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mongoose0614 answered for me.  Silverbells.  


Thank you!  I'm sorry I worded the question so poorly mgoboard.


A few years back, my family and I made the trek to see the Michigan/Purdue game.  On the way in from the hotel, we stopped by a Christmas store.  In the parking lot it had figures of Santa and deer carved out of trees.


I cannot remember its name and have tried to hunt it down, but haven't had any luck. Can someone tell me the name of the store please?  We are heading back to see another game this year and would like to stop in.  


Thank you!




July 22nd, 2012 at 3:49 AM ^

Not sure why you're being so insistent on a incorrect pronunciation, but in German O's are definitely not pronounced like U's.  It would be Broh-ners or something along those lines, I'm not exactly the best with phonetic spelling.  See: schon, vor, holen, tot, boren, etc.  

While I'm certainly not fluent, I've been studying German for many years and I'm currently in Bremen studying. I could throw a rock and hit a native speaker to ask them the exact pronunciation if you'd like.



Drew Sharp

July 21st, 2012 at 8:48 PM ^

Canterbury village. That would make more sense in regards to proximity. Bronners is at least an hour away and a long way from the expressway.


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This could be a completely out there guess, but was it perhaps Urquhart's Tree Farm outside of Chelsea? It does have a Christmas gift shop with rather a lot of hand-carved items. Jerusalem Road, which is where this is, is fairly close to I-94, near the "Old US-12 / Jackson Road" exit. 



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I lived in Muth for 8 years until I moved to AA for college. Allow me to settle this right now. It is pronounced Brah-ners. Say it with your normal Midwest accent which is spoken at a quick pace and you'll understand.