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I want to piggyback off of the Family Fame thread below, as I found it an interesting read.  I'm fairly surprised that nobody was related to Kevin Bacon, however.  So my question is, what celebrities have you carried out a conversation with? 

I have had most, if not all, of my celebrity encounters through working at various bars.

I did a shot of Jack with Don Vito from Jackass.  A few weeks later, he was in jail for groping some 12 year olds at a shopping mall.

I've met both Pryor and Gordon Gee in the last few weeks.  Pryor used to be a regular at my bar until a bounty was placed on his head in Columbus.  Gee made a promotional stop at the bar during senior crawl.  Before all is said and done, I may end up meeting Gene Smith as well, as the business I've started has been contracted to work an OSU athletics booster event in August.

I worked with a girl who won the Real World Road Rules Challenge, prior to the show actually airing.  That was the only season of that show I watched, as it was cool to watch the thing play out knowing she won.  She quit pretty promptly after she received her $250,000 (although after taxes, I'm sure it was not that much...).

I've met DMX.  A good friend of mine had to take $5,000 out of our cash drawers, put it in a paper bag, and meet him in a motel parking lot before he would perform at our bar.  I did not envy that task.

I hung out with Braylon Edwards and Josh Cribbs when Cribbs hosted a private party at our nightclub.  Braylon was actually a really cool guy.  He did end up getting drunk and walking off by himself down High Street.




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Pauly Shore and Tom Green definitely were the weirdest of the people I met.  Vanilla Ice was something else.  The man took shots of Jager and chased it with Corona.  Dude partied and partied that night.  Then got behind the bar and started serving people while rapping every lyric to every song that was played.

Then he took like 6 girls back to his hotel room.  Props to you Robert Van Winkle.


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As said below in the "family thread" I guarded LeBron James in the 2002 State Semis... However, I met Michael Jordan, so anyone else that I've met really doesn't matter in my mind...

bwgrudt1484 - if you don't mind letting me know, what bar/club do you run/own here in Columbus? I live downtown so I'm curious. If you don't want to answer, no big deal I understand.  


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I used to manage a place called Skye Bar.  I've bartended at a host of places, such as Frog Bar, Lucky's Grille, Charlie Bear, and Old Bag of Nails.  I started an event bartending service last year, which is why I'll be at that OSU athletics event.  It is the first business I have owned myself, and I hope to parlay it into a venue at some point in the near future.  That is, if I don't get skinned at this OSU event first...

The team the t…

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Braylon walking alone late at night on High street.  One can only hope he was wishing he could suit up one more time to kick Ohio's ass one more time.


Met Francis Ford Coppola (sp?) once in college.  I was walking on campus (Hofstra University...he is an alumn) and he asked for directions.  My friends an I were too self absorbed and rather rudely ignored his small talk.  After several attempts to engage us in small talk, this strange older man reached out to shake my hand and said "Hi, I'm Francis.  Francis Coppola."  We ended up talking to him for about 15 minutes.   Finally he looked around the campus, reminiscing as he looked around his old stomping grounds silently, awkwardly for a minute.  Then, the silence was broken as he seemed to come back to earth;  looked at us and said "God, I was an asshole."  With that, he walked away.  Perfect.



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I got chewed out by Gary Moeller in front of Bo and Llyod at football camp for losing my chin strap, later Mike Gittleson made me throw-up all over the stationary bike after finding "absolute zero".


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I've run into a bunch of the Red Wings on multiple occasions at Starbucks in Plymouth, Novi, and Northville. Apparently they really like to drink coffee before games.

One of the times, Lidstrom sat down right behind me and read the WSJ (assuming he was checking on his millions). No one knew who he was. Greatest defensemen ever and able to live in relative peace. Fascinating.


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I caddied for Fred Funk in a benifit. It was great because everyone was in carts except us, so when everyone was getting their shots it was just me and Funk.


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I met a bunch of Wings in Royal Oak after we won the Cup.  It was pretty funny actually,everybody was ignoring Lilja and he had to come up to introduce himself to people.  My favorite was meeting D-Mac at a signing once. 

Mr Miggle

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I used to belong to the same club as Don Adams and spoke to him occasionally, a very funny guy but a terrible bridge player. Also met Telly Savalas at a restaurant. He came by my table and talked for awhile. very nice of him.

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My best friend's older brother walked on as a fullback under Bo after serving in the Army.   He told me that he went to the weight room and asked about how to walk on.  Someone took him back to Bo's office.  Bo talked to him for a bit, then got up and smacked him all over his body like he was a piece of meat.  Bo, liked what he saw/felt and he ended up playing fullback behind Leroy Hoard for, I believe, 2 years.   As a little kid I ended up meeting Bo briefly after the spring game as Bo walked around from table to table shaking hands at  a players' family meeting that I got to atttend since I was so close with his family. 

The team the t…

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Bo got up and said something to the effect of "now, lets see what we have here..."  He slapped/grabbed his biceps, back, etc....(To clarify....nothing overtly sexual.  Just checking out his muscles).   He told me he felt like a piece of meat being inspected.  Bo must have been impressed as he did not, as I recall, have to try out, he was given a shot right then and there.  A different era for sure.



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Petway and other members of the hoops team at parties

Mike Hart and some football players the same

I've had a few conversations with JMFJ at various bars, he's a real cool down-to-earth guy

Sat right behind Jake Long at Yost once, I was too scared to say hi. He was terrifying in person. 

Met Lloyd at a speaking event. He was taller than I expected, and very nice and gracious.


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for a post like this, I happened to run into a celebrity last weekend and know the mgocommunity will enjoy this:


I was in NJ over the weekend visiting my girlfriend and was waiting in the lobby of my hotel for her. All of a sudden, I notice Eddie George walking towards the elevator. A few people in the lobby were giving him high-fives and calling his name. Being a Michigan fan, I wasn't going to sucumb to the the rest of the crowd and cheer him on. As he was getting into the elevator, I called his name and he looked back at me after which I proceed to give him a big “GO BLUE”. He was caught so off-guard by it that he had no reaction. Of course, now that I look back at the incident, I should've made a snarky remark re. Ohio's current situation.


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Whenever any Michigan fan has a story about running into a Buckeye player or ex-Buckeye player, the only thing anyone can think to say is "Go blue."

As Michigan fans, we really need to step up the creativity.


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It conveys a sense of "I believe your hated rival to be superior," but doesn't get into the "I don't like OSU, and you should come kick my ass" territory.

It also doesn't help that Michigan hasn't beaten OSU since the late Carter Administration.


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...I worked for ADM Mike Mullen (current/outgoing Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) when he was a captain and worked for ADM Gary Roughead (current/soon to be outgoing Chief of Naval Operations) when he was a vice admiral. I've met a few other CNOs, a former Chief of Staff of the Army, and two NATO/EUCOM Commanders.

When I completed my two year assignment at the White House I had my picture taken in the Oval Office with the Big Dog and had other interactions with the first family.

I've seen Robert Smith (OSU/ESPN not The Cure),  James Carville, and Mia Farrow at Reagan National and Bob Novak on a flight. I've sat within two rows of John King and Dana Bash at a Nationals game and at a Wizards game.

I had a nice conversation with Rep Jon Runyan at this year's U-M Club of Washington Congressional Breakfast.

I had a short conversation with Helen Thomas at a dinner event here in DC a few years ago.

Jeff "Skunk" Baxter, former Steely Dan and Doobie Brothers guitarist is a friend of mine and he introduced me to Dan Aykroyd at a dinner event.





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Grand Rapids, and ran into Jerry Sienfeld one random summer afternoon.  He was in town for a show that evening, and was walking around the grounds of the Gerarld Ford museum with his bodygaurd.  I was with my wife, sister and brother-in law (who is a bit of a clown).  After we had our picture taken with him, my bother-in-law shouted "Another point for Milosh!!!" at the top of his lungs.  Jerry smiled, but was likely not amused.


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I've met a few celebs, but my favorite encounter was walking in on Kimbo Slice and his entourage doing some *stuff* in the bathroom at Caesar's Palace in Vegas. The bouncer, my bro, and I were the only non-entourage people in there, so it was watching him fight one of his buddies in the bathroom.


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 I fly for a living but Ive met Lloyd Carr, Jerome Bettis, Guy Fierro form "Minute to Win it" and a sleu of others. We get a lot of former athletes and smaller movie stars. Hard to believe but some people out there still rely on airlines


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Met Ben Wallace at FYE in Great Lakes Crossing.  He was buying no less than 30 CDs.
...Mehmet Okur at Costco.  He was wearing an all-jeans outft.
...Darko Milicic at a graduation party in high school.  He was skeezing on younger girls the entire time he was with the Pistons.
...Michael Curry's son (Deon) was on my basketball team in middle school.  Same goes for George Irvine.  
...Tayshaun Prince at a gas station.  He had a nice ride and filled up with premium.
...Zeljko Rebraca at Lakeside mall.  He said "what's up dude" to ME.  Tall recognizes tall, I guess.
...Rasheed Wallace at PF Chang's.  He bought my sister a drink.  
...Rick Mahorn, Bill Laimbeer, Swin Cash, Cheryl Ford, and other Shock players at TGIF's.  I was at the table next to theirs and we took a picture together.

Pretty much I've seen most of the Pistons around.



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My dad's buddy is really good friends with Craig Frost, the keyboardist for Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band. My whole family went to Cleveland to see them play back in May and I met Alto Sax (the saxophone player) and got my picture taken with him. 


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Met Uncle Ted Nugent when I was 12 at his "Kamp for Kids" in Caseville, MI. They had a contest where he put a dollar on a target and groups of kids got to shoot with him to see who could hit closest to the nose on George Washington. I was standing right next to uncle Ted when I shot my bow and I won. I also sat right at his feet as he was rocking out to various songs of his on his guitar in front of us...it was awesome.

I work in car rental so I've met Mike Hart (he's tiny in person and pretty shy). Brendan Shanahan walked into my store one day to get his receipt and him being one of my boyhood idols I was just flabberghasted and couldn't say anything to him.

Met Lloyd Carr - went to Michigan Hall of fame camp in Riverview when I was like 12 or 13...he spoke to us on the last day...that was cool.

Brandon Graham was just through my store a couple days ago but alas I was not around when he came in...that would have been cool.

Sam Sword used to come through here a lot...awesome guy always happy to stop and chat with me about whatever.

Met Guy Parent - nhl minor leaguer/etc. he was involved in Maine Hockey for a second and we talked about Jimmy Howard before he had his breakout years.

Met Mike Forcier when Tate was here...he rented a car here...generally pretty nice despite what everyone says about him.

I think that's just about it...

Blue Blue Blue

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Welch was at Eastern, but he hung in Ann Arbor.

Rick Leach is exactly as you expect, and he is The Man.   I believe he even knows sign language.

Jack Nicklaus is totally uptight and stuffy in person.  Arnold Palmer keeps Rolling Rocks in the mini fridge of his workshop over the garage, and he will offer you one.

I was in the VIP area for the Giants/Ravens Super Bowl, and Jim Plunkett hung with us and bought shots of tequila for our group.  "Mothers milk!" was the toast.  JIm is a very nice guy.

Stuart Scott is every bit the dick you think he is.

You expect Dhani Jones to be full of himself, but he is not.  He is a friendly funny, guy who actually listens when you talk to him.




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Our family was celebrating my wife's birthday at a particular dining establishment in West Palm Beach. I'm not much of a drinker but do have one indulgence: an "Arnold Palmer" - half iced tea, half lemonade. The young lady waiting on our table told us that Jack Nicklaus Jr. was seated at the table next to us and had just ordered a "Jack Nicklaus." She said it's half iced tea and half cranberry juice, apparently Jack II is on a crusade to make it as popular as the "Arnold Palmer," and would I be interested? I passed.

Mr Mackey

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I said in a post a while ago, I used to live right down the street from Lidstrom, and our families actually became pretty close. So through that, I've met most of the Red Wings, including Illitch, Bowman, and Babcock.

As a waiter at Olga's during my senior year of high school, Eminem actually came into our restaurant with some really hot girl. I really wanted to serve him, but my manager insisted on taking it, so I just tried to walk by as many times as i could and give him one of those cool guy nods.

Also, I was eating lunch and "studying" in the Union between classes last semester (I was playing Pacman on Addictinggames.com), and Denard came up to me and said that he plays that game and asked if he could play a level. Made my day