior should be praised but instead the media and NCAA are going to aid in the public opinion bashing that already takes place when OSU is mentioned. Tressel is a great coach and an even better Christian man and we should all be lucky to have the type of character and commitment he shows in what ever we do.



I guess cheating really brings the man out in ya.


Kilgore Trout

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I read through the actual emails and I never got the impression they were coming from a DA.  Just seemed to be an lawywer with some sort of connection.  He also didn't ask for confidentiality until the second email, so his entire explanation is on pretty thin ice.


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Yeah...that's because they weren't.  Just from some lawyer, perhaps breaking privlege.  Sadly, this is about what I've seen from the OSU folk.  Did they even read their own schools report?  I'm guessing not because, well geez, anyone with half a brain could see through the facade.  Hopefully the NCAA has half a brain.  Maybe wishful thinking.

OMG Shirtless

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 I think athletes like to Retweet some of the hate tweets that they get and then their followers ambush the guy with nonsense.  Jared Sullinger apparently retweeted a bunch of shitty messages he got after they lost a game a few weeks ago and hundreds of his followers sent angry/hate messages to the haters.


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TP re tweered it because he is in a state of euphoria and feels invincible from all the cocaine he does (one tweet indicates all his fault, involved in drug ring?) as cocaine is huge at osu (have had several former students tell me it was why they dropped out).
This would explain most of tp's behavior and tweets over the years. He's either mentally deficient or so high on crack he thinks nobody can get him.


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I posted this in another thread, it's more appropriate here.

When all of my real classwork was basically finished, I took Tressel's class my senior year as an elective.

When I saw that video during one of their games of him teaching it I started laughing my ass off.

He does not actually teach the class, Cooper, Bruce, and some other position coaches do everything. The fact that he's listed as the Prof is the biggest load of bullshit ever.

Tressel showed up every day to take attendance and crack a joke, then he would leave, every single time.

On the last day of class he was supposed to sign autographs. Everyone in class showed up with jerseys, pictures, helmets, all kinds of shit. I didn't bring anything because I couldn't care less. The fucking guy didn't even show up for it, I swear to god. The other coaches said he got in late the night before from a recruiting trip (hand delivering Pryor's corvette). There may have been 20 kids in the class, and he couldn't even show up.


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"THE Ohio State Buckeyes face and overcome any adversity that comes our way! Brings us closer together As a team. And brings us closer 2 GOD"

4 hours ago someone replying to him:
ntaylorut "This is your fault @TPeezy2. You are a disgrace to Buckeye Nation you piece of sh!t."

Space Coyote

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But I think the saint before name of coach (as in "Saint Tressell" and "Saint Dantonio") is annoying.  I don't know, maybe it's just me, but this whole "everybody else views them as a saint, but in reality they are terrible terrible people with no good bone in their body" is a little too "it's us against the world; everyone is portrayed as good and is actually evil except us, we are portrayed as evil and we're actually good" for me.

I guess, to sum it up, I just find it kind of annoying, unoriginal, and overdone at this point.

Space Coyote

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I just find the Saint Tressell/Saint Dantonio thing to be a little disrespectful to my good friend St. Patrick and the joy he brings to me and millions of others every March through the abuse of alcohol.  A type of man who can have a day named after him which brings so much joy to so many should not be associated with negative things.



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I think the name is annoying, too, but I was one of the first to use it because the preferential treatment he has gotten from the media is much more repugnant to me than a mere nickname.  Besides, "Saint Dantonio" just has a ring to it...


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Shrug. I want to beat Tressel every time, but I still respect the man as much as 80% of D1A coaches. I don't fully disagree with aforementioned tOSU poster.


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There are users on this board who would give a similar defense for Rodriguez and unlike Tressel he never won a bowl, The Game, a conference championship or a national championship.


March 9th, 2011 at 2:05 AM ^

Since RR was never accused of covering up major violations, you will never know how anyone here would have responded.  I haven't heard of Denard Robinson having a "perpetual loner" Escalade to drive like Terelle Pryor does at TSIO, either. 

So, unless you have a really cool crystal ball or a great set of mojo sticks, you really have no basis for ASSuming that anyone here would defend any coach who covered up major violations. 

For example, how many people around here defend Steve Fisher?  So far, the answer is "zero."


March 9th, 2011 at 8:51 AM ^

Here, was immediately fired. If that was good for the NCAA for us, it should be for OSU.
<br>(And before anyone half reads and files off the handle- Rich was not the one who lied; he was not fired immediately. Not talking about him).


March 9th, 2011 at 8:32 AM ^

I would be massively upset/disappointed if I found out that Denard or Tate had been given multiple cars to drive around, etc...I would not be happy if the things that have been going on in Columbus had been happening in Ann Arbor. I absolutely do not want to win games by cheating.

My name ... is Tim

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That is really messed up "in an of itself."


Honestly, as an attorney, I'm more concerned with the apparent lack of standards for entry into the legal profession in Ohio. That guy communicating with Tressel seemed like a real mouthbreather from those e-mails.