OT: Chad Johnson arrested and released from the Dolphins

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Gotta get the OT stuff in soon, right?  Less than 3 weeks out...


So, apparently, Ochocinco's wife found a receipt for a box of condoms and confronted him about it.  He allegedly headbutted her in response.  Too early for me to take sides, as anyone who's watched Hard Knocks this year knows she is kinda out there.  Either he did one of the dumbest things he could ever do, or she may have actually been the one to initiate the meeting of heads.  She seems like the type of girl that would do anything for payback.



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Noooo, that means no more Chad Johnson on Hard Knocks after the next 2 episodes! Anyone that watched the first episode remember him yelling to one of his coaches jokingly that he was going to get arrested on his day off?


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Also of note, buying a box of condoms is not bad per se.  HOWEVER, buying condoms when you don't use them with your wife would possibly raise some red flags.  Can't even make a good excuse for that.  I used to always carry one in my wallet for those random moments, yet never remembered to remove it once I met my gf-turned-fiance.  Although she never found it, i always wondered how i'd explain that if she did.

The Baughz

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So does this mean Chad's next profession will be a porn star? For anyone who hasnt watched the first episode of Hard Knocks, he was asked what hed do if he wasnt playing football. He said hed be a porn star.


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I seem to remember reading that a show about Johnson and his wife was supposed to premiere on VH1 next month actually, so I assume this will be a short-lived series now.

In any event, it will be interesting to know what Joe Philbin says to him as it seems like the he was growing weary of Johnson as it is. At this point, they both claim that they were the recipient of the head-butt, and there are likely other things we don't know, so there's not a whole lot to say except that, if this turns out to be true that he was the aggressor, it was a monumentally dumb thing to do and that his career, languishing as it was, is likely over then. Very unfortunate, if it is the case.


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See, this never would have happened if he would have created his own condoms a few years back when he designed a prototype for them!  Maybe he was back on that idea and purchased some other condoms for "research".  His wife was probably just jumping to conclusions