OT: Cincy, What to do?

Submitted by HAILtoBO on August 4th, 2011 at 9:51 AM

So I'm in Cincinnati for the week and other than the Reds games, what else is there to do in this town? I'm here until next Wednesday and just looking for stuff to do. Thanks.

Edit: thank you everyone for your help... I'm decked out in MICHIGAN gear like my "Lebron hates ohio" shirt. Love the sarcaism too. GO BLUE!!!!



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Not having deep roots in either state, how does anyone in Michigan dump on Cinci without remembering Detroit and Flint.

I have been to Cinci a bunch of times over the last few years, but always with someone from there and I can't remember restaurant names.  There are many really fun neighborhoods with lots of good restaurants.  Just ask some of the locals.  The city also has some very good museums, if that is your thing, a good aquarium, etc.


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If your hotel room has cable I suggest ESPN, HBO, and Lifetime Meredith Baxter movies between the 5-6 Reds games you go to.

Other than that, I guess Applebees' bar or Olive Garden.


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 Seriously, I'm not joking.  Dusmesh is the best Indian Restaurant in the states, and the best indian food I've ever had outside of India or the UK.     


 I also love Northside there too, a very diverse small town vibe with a lot of really cool shops and places to go.   


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There are a few really nice museums if you are into that, particularly the underground railroad one.  Cincinnati has a very nice downtown for a couple blocks, but has many bad areas around it.  Honestly not a whole lot to do if you aren't into historically significant things.  If you happen to be Jewish, particularly reform, there are many historic landmarks.  Also you should enjoy the reds' game.  Sensational stadium with the most terrific view past the outfield I have ever seen.


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I live in Cincinnati and that shit is awful. Chili should not be runnier than hot dog sauce.

As far as the OP's question...

Cincinnati has some good things to do. Someone mentioned the Aquarium, the Museum Center, and the Cincinnati Art Museum. I concur. Those are cool. Our zoo is nice. University of Cincinnati is a really great campus. Cool architecture and interesting greenspaces right smack in the middle of a terrible part of town. If you're going to be downtown, one of my favorite bookstores (the Ohio Bookstore) is at 7th and main. It's five floors of books, with lots of rare and out of print stuff.

Son of Lloyd Brady

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the Tatoo and Pawn Shop shirt. I am living in Columbus for a co-op this summer and I wear this shirt all the time. I get some very evil looks and sometimes I think I see steam coming out of people's ears...

Btw, if for some reason you get bored in Cincy and want to venture up to C-bus to make fun of the buckeye fans, or defecate in the Olentangy River, directions are very simple. Just go north until you smell it, then east until you step in it. You'll be here in no time!


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Most people here don't care about LeBron and the Cavs. Plus there are way more fans of Kentucky and Cincinnati than OSU, although you do still have a good share of Buckeye lovers so you might get a reaction to the Tressel shirt. If you had a worst state ever shirt, as I do, you can really turn some heads.


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The Hofbrauhaus in Newport, KY (on the other side of the river) is a great time, I visit there regularly. It's a big German restaurant/bar, where dancing on the seats is encouraged.

In downtown Cincy, there is a tiny Irish bar called O'Malley's in the Alley, it is a few blocks north of the baseball stadium, but I'm unsure of which alley it is between.

Mongtomery Inn is a great BBQ restaurant, and in one of the locations there is a huge Michigan flag in the entrance signed by Bo himself.


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Go to Northside Tavern. It's a cool bar - there are some pool tables. It's right by Shake It! Records on Hamilton Avenue - Shake It! is AWESOME.

Definitely go to Skyline Chili and Graeter's Ice Cream - I recommend the ones on Ludlow in Clifton (Hamilton Avenue turns into Ludlow in Clifton). See if there are any shows at Southgate House in Newport, also. Check out Turfway Park if you like horse racing - and the Cincinnati Zoo is pretty good.

If you like shopping, Kenwood Mall isn't bad...



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Eat at Skyline Chili and LaRosa's pizza every chance you get. If by some odd reason you get sick of that then go to Montgomery Inn Pizza. Kings Island is one of the greatest Amusement parks in the Midwest, so if you are into roller coasters I highly recommend it.


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 Not only is Kings Island much further away from CP than one and a half hours... it's also an awesome park with some of the best rides in the country (including the best wooden rollercoaster in the country.)


 Not to mention, I've been to cedar point probably 5000 times in my life... it's old.

EZ Bud

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I'd get a cab into Hyde Park and go get pizza at Dewey's on Madison Rd. On Wednesday night, a bar named R.P. McMurphy's has a very popular "mug club" (also in Hyde Park). This is more for the 21-35 year old crowd. Downtown, I'd also make use of the purple pedestrian bridge across the Ohio River and go check out The Levee (in Newport, Kentucky). There's a bunch of bars and shops, including a Hofbrauhaus (German Biergarten). As someone already mentioned, the aquarium is also located right by The Levee in Newport.

You can generally find live music in Fountain Square (middle of downtown Cinci), esp. on weekends. If you're on the trendy side, a lot of people like to go to Mt. Adams (very short cab ride, on the hills to the east of downtown, overlooking the city). Have fun!


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I recommend checking out Fountain Square too. They have something going on most weekdays during lunch and events at night. I did a lot of announcing and MC-ing for a wide array of funny and bizarre events. Check out "Just Crepes" for lunch downtown.
Check out some horse races, don't get chili, for bars I would say college aged head up to Mt Adams and for older head across the river to Newport or Mt. Lookout.


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...zoo, which is one of the nicest in the country, wear your 'Worst State Ever' T-Shirt, recruit Adolphus Washington, Reds game and the museum and check out Peter Frampton's pad. 


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The Cincinnati Zoo is the nicest thing in Cincinnati.  It's one of the better zoos in the country and maybe even the world.   You can see polar bears swimming under water, white tigers, a white lion, bonobos, and any number of other animals, most of which are in relatively big and nice enclosures.  


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Go to hofbrauhaus in newport,ky its right across the river fro some great german beer and atmosphere. There is an aquarium and a imax theater in newport as well. There is also a dueling piano bar downtown which is aweome. If you want younger bars go to mount adams and go to the three story bar there I forget the name but Mt Adams is where the younger crowed goes...


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1) Check out Newport on the Levee in KY (not too far away)...huge shopping/eating district

2) Find the nearest Montgomery Inn (baby back ribs...that is all)

3) Enjoy some Skyline chili (avoid Gold Star at ALL COSTS), or Pleasant Ridge Chili on Montgomery Road (Gravy cheese fries...sounds terrible but is brilliant)

4) Buy some Graeter's Ice Cream

5) Go to a Reds game, even if they suck. Great American is a great ballpark.

I'm still trying to get more acquainted with the city, but those are a few of my favorite spots.