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i posted a while ago about our clan of Michigan fans named Mgoblue. We have experienced to not very experienced members. Come join us its a good group. Clan Tag of #9qgr92q2 Just indicate mgo log when asking to join.



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I play Boom Beach. See, with "freemium" games it's my opinion that you can't really play them for the short term. You play in short, random spurts but it's over a long period so you can enjoy them but not pay a penny. ~~~~~The games always have "the quick fix" item. In Boom Beach it's "diamonds". These items are slowly given to you over time and for certain accomplishments. They are the only item you cannot "mine" & the only item that doesn't have a direct tie into the economy of building/upgrading your base's structures. However, they merely allow you to build or upgrade instantly! ~~~~~That's the formula for all those games. If patient & you realize it's meaningless fun you can play without spending a penny. You just have to wait, time becomes the issue hence the patience. I advise that nobody give these companies (SuperCell owns both) a penny as the "freemium" system is inherently wrong & unfair.~~~~~ Sadly, they pull in millions a day so we're going to see this spill into PC/Console gaming more & more. In Boom Beach, $100 buys you 14,000 diamonds. You can easily tell those that pay & those that don't. I prefer ads to this model seemingly every mobile game uses now. It preys upon impatience & a gamer's desire to win very quickly. ~~~~~~I'll go a day or two without even checking my base, letting resources gather. If I find I was attacked & utterly destroyed - cool. I'll take the free diamond & the loss of basically nothing. If attacked & I defended my base - great! I'll take 2 diamonds & still lose zero resources. See, even when beat you don't lose anything haha. It all rebuilds in a few secs & if your sawmill had 30k wood when it was blown up its still there. ~~~~~I'd urge everyone to go ahead & enjoy these games but five spend even a penny on the them.


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Yep, I played COC for a long time but gave it up for lent like 2 years ago or so and have since picked up boom beach. I actually enjoy boom beach more as you don't end up burning all your resources on walls and, the best part, if your troops don't die you get to keep using them! I've gone on hour long raids with 10 tanks and half a dozen medics. I know there are people that pay with real money but I just can't do it.

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1) They reel in so much cash that they drunkenly paid her a bank vault of cash to be in commercials that essentially boil down to 30 seconds of her jugs loosely bouncing around. 2) Her modeling career isn't dead but it's basically plateau'd. The hacking scandal last year really hurt her stock. She supposedly didn't come out looking too great with Verlander & she doing "things". It not only removed much of what a model needs most (show enough to keep everyone wanting a but more but only show all when you're older & need the bump) but she likely had to take the job for cash as she's not broke by any means but her steady high income dropped a lot after that. Is why a lot of the hacked people are suing whoever they can for damages to their career. From what I hear (I'd only seen a couple of the pics) she has one of the better cases. 3) So, not only does she absolutely not play that game but you'll see more & more high profile celebs endorsing them because those freemium games basically print cash. You'll see $20M a film actors pitching them soon.


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I haven't seen those pictures of Kate that you're alluding to, but the portfolios of a lot of high-end models usually have nudes in them.. "for artistic purposes".  I've seen some portfolios.  It seems like a lot of models don't have a lot of body consciousness with respect to nudity.